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Insider Trader: The Oil Industry

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

While the world outside WoW contemplates the future of the petroleum industry, casters nurse their own form of oil dependency: mana oils and wizard oils. Heck, if you're an enchanter, you may even be hooked on both! These weapon-buffing beauties boost various combinations of healing, mana regeneration, spell damage and spell critical strike rating ... juicy stuff for casters.

As with many consumables, The Burning Crusade era ushered in an enhanced rung of these weapon-buffing oils. Yes, they're higher level than the older versions ... But as Blizzard is so fond of reminding us, bigger is not always better. Most players seem to prefer the older oils, which offer the stronger oomph of two effects instead of one. However, today's shift away from Old-World components (in this case, the relative difficulty of obtaining Large Brilliant Shards in a post-Burning Crusade economy) stymies many an enchanter seeking to make and market oils, as well as many a consumer seeking an affordable way to buy them.

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WoW Rookie: All you needed to know about stats, part 3

In today's continuation of our series on what the various stats in World of Warcraft do for you, we're going to be discussing caster stats. And, while a long-time player probably knows everything I'm talking about here, someone who's newer to the game might find spelling all of these things out to be handy. Curious as to how gear with +spell damage helps you out? Not quite sure how useful gear with mana per five seconds on it is for your class? You're in the right place.

However, before you keep reading, it's well worth it to check out part 1 (covering the five main game attributes) and part 2 (covering statistics effecting physical damage). Coming up our next installment we'll talk about defensive statistics (armor, dodge, parry, resilience, etc), so stay tuned!

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More Legendary weapons from the Kael encounter

Our good friend Boubouille over at MMO-Champion has posted pictures and stats of all the Legendary weapons found in the Kael'thas fight. Last week, we posted about that crazy axe, but it seems there's more-- seven weapons in total, and they're all amazing.

There's a shield that gives +40 defense and can shield the user for 100,000 damage. There's an uber dagger for rogues, and an awesome bow for hunters. There's even a staff that not only increases both spell damage and healing by 325, but also adds over 1000 attack power to Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin forms.

Nihilum is so far the only group to take on Kael'thas (and let us know about it), but they haven't spilled too much information about exactly how and why these weapons are used. We do know they're meant only for the encounter, and that when you die, the weapons disappear. But how and why they're obtained isn't quite clear yet-- I've heard the weapons are given to the raid when Kael's advisors are killed, but does that mean these weapons replace the raid's weapons or do they have to be looted and equipped? And what exactly is Kael doing during all of this that requires so much crazy power?

As of this writing, Nihilum hasn't yet downed Kael, so they're probably more concerned with going after him then telling us about it. But once they down him (I predicted this past weekend, but we haven't seen anything yet), maybe we'll get some clearer answers about what the encounter is actually like.

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