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Rob Pardo talks about free WoW, Starcraft, Activision

Rob Pardo, SVP of game design at Blizzard, gave the keynote speech at the Game Developer's Conference held in Paris this week. Here are some WoW-related tidbits from his talk and the Q&A session held afterward.

About WoW
  • WoW was first conceived as free to play, being supported by advertising. However, the non-subscription business model couldn't support Blizzard's goals for the game.
  • Pardo suggested that Blizzard approached the MMO genre "very naively, or else we might not have done it."
  • He once hired a WoW player who sent him a 16-page diatribe about the game because, even though the guy was wrong, "he was passionate" about improving the game.
About Starcraft 2
  • Blizzard has no problem putting intellectual properties on hold for a while, hence the wait for a Starcraft game. Pardo says that they wanted to make a real-time strategy game but were "tired of green-skinned orcs" so they moved away from Warcraft to Starcraft.
  • Starcraft 2 is at a playable stage in its development and he's having a lot of fun with it.
Read more about Rob Pardo's keynote speech.

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The Starcraft 2 petition

So I wandered over to Blizzplanet this morning to check out what new information they might have, about the Wrath of the Lich King, about the upcoming patches, really anything of interest. Now, I only recently got into the Starcraft universe, really since the announcement about a sequel being in development. It was at that time that I decided to pick up a copy of the game and see what it was all about. RTS had never been my genre, but I am really enjoying the game for multiple reasons. So when I saw the petition listed on Blizzplanet, I was intrigued.

In Starcraft2, Blizzard's new addition to the genre, there are many things that have reappeared. Characters we know and love are back, albeit with some updates. The most notable change in the characters aside of their appearance is their voices. Evidently Blizzard has decided to go with new voice actors for this project, which leaves diehard Starcraft fans feeling disjointed and more than a little irritated. Thus Blizzplanet has put together a petition, and no it's not to bring back the Firebat. The petition is to let Blizzard know how much the players of Starcraft want to hear the same voice acting in Starcraft 2. The voice work in Starcraft was particularly brilliant, and was a huge part of what gave the game its personality. They ask that Blizzard work with the people that brought that magic to the first game. It really isn't a lot to ask, it just requires a change in Blizzard strategy. Will it work? Sign the petition and find out.

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BlizzCon then and now

If you were one of the lucky few who happened to attend both this BlizzCon and the one in 2005, you would have noticed, as I did, the subtle changes that separated the two. Some of the changes were physical and others were harder to catch. In 2005 when we arrived at the arena, the sense of excitement was not only palpable, it was visible. For the first time since it's release, WoW fans were able to stand IRL and expound upon their favorite aspects of the game. I know personally, as someone who was at the time fairly new to the game, it was an amazing sight to see so many people who loved the game as I did. When I stood in line to get my tickets this year, however, it felt as if I were surrounded by a different crowd of gamers, a quieter one.

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StarCraft II playable at BlizzCon!

In case you needed any more reasons to want to go to BlizzCon, they've just announced that convention-goers will be treated to a playable demo of StarCraft II. Of course, who knows how much "playable demo" there is to the game yet, but but Blizzard tells us that "attendees can sample the new units and gameplay elements for themselves in multiplayer battles." Ah, sounds like good times to me! (The good old days, pre-WoW, when fun was just a Zergling rush away.)

Don't have tickets to BlizzCon? Don't worry -- WoW Insider has a few tickets to give away. So if you want to see StarCraft II in person, tune in next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for your chance to win!

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Blizzcon forums are live

Eyonix announced that the official World of Warcraft BlizzCon 2007 forums are live. Topics are already blazing:
  • What costume are you going to wear?
  • Petitions to buy tickets for people who can't go but still want the swag
  • How to find a place to stay when every room is already sold out
  • And the most important topic of all: FIRST!
No new information yet on additional swag, ticket on-sale date or if a playable Starcraft 2 demo will be available for Blizzcon 2007. But keep checking in with WoW Insider, we'll update here when we know more.

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Starcraft 2 beta keys for all Blizzcon visitors?

Details are surfacing about the fun and games that is Blizzcon 2007. Today, Blizzard announced some of the swag that you can expect when you attend this August.

First up, is the revelation that every attendee will receive a beta key to "an upcoming Blizzard game." Hmm, I wonder what that game could be. Now, I'm not saying for certain that it is Starcraft 2, it may be the next WoW expansion. But I think it's a safe bet that you'll be zipping up a spacesuit and picking up a blaster bigger than your grandmother's station wagon after this convention is over.

Next up is a unique item no one expected to see. Every Blizzcon attendee will receive a special passcode. Once in-game, the passcode can be redeemed for, drumroll please, a murloc suit for one of you characters. Good for the spirited RP event or for spicing up the dragging-on-until-you-want-to-/gquit guild meeting. Maybe even handy for that next machinima piece you were brainstorming.

More swag to be announced in the future. So, what do you guys think? Is a Starcraft 2 beta key in your future?

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WoW Moviewatch: Starcraft 2 boogies down WoW style

Reading through WarCry I came across this fun little morsel. Evidently, it looks like the devs for Starcraft 2 are having a little fun with their game play, at least in pre-alpha. I knew that the WoW dances are infectious, but I didn't know they bridged genres.

In this video, note the dancing figure on top of the building to the right. It's WoW's own Night Elf female making a cameo appearance. The caption might be slightly off, but they are right about the figure being an elf, though not a Blood Elf. I imagine that this image will eventually be replaced by unique animation, but for the moment the placeholder certainly looks familiar.

Previously on Moviewatch...

[via WarCry]

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BlizzCon 2007 site is live!

Blizzard has launched their BlizzCon 2007 site today. For those new to the Blizzard universe, BlizzCon is a two day event in Anaheim, CA hosted by the developers of WoW. This year it will be August 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center near Disneyland. This event doesn't just cover our beloved Warcraft. It also spotlights the Diablo and Starcraft franchises as well.

The new site has the previously announced events and adds hotel/travel info, FAQ and forums. Ticket purchases through the site will go live soon. Also, more information about the contests is promised.

What looks most exciting to you? The dev panels? On-site tournament play? Starcraft II info? Let us know!

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