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Posts with tag Posters offers original WoW posters

It's time for me to put my money where my mouth is. A while back, I tweeted that if they released official prints of the Gnomeregan propaganda poster, I'd buy one. I'd like to thank Blizzard, because they are now offering a large selection of original posters through Selections include the Gnomeregan and Echo Isles propaganda posters, as well as artwork from many past major patches and in-game events, even as far back as the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj and the Shadow of the Necropolis.

Most of the art is actually familiar, having appeared on various websites and art books long ago, but it's still pretty awesome stuff, and more than worth hanging on a wall. If your home or office has some bare walls, this might be a good excuse to fill them. You can check at the selection at

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Print Warcraft opens its doors

The newest in Blizzard's ever-expanding line of customizable merchandise, Print Warcraft just opened its doors to the public. Like FigurePrints, the site allows you to create merchandise based on your in-game characters, this time art like posters and prints.

While we've been having a bit difficulty accessing the site, likely due to launch-day growing pains, we know that the service allows a ton of customization options. Start by selecting your character, realm, and print size. Then choose from a number of templates, borders, backgrounds, character poses, pets, and more! The prices range from $17.99 for a 12x18 print to $29.99 USD for a 40x27 poster.

If you're actually able to place an order, please let us know how it comes out when you get it in the mail! If the price is right and so is the quality, it might be a decent Winter Veil gift to deck somebody's walls with. Or yours.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 94: More zones than we can remember

Our podcast was live on the virtual airwaves last Saturday as usual, and it was a pretty wacky affair -- Turpster, our newest blogger Eddie "Brigwyn" Carrington, and I dissected those mount changes that dropped last week, the Mountain Dew Battle-bots and how you can get your hands on one, and how scammers can get past your Authenticator (and how to stop them from doing so). We answered your emails as well, including tips about how to make sure one of your characters finally gets to 80 and all kinds of movie posters from Turpster's little "Ocean's 87" script idea a little while ago. You can check out all of the fan-submitted posters in the gallery below.

Download the show via any of the links below, and do make sure, if you haven't yet, to stop over in iTunes and give us a nice review telling us what you think of the show. It's been a while since we had any reviews go up over there, so mixing in some new voices will probably do us some good. Thanks for listening as always -- we'll see you next week!

Get the podcast:
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Listen here on the page:

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BlizzCon contests open for submission

If you like winning stuff, you might want to check out BlizzCon and its contests. Whether or not you'll be going to the sold-out event this October, there's something for you to participate in. Obviously, if you're not going, you won't be able to join staples like the costume contest or the impressive (and often hilarious) dance contest, but most of the BlizzCon contests can be joined online.

If you think you've got the chops for stuff like making movies, ace graphic design skills to make motivational posters, or even songwriting skills and making dioramas, then head over to the BlizzCon contest page and read about how to submit your entries. Unfortunately, if you think you're a funny guy (or gal), Blizzard wants to see you in person.

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Nethaera's smack down

Nehthaera today wanted to let a lot of the naysayers out there know a thing or two about their April Fool's jokes and the issues with the servers. She tells us the obvious, more or less: the people who do the April Fool's work are completely separate from the people that do the server and development work.

So these elaborate and well done jokes have exactly zero impact on the servers. They don't have anything to do with maintenance, with patch 2.4, or with Wrath of the Lich King (well, unless you actually believe there'll be a bard class). This means they could have done nothing for April Fool's, and things still would have been as difficult as they were yesterday.

I want to give Nethaera two thumbs up for her post. I really enjoy it lately when GMs and CMs lay the smack down about issues like this, especially to whiney forum posters.

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