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Druids get polar bear form in Wrath with new Glyph list

The fine folks at MMO Champion have a small preview of the new talent calculators and, even more interesting, how the Inscription ability will work to change our abilities with glyphs. The majority of the new glyphs previewed so far seem to be for druids as of this posting (but who knows what the future may bring) but the one for mages, Glyph of the Penguin, seems extra awesome to me.

Empowers a Minor Glyph to cause your Polymorph: Sheep spell to turn the target into a baby penguin.

Not only does this suggest that the days of learning separate poly spells for turtles, pigs and so on are gone, it's a cool way to help bring variety to a standard ability. Of course, since the vast majority of glyphs are for druids, we're seeing a lot more straigtforwardly useful ones, like Glyph of Frenzed Regeneration and Glyph of Shred, but Glyph of the White Bear looks pretty cool as a possible harbinger of what's to come: imagine a whole host of such glyphs for each and every druid form? Glyph of the Black Lion, anyone?

This suggests a lot of potential for personalization in the new Inscription profession. Anything you're looking forward to? I hope the ones for warriors are as cool, myself.

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Blue Notes: No free respecs, Polymorph bug is a bug

Several classes are having talents changed in 2.1, but apparently no-one's going to be getting free respecs. From Drysc to you:

Free respecs are only given in cases where talent positions actually move and would break a build, and not in cases where talents are simply altered as far as the benefit they provide.

So if I read this right, it means you will only ever get a free respec if they move a talent, not if they change it, no matter how radically. Yes, Improved Sap Dirty Tricks, I'm looking at you -- I'm sure there are a lot of Rogues, myself included, who had seven points in subtlety that will no longer be there post-patch. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about the change, but this seems like the kind of situation where a respec is merited, at least for players who had points in the affected talents. On the other hand, even the maximum respec cost of 50g is fairly painless to make these days, so perhaps it's a non-issue.

And in case there were any doubts, Polymorph is still meant to restore health; the version on the PTR right now is bugged:

This is a bug on the PTR at current, yes.

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