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Sunday Morning Funnies: Contested Territory

Sunday Morning Funnies Contested Territory                  SUN
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Over the next several months, SMF will spotlight a regularly updating WoW-related comic. To kick off the series is Contested Territory:

What happens when two small girls from either side of the war meet? What happens when they become best friends? Contested Territory is a story about just that; a young orc named Thook and a rescued night elf with no memories named Kithra. Instantly inseparable, the girls face the challenges of Azeroth together, testing the boundaries of friendship, family and faction as they learn what makes them so similar, yet so different.

Raised by loving but cautious Auntie and Uncle, Aguul and Kross, as well as a dear tauren friend, Winthir, Thook and Kithra learn what happens when two enemies meet before they are old enough to understand hatred.

This comic was originally written in 2008, with the prologue and chapters one and two taking place during Vanilla. The comic is done entirely by hand: pencil, pen, colored pencil, and scan.

Contested Territory uploads regularly on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

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