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Attend BlizzCon from London with Barcraft-on-Thames

Attend BlizzCon from London with BarcraftonThames
Do you wish you could head over to BlizzCon and soak up the atmosphere of a community gathering together and sharing the excitement of what will no doubt be a plethora of news and announcements? The feeling of being with like-minded people who are all similarly blown away by the name of the next expansion? It's a shame, really, that the cost of BlizzCon is so prohibitive for so many EU fans, but ReadyCheck have put together a great event in London, to bring a community event to less distant shores.

ReadyCheck have hired out a central London bar, and have a license from Blizzard to show the livestream of the entire con at the event. They've also managed to get various great prizes from sponsors such as Curse, AskMrRobot, Multiplay, Enjin and Logitech. There's no entry fee, so all you need to do is get yourself to Mayfair, central London, and bring some pocket money for a lemonade and a plate of chips. If you want lemonade or chips, that is. If you don't, then it's absolutely free.

The only note is that, of course, it's a bar. So if you're over 18, no need to worry, but if you're under 18 it's probably a smart move to attend in the company of someone older, and anyone under 16 will need to drag along a parent or guardian. I think it's great that people have the time and energy to put these sorts of things together for the EU community, and I hope it's great fun!

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Ready Check: Mother Shahraz

Ready Check is a weekly column focusing on successful raiding for the serious raider. Hardcore or casual, ZA or Sunwell Plateau, everyone can get in on the action and down some bosses. This week, it's all about shadow.

Six down, three to go. Our next Black Temple boss guide looks at a lady with more arms than should be strictly comfortable, Mother Shahraz.

Upon killing the last of the previous three bosses, which can be killed in any order -- Teron Gorefiend, the Reliquary of Souls and Gurtogg Bloodboil -- you'll see a message indicating that the door to the Den of Mortal Delights has been opened. This means it's time to pay a visit to Mother, although you don't need to iron your shirt for this particular drop-in.

What you will need, however, is shadow resistance -- and lots of it. The encounter is primarily resistance-based, and requires the epic craftable shadow resistance gear. This in turn requires Hearts of Darkness, which drop from Black Temple (and occasionally Hyjal) trash, so if you've blazed through the instance so far, chances are you won't have enough to kit out your raid group.

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Ready Check: Reliquary of Souls

Ready Check is a weekly column focusing on successful raiding for the serious raider. Hardcore or casual, ZA or Sunwell Plateau, everyone can get in on the action and down some bosses. Even if they are mysteriously conglomerate faces...

Continuing our jaunt through Black Temple, this week's Ready Check looks at the Reliquary of Souls, also known as the Essence of Souls (RoS or EoS for short). How often is it you get to fight three oversized faces joined together? Savour this opportunity now...

You'll encounter RoS by making your way through Black Temple, usually after either Teron Gorefiend or Gurtogg Bloodboil, depending on how your guild prefers to do things. Let's take a look at the fight.

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