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PvP rank statistics

PlayOn has been collecting some interesting data on PvP in World of Warcraft. And while I'm not sure any of the information provides grounds for conclusion, it's certainly interesting to peek at. Both of these charts take into account sample data from 128,477 unique characters across 5 realms (one RP, two PvE, and two PvP) during one week in October. Above is their chart of average PvP rank for each class -- as you see, shaman takes the top spot and priest the lowest, but there's relatively little difference in rank between the two. (Perhaps suggesting that any class can be competitive with effort? Or simply that more shamans, warriors, and mages PvP?)

Then we have average PvP rank for time played. Unsuprisingly, those attaining rank 13 are nearing 80 hours a week of playtime (for reference, the Daedalus Project suggests the average MMO player spends 20 hours a week in game), while those at rank 14 are dropping closer to 60 hours (possibly a sign of no further play efforts after reaching the maximum rank).

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The timesink of PVP ranks

Interesting piece up over at Terra Nova that links to a set of graphs on exactly how much time it takes to get certain PVP ranks in WoW. Take a stab at how long you'd have to play to reach, say, Legionnaire rank.

If you said 30 hours a week, you're right at what they decided. And for Field Marshal / Warlord, they say 80 hours a week. I'm not sure I'm even awake that much per week! Now, to be fair, their reasoning is a little off here-- they simply monitored /played time of these characters and then related it to their PVP rank, but there's no way that all of that /played time was just spent PVPing for rank. And they didn't account for skill at all-- you'll earn honor much faster by being in a well coordinated premade than floating from battleground to battleground. Their numbers are no doubt a little inflated, just based on the way they're calculated.

But they're right about one thing: while I think it is perfectly possible to have a normal life and be a successful endgame raider, I don't think it's possible to have a huge PVP rank and not spend way too much time playing this game. As Nicolas says, the grind is just too steep. There will always be someone more willing to commit time to PVP grinding then I am, and so they'll always "win" the ranks, just by playing more.

However, anything else we could say on this subject is going to, unfortunately, fall into the World of Theorycraft, because we know there's already a change on the way. With the next patch, the honor system is completely changing. In Arena PVP, we already know that ranking will be placed in a much more skill-based rating system-- if you beat another good group team, your rating will go up much faster. And for the rest of PVP, all we know is that there'll be some sort of Honor Point turn in system, where you'll be able to exchange earned HP for items, ranks, and rep. Will that balance out the current time commitment requirements, and make ranks reachable for those of us who work 9-5? Only time (and maybe our beta testers?) will tell.

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To Turtle or Not to Turtle...?

We're 45 minutes into an Alterac Valley run and 30 players are sitting in our base playing defense, fighting a pitched battle that doesn't help us win, but slows down the rate at which we're going to loose. We haven't managed to hold a single graveyard throughout the fight, and the Alliance has a line of defense that quickly picks off most players attempting to move north from the Horde spawn point. I manage to sneak up to the next graveyard with a hunter friend while everyone else is busy fighting back in Frostwolf hold - and we manage to tap the flag there. However, before we manage to make the capture, a group of five Alliance comes down hard, and we're sent back to where we started.

My friend whispers to me, "They have no idea what causes people to turtle, do they?" And, while I hadn't thought of it in this way before, I'm forced to agree - this sort of fight is probably no fun for either side. By playing such heavy defense, and not allowing a single capture, they push us back towards Frostwolf hold again and again - and when there's nothing else for players to do, many of them regroup back at one of the worst bottleneck points in the game, and the match ended up lasting an nearly an hour and a half.

So what's your experience with turtling? And is there, perhaps, something to be said for letting the opposing side take a little, just to prevent them from fighting with their backs against the wall? Or is there some better strategy to avoid or break the opposing team's turtling efforts?

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Additional Honor System Modifications Coming

We already know that the honor system's curve is getting adjusted in patch 1.12, but apparently that's not the only change planned. On Friday, CM Nethaera let us know that there will also be some reduction in honor decay. The exact patch note reads: Honorable Kills now diminish at a rate 10% per kill rather than 25% per kill. The phrasing of the post lead to some confusion, so she later clarified - in patch 1.12 you're going to be able to kill the same player more before you stop receiving honor. If it seems like a minor tweak, well, Nethaera admits that it's only a temporary measure, and that there are bigger changes coming.

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Gear-brackets in Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds are already divided up by level - but even with equal levels, gear can dominate, especially at level 60, where you get a mix of players who have just started traversing 5-man dungeons and players in guilds who are farming Naxxramas. This post in the general forums proposes a radical solution to this problem - give everyone a standardized set of gear when they enter a battleground, and leave the rest to player ability. However, far more interesting than the original idea is the fact that it received a CM response, with Drysc chiming in that they wouldn't want to eliminate the hard work players put into acquire the best gear, but were working on a "player matching system" which might help nudge players into appropriate battlegrounds. No further details on how such a system might work, though Drysc does let us know that it won't be coming before the expansion.

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More on PvP in Patch 1.12

We've gone over some of the PvP changes that will show up in patch 1.12 - both cross-realm battlegrounds and the new world PvP objectives. However, this is not the only change coming. When patch 1.12 goes live, the honor curve will be softened, somewhat, allowing a larger number of players into the upper ranks. There are no specific details on the numbers here, of course, and it's unlikely we'll understand the full impact of such a change until after it's been up and running on the live realms for a while.

[Fan art by Guillaume Bonnet]

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