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Patch 5.2 hotfixes for April 29th and 30th, nerf to Lei Shen

Throne of Thunder
There were a few hotfixes posted earlier this week, on both Monday and Tuesday. On the 29th, both Glorious Conquest Quartermasters took leave from the game for a while. Daxxarri explains in a forum thread that, because Glorious Conquest gear is changing from ilevel 512 to 496, they wanted to remove the vendors before players purchased gear that would end up being a lower ilevel than they bought it for. The change is too big to be implemented via hotfix, so the vendors will be returning with the next major content patch.

The hotfix for yesterday was a nerf to the Lei Shen encounter in the Throne of Thunder for Raid Finder groups. Lei Shen's overall hit points have been reduced by 10%, and the Static Shock effect from the North Conduit now deals only 300,000 damage at zero energy, down from 650,000. That's a big change, and hopefully will make that encounter a little simpler for struggling Raid Finder groups.

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Ol' Grumpy and the Goblet of Firelands adjustments

Hello. I'm Ol' Grumpy. You may remember me from such posts as Ol' Grumpy's first week with Patch 4.1, Ol' Grumpy's guide to player reeducation, or perhaps Ol' Grumpy's guide to outdated content and you. As my name suggests, I am a hilariously old and crotchety curmudgeon who probably has forgotten more about hating things than you've ever known. Seriously, I hate everything, especially the things I enjoy. It's why I'm called Ol' Grumpy and not Ol' Smiley.

So, this time I've been called back into service to talk about the recent Firelands adjustments, or as I like to call them, significant nerfs. Quite frankly, my take on these is a bit more nuanced than the last time, so I sadly won't get to grump around as much as I prefer. Frankly, there are several key differences between this series of nerfs and the ones to T11 content that make the situation a little less cut-and-dried.
  • This time, both normal and heroic content is being nerfed. Last time, normal mode fights were nerfed across the board, but heroic content was left unchanged so that people who wanted to experience it at the original challenge level could do so. This is a decision I lauded at the time, and I find the different implementation this time kind of baffling.
  • We got half as much time with tier 12 as we did tier 11 before the changes. Now, to some degree this isn't an entirely fair comparison because we also had to level from 80 to 85 before we got a chance to do tier 11, and in addition there were 13 total fights in tier 11 content plus a bonus heroic only encounter. Tier 12 has eight, seven in Firelands and one in Baradin Hold that barely even counts. But it still seems very early to nerf this content.
  • These are some serious nerfs to content that is still relevant. Unlike the T11 changes, which took place as T12 dropped, these fights are still the fights that we're all doing. There's nothing to replace them, no place for the players who have done it before the nerfs to go if they want to stay on the cutting edge of content. This is the cutting edge, and it's now between 15% and 25% less sharp.
All of this adds up to my being not exactly angry or disappointed but very much confused by the reasoning for these changes. And it makes me wonder: Did fewer people clear Firelands than Blizzard was expecting? What's happening with this raid tier, and just how close are we to patch 4.3? Probably closer than I expected a week ago.

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