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Why would you want someone else to play a game for you?

It can be a touch daunting to level a character in WoW, especially if you have a lot of real life commitments. The designers are aware of this, and changes are on the way. But what amazes me is that there are players out there who pay other people to level their characters for them. It's usually offered as an adjunct to real money transfer services, and it always boggles my mind.

I can understand that after you've leveled a few 70's up, you might get bored with the old world content to some degree. After my fourth 70 I was bound and determined that none of my under 60 prospects were going to set foot in Stranglethorn Vale again because I'm sick of the place (they all did, because while I'm sick of the place, I also know where all the quests are - I can go through STV like a steam powered quest thresher now, be it Horde or Alliance quests - expediency trumps all, I guess) but I still have a hard time imagining actually giving someone else access to my account, especially someone who is in all likelihood working for a gold seller.

I suppose it's only different from playing your wife's toon while she's at work by degree, but it seems different to me. (Hey, she really wants that Firefly, it would be a great anniversary present.) I play WoW because, well, I like the game. If I disliked playing the game so much that I felt like I needed to hire someone to play it for me, I don't think I'd play it at all. Is it that important to get to 70 super-fast? Is the game so much more fun at max level that you'd actually pay someone to get you there?

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Ask WoW Insider: Best way to power level alts?

It's time once again for our weekly dose of Ask WoW Insider, wherein we publish one reader's question for everyone to answer. This week's question comes to us from Richard, who has a slew of alts he's interested in leveling quickly:
I've been playing for about a year now and have leveled a bunch of alts. My main and an alt are 70 and 64, respectively. But I have a bunch of alts all in the 10-35 range that I would like to get up in level. Some of my friends are in the same boat and we're trying to figure out the best way to maximize our leveling time. I've heard everything from solo'ing is faster, to run same level groups, to a high level 5-man instance with a couple high levels and have the lowbie hang back as you clear the place. I'd love to hear people's ideas on power leveling alts.
So, what's your strategy for the quickest power leveling? How do you maximize your time with your alts?

Got questions? Get answers. Send us your burning inquiries at ask AT wowinsider DOT com.

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New Professions Guides

The official WoW site recently featured a fairly comprehensive list of profession guides culled from the US and EU forums as well as external websites.  After looking through them, I have to say these are excellent references for any profession.  Still looking for more info on your profession of choice?  We posted a brief guide to power-leveling certain professions a while back as well as a guide to the game's craftable epic items.  (Expect the latter to be updated some time today with a few new recipes!)

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Power Leveling Professions

Want to go from zero to three-hundred skill in just a few hours?  No problem, provided sufficient preparation - and a little guidance from someone who's done it before wouldn't hurt, either.  Most professions have a few highly desirable items that are bind on pickup - meaning if you want one, you have to level the profession and make it yourself.  As I recently ran my priest from 0 to 300 tailoring in order to craft myself Truefaith Vestments (trust me, it wasn't very much fun), I thought I would try to gather up some information for people trying to do similar tasks.  Know of any excellent crafting guides I've missed?  Drop your links in the comments section!

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