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Upper Deck announces Amsterdam Darkmoon Faire

European fans of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game are in luck as the Darkmoon Faire will be visiting Amsterdam this September. Upper Deck, who host the events, are expecting 350 players to attend and are offering a host of prizes, including a goody bag for every attendee as well as raffle with some really epic loot as prizes. The goody bag contains a T-Shirt, regular and exclusive Mini figures, a Death Knight Starter pack, some battleground cards, a demo CD, a common loot card and an entry form for the raffle.

The raffle is where things get interesting. Upper Deck have fifteen prizes up for grabs which have a combined worth of €5000. They are giving away:
  • One Frostmourne sword
  • Two Collectors Editions of Wrath of the Lich King
  • Five exclusive Wrath of the Lich King mousepads
  • Two complete sets of Minis
  • Five Spectral Tiger mounts
The event will be taking place at Westergasfabriek between September 12th and 13th. Tickets are free so if you're in Amsterdam that weekend, you might want to pop along.

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PTR Patch 3.2.2: New pets and mounts revealed

Once again, our friend Boubouille over at MMO Champion has been a busy boy. With the surprise announcement that the PTRs were up for the testing of the WoW Anniversary Patch (aka patch 3.2.2), he's been digging deep into the patch files and guess what he found?

Well the big news is aptly summed up in the image above. Yes, it's the Onyxia mount (though not actually the Broodmother herself). A picture really does say a thousand words, doesn't it? However that's not all he's found by datamining. There are yet more mounts, including a Spectral Tiger cub! I suspect this little cub may well be from a future TCG expansion. After all, where did this little guy's parent come from? Ditto the rather awesome Tuskarr kite.

On top of that there are some regular mounts in the form of a Little White Stallion and yet another dino-centric mount, this time a Little Ivory Raptor. Boubouille also found the Onyxia Whelping, which is the pet everyone who logs in during November will recieve (think the Blizzard Bear). Ain't it a cutie?

However the oddest thing he uncovered was a collection of Mohawk themed spells. These relate to the now memorable TV advert in which Mr. T creates his own class, the infamous Night Elf Mohawk. From the spell descriptions, I can't help thinking this is not some hint towards a new class in the next expansion but, rather, will be some kind of NPC or quest-related summonable pet. Either way, it sounds awesome.

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An interview with a scammer

Recently, I wrote about a scam involving selling Spectral Tiger Mounts, but I never thought I would be able to actually interview the guy responsible. Luckily, this particular scammer was willing to discuss the scam candidly with my husband and I. He ended being very like a Ferengi in his attitude toward what he calls "business". Here is the story.

Late last night, The Spousal Unit saw someone spamming Trade Chat, supposedly offering a Spectral Tiger Mount for sale. Since he knew two people that had been scammed by this, he called the seller a scammer in Trade Chat. The scammer sent him a tell and they proceeded to debate the issue in whispers. TSU called me over to show me the conversation, so of course I had to log on and pursue the interview further. Following are both interviews, copied over from in-game whispers.

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Beware of Blood Elves selling mounts

A friend of mine recently got hit by a pretty devious phishing scam targeting wealthy (in-game) players looking to make legitimate purchases. My friend, we'll call him Cobra, was in a major city when an offer in the Trade Channel caught his eye. A player, we'll call him Bubbles, was offering a Spectral Tiger Mount for 5000 gold. Since this mount is only available as a code on a rare loot card, Cobra contacted Bubbles to inquire. Purchasing codes for in-game items with in-game cash is perfectly legitimate, according to Blizzard, so Cobra did not worry about going against the TOS with this transaction.

Bubbles, a level 78 Blood Elf Mage, seemed legitimate. For one thing, he was not a throwaway low level character. Also, he didn't want to take the cash then, but just see it in a trade window to make sure Cobra was in possession of it. So Cobra gave Bubbles his email address only and waited for the email that included the code and a link to where to input the information.

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Fields of Honor loot card artwork revealed

Last week, we told you all about the giant chicken known as El Pollo Grande (now reincarnated as a mount). His presence was revealed thanks to a little datamining by MMO Champion's Boubouille. This giant chicken is set to be the new, rarer than hen's teeth, mount in the next set of loot cards in the TCG expansion Fields of Honor. Indeed a spokesperson at Upper Deck recently called this card 'the new Spectral Tiger' and it's got an awful lot of fans excited.

Well today the artwork for the new loot cards mysteriously appeared on the brand new Flickr account (which has since been deleted) of a user called wownudnik. We have no idea who this chap is but the artwork is amazing and certainly looks legit, even if Upper Deck have not officially confirmed anything. However the artwork has confirmed something we and Boubouille were guessing about; the Path of Cenarius card is indeed like Path of Illidan but with flowers. There's also an ogre pinata and, of course, El Pollo Grande, himself in what has to be one of the best pieces of TCG artwork yet. Although I was kind of hoping for a Tauren to be riding that chicken rather than a Night Elf.

Fields of Honor is due out on June 30th.

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Upper Deck hosts a Spectral Safari event for the WoW minis game

Haven't gotten a chance to play last year's Game Product of the Year yet? You're in luck -- Upper Deck is hosting another "Spectral Safari" event about a month from now, on March 14th, and you could pick up a Spectral Tiger, one of the hottest TCG items in history. Entry for the big tournament costs $20, but not only do you get to take home a WoW minis booster, but you have a chance to win prizes, and everyone who plays in the tournament will get entered in a contest to have an official mini made of their very own ingame character. That's pretty wild.

They've just sent us the list of where the events are taking place, so if there's a tournament going on near you (there are locations all over the world), now's the time to make your plans. The game is a lot of fun -- it's kind of a cross between a turn-based strategy game (in that both players take turns with their characters to move and attack) and Arena battles (in that you move around on a field using the various abilities and weapons available to your character's class). An event like this is a great way to check it out and possibly even win some prizes for playing well.

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Blizzcore giving away a Spectral Tiger Mount

Blizzcore is a relatively new blog about Blizzard and World of Warcraft, and they emailed to let us know that they're kicking things off in style over there by giving out one of the most prized items in all of Azeroth: a Spectral Tiger Mount from the trading card game. To enter their contest, you just have to run over there and leave a comment on their post. As you probably know from entering our own contests over here, it doesn't get any more simple than that, and we like simple in all of its forms.

Definitely enter, but beware: there are about 200 entries now, and the contest is open for a full two weeks, so there'll be lots and lots of entries to come. Still, just a little chance is better than no chance at all -- hopefully one of you readers will end up picking up the mount. Good luck!

Editor's Note: Link fixed!

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Paul Sams and his Blizzard collection

The Orange County Register was all over the place yesterday -- being the hometown newspaper of Blizzard's hometown, they posted all day about the release and what Blizzard was doing for it (they've got some really good coverage of the event in Anaheim, which our own Dan O'Halloran attended as well). But perhaps most interesting is this post about Blizzard COO Paul Sams -- we haven't heard a lot from him in press before, but apparently he's a bigger Blizzard fan than any of us, with a collection of Blizzard items that includes a mint Spectral Tiger Card, Blizzard skateboards (which are apparently a licensing deal that never went through, so you can't buy those anywhere), and the second Frostmourne ever made -- we assume the first one went to Arthas.

And not all of it is Blizzard stuff -- he's got a first edition of The Count of Monte Cristo, and lots of sports memorabilia, too (but let's be honest -- a signed jersey is nothing compared to a Frostmourne. It's real.). Sams also collected his wife from Blizzard, too, apparently, and he says he'd be happy spending his whole career with the company. Sounds awesome to have someone who's such a fanboy sitting in one of your top exec positions.

Sams' favorite item, though, is probably the coolest: three drawings by the man Chris Metzen himself. That would be awesome to see. Check out all of Sams' collection in the OC Register's gallery.

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Manda's tales from the TTR: Stress edition

Sunday's Tournament Test Realm stress test was, in my opinion, a huge success. Despite the lag, the occasional crash or kick, and a one-hour maintenance downtime, the server held up quite well considering just how many people were bombing around on it. After maintenance, the lag improved quite a bit, and I'm guessing that Blizzard learned a fair amount that will help them to design the arena tournament realm.

Of course, interaction with the GMs, fighting spawned bosses dropping orange epics, being polymorphed into all sorts of things, receiving rare mounts, and reading through /general, /say, and /yell, not to mention tells, were the real highlights from yesterday. While Alex has already given a fairly detailed account of our adventures, I have some stories of my own to tell.

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Stress test live blog

We've been preparing for the stress test, are mostly gemmed and enchanted up, and are looking to fight! I'll be updating this post as things happen, hopefully with riveting tales of victory and triumph over Alliance Care Bears. (Kidding of course, my main is an Human warrior.)

Read on after the break for the updates! We'll keep this front page only for things that are affecting everyone.

Updated 5:23 p.m. PST: Live blogging wrapped up for the day. Many many thanks to all the fans and GMs out there! It was a great day with lots of cool stuff happening. More analysis over the next couple days!

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Spectral Tiger Safari

Until now, the elusive Spectral Tiger Mount has been a steed for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game players only. The Spectral Tiger will be the grand prize of Blizzard's latest contest. The complete prize breakdown:
  • Grand Prize Winner: "Spectral Tiger loot card" from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and one World of Warcraft TCG Expansion, "March of the Legion," booster box.
  • Second Prize: "Robotic Homing Chicken Loot Card," from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and oneWorld of Warcraft TCG Expansion, "March of the Legion," booster box.
  • Three Runner's Up WinnersWorld of Warcraft TCG Expansion, "March of the Legion," booster box.

You don't have to play the card game to win. In order to enter all you have to do is submit an exciting screenshot of your character. Only submissions that include a chat bubble that says "Safari" will be accepted into the contest. Judges will be looking for high-quality, unmodified screenshots. Blizzard reminds you to "Use all the elements you can to give some spice to your pictures: landscape, monsters, other players, etc."

Why do you want a TCG card? The Spectral Tiger loot card has a code that translates into a rare in-game mount. The deadline for submission is 12:00 PM on March 5th. Check out Blizzard's official contest page for further information.

Good luck, and good hunting.

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Upper Deck announces new booster set and Spectral Safari details

Two big pieces of news today from Upper Deck about the WoW TCG-- first of all, they've announced details about their latest booster set, called Servants of the Betrayer, and available this coming April. The set will have new sub-factions, new ally types, and heretofore unreleased abilities for your deck. Additionally, the booster packs will continue the trend set in the last expansion, and contain 19 cards per pack, with those extra loot consumable cards showing up more often.

Second, Upper Deck has also revealed details of the Spectral Safari, a series of events at local card stores at which players will be able to win the Spectral Tiger Mount card. The contests will take place on March 1st at selected retail locations, and the winner of each contest will take home a Spectral Tiger Mount, while a Robotic Homing Chicken will be given away as a door prize, and Upper Deck will give out other prizes to winners as well.

So mark your calendars for March 1st if you plan to attend one of the tournaments, and look out for Servants of the Betrayer in stores in April (that's the booster set, not actual servants of Illidan).

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TCG's new pet enlarging loot card.

I've never actually had the privilege of playing the WoW Trading Card Game on account of living in China, where they don't sell this sort of stuff. But I always love to see the special items from loot cards you can find in the TGC. I've seen people with the spectral tiger a couple of times, as well as a bunch of people with the picnic grill and even a dragon kite.

But with their latest expansion pack, Servants of the Betrayer (they come out with expansion packs right quick compared to Blizzard, don't they?), they've added a "super-common" loot card. Apparently every single booster box full of smaller booster packets is supposed to have two of these things, a "Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit," so pretty soon we may find this sort of item becoming rather ubiquitous. You'll also be able to use it with each of the characters you play, rather than having to choose just one.

But what exactly does it do? As you can see in the pic above, taken from their website, it'll make your non-combat pet you have grow significantly in size, up to the size of a normal hunter pet. But for me the really exciting thing is that it will enlarge your hunter and warlock pets too! I've always wanted to have a hunter with a huge pet, much bigger than my actual character for roleplay reasons, but it seems this might even be an advantage in PvP and Arenas, too, if I made my wing-flapping owl so huge that other players can't see past it so easily, for example. Anyways, this might be the first loot card that is not entirely outside the average player's reach, and especially attractive to two popular classes, no less.

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TCG goes on a Spectral Safari

Our friends at Upper Deck have announced an interesting series of tournaments with one of the best prizes they could give out: a Spectral Tiger card. There'll be more info on January 31st, they say, but apparently retail outlets all over the country are going to hold tournaments of their own, and the grand prize at each and every one is a Spectral Tiger mount card.

There'll also be booster packs given out (of course), and a lucky door prize winner at each event will pick up the Robotic Homing Chicken card. Pretty cool to see that UD is going to spread the love around a bit (although they haven't yet announced just how many tournaments are going down). If there are a lot of retail places participating in this, you could see a lot more ghostly tigers around the realms.

More info is coming to Upper Deck's site on January 31st. We'll keep an eye out and let you know when and where your chance to pick up the loot cards will be.

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WoW Moviewatch: The 2.2 Spectral Tiger

Sure, we've seen video of the ultra-rare Spectral Tiger Mount before. So why am I showing you new footage? Because as of patch 2.2, the Spectral Tiger's graphics have changed. And a lot of people who have had the luck (or money!) to acquire their own Spectral Tiger, the change, which altered the look of the mount's armor, is not an improvement. Blizzard, on the other hand, maintains that the change is actually a bug-fix and makes the tiger look like their initial promotional screenshots. And, tiger-owners or not, what do you think? Is the new look for the better or worse?

Previously on Moviewatch...

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