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Hearthstone unveils new Voidcaller card

Dark times for those of us hoping to see less of a Zoo Warlock presence come Curse of Naxxramas. Voidcaller's been revealed and it looks primed to make everyone's favorite budget deck even stronger. Upon dying, Voidcaller places a random demon from the owner's hand on the board. While the demon played gets to keep beneficial abilities such as charge, it will not tax the warlock with penalties like health loss or card discard as this particular mechanic ignores the battlecry function.

This obviously boosts the worth of Flame Imp and Doomguard, two cards that are already cornerstones of Zoo. It could also be enough summon Pit Lord off the bench, but I'm skeptical as without the Voidcaller, Pit Lord will still hurt entirely too much to play in most situations. Voidcaller should fit easily in the Dark Iron Dwarf slot. Defender of Argus could be subbed out instead, but realistically, it's entirely too good to drop.

What it will likely come down to is a safe approach versus a more risky one. Dark Iron Dwarf is a 4/4 for 4 that is almost never a subpar play, given Zoo's powerful ability to control the board. Voidcaller will be less of a certainty. If the warlock in question has no demons in hand, Voidcaller is statistically underwhelming, being a 3/4 for 4. Moreover, it could actually drop a Voidwalker earlier than intended. Zoo often requires road blocks put up at key points to protect other minions, or avoid blows to the face. Conversely, if a destroyed Voidcaller summons a free Doomguard, that will quite likely end the match. Voidcaller is all about risk and reward, which is fitting considering the warlock set in Hearthstone.

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Blood Pact: Kanrethad's defeat at mortal hands

Blood Pact Kanrethad
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill celebrates one year at WoW Insider with a fel fire victory.

I promise, I won't put unfortunate spoilers in the header this time.

One of my favorite Blood Pacts to write was a narrative based around our spells and the hints of a fascinating possible subplot just for warlocks. Instead of writing a traditional, straightforward guide for the final boss in the quest for green fire -- Ackthal's already written a great one -- I want to celebrate my personal victory with the quest and another special occasion with this story post.

See, this is my 53rd Blood Pact. I believe a certain moonkin now owes me a crown for the longest reign as WoW Insider's Defense Against With the Dark Arts professor.

For the sake of space, I've obviously shortened the story down from my actual experience with the final fight. But many of the elements are there, from spell details to actual NPC roleplay (none of the NPCs' dialogue is mine). Jump behind the cut to catch the story.

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Warlocks and demons: The next ten levels

It never really gets old speculating about what Blizzard has hidden away for the future, whether it be for the Sunwell Plateau, Wrath of the Lich King or something else entirely. The topic of Warlock pets comes up every now and then on the Wrath forums and while I don't play a Warlock, its an intriguing topic. Warlocks currently have six baseline demons, two of which have a slightly different summoning process. They can get another through being specced deep Demonology. If you count the Felguard as their level 70 addition in the Burning Crusade, they get one roughly every ten levels, so its safe to assume they have something coming in Wrath.

First thing to consider is what role the pet would play. Everything but healer has been done already, and I don't want to even think about a Warlock with a pet healer. The Felguard is essentially a direct upgrade to the Voidwalker, so something like that is more likely. Personally, I think a Shivarra would fit the next demon well, and act as a direct upgrade to the Succubus.

Second thing to consider is whether it would make sense from a lore point of view. As fun as it would be to summon a pet Pit Lord whenever you want, that seems unlikely. Same with the Nathrezim or the Eredar. Shivan or something we haven't seen yet seems the most likely choice.

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Sunwell boss already in game files

Earlier today we reported on Swedish magazine Level's exclusive on new Patch 2.4 details. One of the revelations was that the 25-man dungeon, Sunwell Plateau, has a boss named Brutalicus, a pit lord who has lost his wings. MMO-Champion found the game model and has posted it for all to see.

That's one ugly dude. And the spiked codpiece pulled half way up his chest like grandpa belting his pants too high isn't helping. Oh well, we're not taking him out to dinner, we're shaking him hard until phat loots drop out, right?

You can see more angles of this Patch 2.4 raid target in the gallery below.

EDIT: Gallery is acting wonky. Bear with us.

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