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Not quite a set: Purple Judgement

I really wanted to call this article "The Peculiar Purple Paladin of Porcupine Peak", but aside from being fairly non-descriptive, I was afraid the reference would be lost. Instead, I decided to just state exactly what we're looking at over on the right.

I hope we can all agree that the Paladin Tier 2 Judgement set is a solidly designed set of gear, which really breathed some life and energy into the Paladin class, stylistically speaking. As a paladin myself, it became my whole world. It was the single reason I played with my online dress-up doll, err.. paladin. When I had finally achieved the set, I felt satisfied and complete. Then the Burning Crusade came. Try as I might to not do it, I've had to put several pieces of judgement into storage as I'm leveling from 60 to 70. My poor little pally now looks like a hodgepodge of pieces from a bargain bin.

Luckily for those of us who plan to take our (forced?) places in a raid group upon hitting 70, there's a bit of a black light at the end of the tunnel.

While "Purple Judgement" isn't a fully realized set, with bonuses and a name, it is a grouping of very viable healing gear for the level 70 paladin. If you're keen on maintaining that Judgement look, and you're okay with being a healer at level 70, you'll want to seek out the following pieces, from helm to boot:

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