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Silvermoon University holds class in Azeroth

Silvermoon Unversity is an interesting little guild-- they go above and beyond the call of RPing over on Twisting Nether. The guild is run as a real university inside Azeroth. Instead of guild officers, they have "Instructors," new guildies are called Freshmen, and so on. "Higher education meets the Horde" is their motto. That's great.

And it all translates into guild activities, too-- they take field trips in different subjects (right now, on their homepage, they have a piece of news up about a "marine biology" trip off the coast of Theramore), and apparently the people in their "School of Literature and Art" actually write and perform plays, too. If you look elsewhere on their site, you can even find a "yearbook," complete with quotes, "skills" (professions), and a place of birth for each character.

Very interesting. Seems a little wacky to me, but lots of their characters haven't reached 70 yet, which means they must be getting a lot out of this roleplaying, enough to keep them from actually playing the game itself.

[ via a slowly reawakening MBAzeroth ]

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Ask WoW Insider: Advice for RP noobs?

It's time once again for Ask WoW Insider, wherein we publish one of your questions for our readers to answer. Last week we looked at Bar AddOns, and this week we concern ourselves with how to get into RPing. Thomas asks:
I have always wanted to get into a RP server but none of my friends are into it, so I find it hard to find anybody else to RP with. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to get into a good RP guild? Also, are there any essential mods that are commonly used on an RP server? Any other advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
What advice do you have to give RP noobs, or folks interested in getting into role-playing in WoW? Do you have any hardcore RP guilds or servers to recommend? Tips and tricks on imaginating your character or proper RP etiquette?

We need your questions! Send your submissions for Ask WoW Insider to us at ask AT wowinsider DOT com.

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Breakfast Topic: Hidden gems

From an out-of-the-way inn my guild uses for meetings, to the time I finally managed to watch a race in the Shimmering Flats, Azeroth has many well-kept secrets. How many times have you stumbled across a location or piece of scenery and wondered what on earth it was there for? Aside from the game's easter eggs, which are fun to track down, some places seem to hold unfulfilled potential.

I've found that RP gives me a whole new outlook on these places; every one suddenly suggests several possible storylines, although I've acquired the habit of dismissing a lot of the empty-looking content by saying "oh, that's only for RPers". Do you think this is true? Are the deserted buildings and empty locations there for RP enjoyment alone, or to lighten the hearts of the players who love running around into every nook and cranny? Have you found a particular spot that surprised or delighted you?

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