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Reader UI of the Week: Nikkita

This week we feature the UI of Nikkita, level 70 Gnome Warrior from the guild <Vagrant> on the US PvP server, Dunemaul. I must confess -- while there are parts of Nikkita's UI I would never use, I was especially glad to get this one. I've always said if I was going to jump to the Alliance side, it was going to be to play a Gnome Warrior. Something about the idea of a wee bite-sized Gnome tanking a boss as ridiculously enormous as Rags just makes me giggle. Apparently the fellow at the helm of Nikkita agreed that it was a fun idea!

Nikkita sent two screen shots just chock-full of UI for us. The above shot is him on the flying mount, checking out bags, quest items and quests before touching down. (I can't tell you how many times I've kicked myself for forgetting shards in the bank after raiding the night before... gah!) The second screen shot of Nikkita in all his raiding glory can be found after the jump as well as a really great listing of all the mods involved in this week's Reader UI!

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Reader UI of the Week: Taeo

[Taeo's UI. Nice and clean with lots of viewing room!]
Never fear, folks! We have heard your requests. Many folks figured since the Reader WoWspace column was back, it was time to check out some new Reader UI's too! So this week I've foraged through the spammy depths of the Reader UI mailbox, and returned to you with some screen shots, a story, and a rundown of the mods involved in this really fabulous, clean UI sent in by Taeo.

So for those of you looking for cool new UI ideas, or who just appreciate lots of clutter-free screen real estate, check out this week's submission after the jump!

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Reader UI: Chronnick

Finally! A UI that some of you may have been waiting for - I know I was. It's frequent commenter Chronnick and his UI! I'll get out of the way and let Chronnick explain:

Here it is!

After a month of delays due to nitpicking every single element of the UI, I hereby humbly present my interface. My focus here was to leave as much of the world visible as possible, while still showing a ton of information, and not using a ton of memory or cpu time. So I've thrown it all towards the bottom of the screen and made it as pretty as possible using Skinner and Clearfont. Clearfont anti-aliases all my fonts, and Skinner gives me a pretty, uniform background on all my windows.

I'm still working on making Damage Meters and KTM a little less ugly and I think there is a way to do that with Skinner, but that's still a work in progress.

For the unit frames I've got ag_UnitFrames using the ABF skin that i modified a bit for to hide the background of the target's caster bar. My buffs are shown using Buffalo, which allows me to place them to the right of my health/mana bars the same way my party member's buffs are shown. But by using Buffalo instead of agUnitFrames' own buff display, i can right-click my buffs to remove them.

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Reader UI: Sewell

While I was hoping to see a submission from Chronnick, based on last week's comments, that has yet to come. Instead, we get a very nice treat indeed. You want video? You want pictures? You want to be able to download the UI you see here? Then look no further than Sewell's UI, kindly submitted here for your enjoyment:

My UI has been tweaked to perfection over the course of a couple months. I love the clean design and functional layout.

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Reader UI of the Week: Silph

Another great and simple UI this week, but I still want to see your outlandish (get it?) designs and crazy UI schemes. Do you have something you think no one else has been able to show us yet? Send it to readerui at gmail dot com.

Silph writes:

Function over form. I follow that rule in my design work, and did so with this UI. Basically everything is suited to my needs, all while being simple and as minimal as possible.

To begin with there are two chat frames, the on the left shows guild, part and raid chat while the one on the right shows everything else from trade to a tabbed combat log. Above the each chat frame there are a collection of buttons. The left ones have macros of my Outfitter gear sets (Tanking, DPS, FR, AR etc etc) along with profession buttons (Enchanting, smelting, cooking etc).

The right ones on the other hands are my trade macros. Each button advertises in trade an enchant I can do. The macros will spam something along the lines of: "Enchanting Savagry (70 AP) on 2H weapon I'll wave my rod and make you glow©" but I digress.

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Reader UI of the Week: March 1 - 15

Yes, technically this is Reader UI of the Two Weeks. I apologize, but I think I'm making up for it with a pretty swank UI for you all to comment on.

Hello, this is Selece of Deathwing and this is my UI. It's made from my handpicked stuff, mainly off of the WoWAce mods. Excuse the low damage screenshot, new installation of TopScoreFu.

It's meant to be as functional as possible, with as little clutter as possible.

Buffs are shown in the top right, debuffs in the top left. A quickbar of situational stuff sits at the bottom left and the pet bar sits in the bottom right. Unitframes are handled by AGUF and sit direct center middle for easy watching while looking for BigWigs/raidwarning to yell at me. ToT/pet frames sit below my frame and my target's frame. Focus frame appears on the far bottom right when in use, as well as ToT of the focus. Bags are handled by Baggins which makes for easy sorting/finding of any particular item - everything is sorted into catagories. Damage is tracked by SimpleCombatLog (not shown, currently on chat tab) with the assistance of SCT/SCTD. Party/raid frames are provided by the lovely Grid.

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Reader UI of the Week: February 14 - 20

This week, Krool (of the guild Heartless, on Daggerspine US)shows off his pre-TBC UI, so think of this as one of those flashbacks you may see in LOST or Jericho or whatever show is doing flashbacks this week. I remember using Charcoal's unit frames and fonts way back, but could never develop an appreciation for, or understanding of, Discord Unit Frames. I'm really digging the borders around the UI elements, separating them from the rest of the screen. Is there any way to do something like this without Discord?

Anyway, I digress, and here's Krool to tell you about his UI:

Here's a screenshot of my UI. Unfortunately Charcoal isn't working any more and I'm so sad. It was my favorite bar auto-configurator of all time. As far as basic action bar, player and target bar geometry flexibility, Charcoal pwned everyting else I've ever seen. Crash said he's working on it, but it's going to take some time. But having said that, the screenshot enclosed is my UI the way I like it best of all at any time since the original beta when I started playing.

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Reader UI of the Week: February 7 to 13

Once again time for another Reader UI of the Week. It's another 2-screen bonanza, with a completely different setup than last week's.

Sheltern Sheltem (EDIT: with an M, curse my old eyes), who you may remember won our art contest a short time ago, writes:

My user interface is a complex mass of crap-on-the-screen-at-one-time. I use Bongos for the actionbars, menu bar, and the xp/fps bar, MetaHUD for, well, the HUD, CTBuffMod for buffs, Natur EnemyCastBar(not pictured) for debuff timers(it's on the left hand side of the screen, near the middle), MonkeyQuests for a replacement quest log, plus AlphaMap for a map and CTViewport to split my interface across my two 19-inch screens. The third, very empty chat window is for loot-related information only, a solution I devised when everyone in a Zul'Gurub run many moons ago decided to start rolling on bijous during combat.

Additional not pictured mods include Grid, Perl Classic User Frames, Vendetta boss mods, Scrolling Combat Text, EquipCompare and a bunch of other little one-fix mods I've probably forgotten about. The font is ClearFont, which is MUCH easier to read(especially for reading mail) than Blizzard's own font selection.

So let us know what you think of Sheltern Sheltem's UI in the comments below, and be sure to send your own UI masterpiece to to be featured in a future installment! Please include a couple of screenshots, a list of your mods, and a bit about why you like your UI set up the way you do.

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Reader UI of the Week: January 31 to February 6

Once again it's time for the ever-increasingly popular Reader UI of the Week. This week brings us something special, in that these teeny-tiny images link to GIANT MONSTROUS IMAGES. This is the widest screen setting I've seen so far. Be warned, clicking opens massive real-sized images that are about 2 megs each.

Character Name: Seperioth (50 druid) (pictured is my 19 rogue twink. Seper)
Screensize: 2560x1024 (2 19" lcd's)
General Theme: Anything that helps make gameplay easier and information brought forward to where I need it.
Addon's Used: Atlas, Atlas Loot, Auctioneer, CT_MailMod, Enchantrix, FlightTime, MobsToLevel, punky_coords, Titan, TitanBG, TitanHonorGrind, Titan Emote and FinalFantasylization (not all the time though)
I go searching for addons every week now to try and find answers to problems I might be having or have had in the past. A big one is I tend to miss my buddy's and my health (because its so far to the left :p) so sometimes we wipe because of that. I haven't found an answer to that yet. Other problems in the past have been how many mobs to lvl (i like grinding mobs when i'm a few bars away), what loot a boss drops ( when i was making my twink this came in handy) and flight times (so i can go get a drink or snack real quick). I use all these things alot and dont know how i went through 30 lvls without them :p Ive attached 2 shots. One of my UI the other shows the beautiful screenshots I can take that a single 19" monitor could not take.
Alot of people are amazed I play at that resolution. Some of you might not realize I have the LCD frame in the middle of my screen :p So my character, bars etc. are all cut in half :p. But you get used to it after awhile.
So there you have it, another amazing Reader UI setup. Discuss in the comments, and remember to submit your UI to "readerui at gmail dot com". Just be sure to type it correctly!

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Reader UI of the Week: January 23 - 30

The response to last week's Reader UI column was fantastic, and we're glad you enjoy seeing and learning more about your fellow gamers' UIs and the mods that make them tick!

Let's dive on in to this week's UI then!

Character's Name: Aburr (Guild: Dragonstar; Server: Whisperwind)

Screen Size: 19" Samsung SyncMaster 930B running 1280x1024, 72 Hz

General Theme: Information Junkie - I spend all day at work absorbing information, and I can't shake that tendency once I'm logged in. The more information I have access to in a relatively clean, customizable, uncluttered interface, the better.

TitanBar (including DamageMeters, Crit, and Roll) - basic info
MonkeyQuest - gives the ability to monitor all the quests in your log at once
Deadly Boss Mods - raid and battleground timers/warnings
CT_mod and CT_raidassist - functionality that is so parsimonious, Blizz should just buy a license
EquipCompare - compare loot with what is currently equipped; saves time in a roll
!OmniCC - big, viewable numeric cooldowns on each button as necessary
Atlas and AtlasQuest - adds information and functionality to standard world map
EZDismount - dismounts you upon attempting a spellcast or talking to a flight master
vBagnon - (open in screenshot) consolidates your inventory into one window, on-demand highlighting of various item types, remote viewing of bank inventory
TipBuddy - attaches tooltips to your cursor, reformats tooltips with more information
JIM Abacus - evenly distributes mini-map buttons, hides unused buttons
Auctioneer - useful for EnhTooltip, which adds pricing, selling, and disenchanting information to the tooltip
ErrorBlock - takes the big red pop-up errors and moves them to your chat window
EnhancedFlightMap - adds flight paths and flight masters to your world map
x-perl - allows for total control of player, party, raid, target, and focus frames
Improved Camera - allows your camera to zoom out farther than normal
Scrolling Combat Text - gives more information and is more customizable than that offered in the standard UI
Bongos - customizable action bars

General Blurb: With the number of addons I have, patch days (particularly to 2.0) can be dreadful. Despite this, I persist using so many addons because each one provides a useful functionality that is not available or underpowered in the standard interface. I feel like this UI is pretty clean for how powerful it is. It also allows me to be flexible; some nights I get too tired to remember my keybindings and I have to rely on button clicking, so having everything available to a mouseclick is convenient. While the standard UI is nice and uncomplicated, having this much functionality at my fingertips has really helped my playing.

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Reader UI of the Week: January 15 - 22

Welcome to Reader UI of the Week, your new weekly feature on what your peers are using in the world of AddOns and enhancements to improve the World of Warcraft experience.

Each week we'll look at one reader-submitted entry, and expose you to new ideas for your own UI setup. As we're just starting this week, we'll start with my own UI.

Character Name: Wyahld

Screen Size: 1680x1050 - 20" Widescreen Monitor

General Theme: Uncluttered - I need room to see the game while I'm raiding or in a party. I didn't like the default action bars that took up so much screen real estate. I don't like the lack of info in the default unitframes.

AddOns Used: Bongos, Titan Bar, X-Perl Unitframes, CT-mod Core, CT BuffMod, Bagnon, TrackerDial, Call of Elements

I've had a lot of UI themes over the years, but I've come around almost full circle to realize that simple is best. If I can leave my screen mostly uncluttered, then I find myself focusing on the game rather than any extraneous information. So this is my shammy, he's level 40 now and leveling quickly. The only add-on that really has an impact on gameplay is Call of Elements, which is a great tool for setting up totems.

So, gather up your UI screenshots, as well as your Character's Name, the Screen Size, your General Theme, the AddOns you're using, and a little blurb about it. Once you've got all that, submit it to readerui at gmail dot com.

Oh, and feel free to rip my setup in the comments, and give me advice on making it better.

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