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Breakfast Topic: Which class will change the most?

Over the next three days (and a week from Friday for paladins), Blizzard will be announcing some of the class revamp information that will be implemented in Cataclysm. This will by no means be all of the information, and if you followed us during the Wrath beta, you'll know that these things might change before the expansion comes out.

While I'm sure that the class you're waiting to hear info on the most is your own class, I've got a little bit of a different question for you: Which class do you think is going to be changing the most in Cataclysm?

Will it be warriors, due to the impending rage normalization? How about death knights, since blood will be the only tanking spec after the expansion hits? Will it be hunters with their mana changing to a focus system or warlocks with their complete revamp of Soul Shards? Let us know what you think.

Which class will change the most in Cataclysm?
Death Knight5123 (19.7%)
Druid1113 (4.3%)
Hunter5550 (21.4%)
Mage1007 (3.9%)
Paladin5664 (21.8%)
Priest610 (2.4%)
Rogue661 (2.5%)
Shaman1575 (6.1%)
Warlock2877 (11.1%)
Warrior1760 (6.8%)

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BlizzCon 2009: Class Discussion Panel - Warlock

Yesterday's Class Discussion Panel at BlizzCon 2009 didn't go over all the classes like previous years, but instead focused on major changes to two classes. One of those classes is the Warlock, which finally gets its long promised Soul Shard mechanic overhaul. The change, as Ghostcrawler had mentioned before, is extremely cool and wasn't something that could be implemented with a minor patch. The revamp is huge -- it overhauls the entire Soul Shard system in two significant ways:
  • Soul Shards are no longer items in the inventory (at last!) but are part of the Warlock UI
  • Soul Shards are not consumed by any Warlock spell other than the empowering ability, Soul Burn
I'll let all you Warlocks have a moment to digest that. When I first saw the changes, I was completely blown away and completely stoked -- the Warlock class will play completely differently from Mages, and indeed from any other class. Soul Shards will become a new resource mechanic akin to Death Knight runes except that they aren't used for spells but for "power moves". It makes a visual impact to playing the class, with the UI showing the Soul Shard resource.

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