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New WoW tees, hats, and belts from J!NX

New WoW tees, hats, and belts from J!NX
If you're looking to gear up for your IRL challenges -- and show some WoW pride in the process -- J!NX has released new swag for purchase. On offer are four new tees (in men's and women's styles), three leather belts, and two cadet caps. There's alliance and horde variations of each to show your faction pride as well as designs sporting Shen-z in Su and a pandaren monk. We particularly like the caps (check out the alliance and horde versions), which feature faction logos in a hand-painted style -- though if you aren't into hats, the same is available on a tee for alliance and horde.

If any of this sounds like a must-buy, it's available on J!NX now -- though the caps are only available for pre-order and will ship in mid-July.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you put WoW on display?

I'm not really hugely vocal about the games I play. I don't really talk about them to my friends outside of work or the game itself. I don't have any tattoos or T-shirts that I wear around in public. The only real concession to my Warcraft obsession is my car, really. I love my car, and I love putting things in my car, whether it's the unobtrusive Harry Potter sticker on the back, the dinosaur on my dash as a subtle nod to Firefly, or the small Horde decal in the back window. I also have a Warcraft license plate frame that looks much nicer than the dealer frame that came with the car.

Most people don't really give the items in my car a second glance, but I always know when there's a Warcraft player behind me at the Starbucks drive-through line -- I'll get a glimpse of an excited driver behind me throwing the horns or expressing their delight with my vehicle in one way or another. Now, I'd never go so far as to order a custom license plate, but I don't mind my unobtrusive decal and plate frame -- it's a subtle way of expressing my delight in the game that I play.

Do you openly display your Warcraft pride? Do you wear T-shirts, have a tattoo, or cover your car with stickers? Do you have a custom license plate or a set of Warcraft jewelry that you wear all the time? Or do you keep quiet about your gaming obsession, content to simply play at home and be happy about it?

While you're pondering that, take a look at this old gallery of custom Warcraft plates. I'll be over here, quietly wondering if there's somewhere I can nab a Skyrim decal for the other side of my car's back window.

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J!NX unveils fall 2010 World of Warcraft t-shirts

Do you wear clothing? If you do, you can wear clothing that tells everyone who sees you that you're scared of a level 11 gnoll elite. And much more, to be fair, because J!NX has announced the fall 2010 lineup, and BlizzPlanet has the details.

Paladins and death knights finally get their 'Legendary' t-shirt designs, there's a couple of nice hoodie designs (I'm partial to the Horde one myself, looks more natural as a spray style) and much more. Go check it out. Heck, while you're at it, you can always get an old favorite of mine.

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Let loose The Swag Dogs of war

If the quest for bigger and better loot leaves you craving still more, maybe you need a guild that takes things to the next level: a shot at WoW loot you can wear in real life, too. Enter The Swag Dogs, a brand new guild created by our friends at SwagDog. The Blizzard-approved apparel specialists have created a family-friendly guild where players can make new friends, get in on raiding groups on the ground floor -- oh, and get a shot at free WoW swag and BlizzCon tickets.

You'll recognize SwagDog as the folks behind those sweet guild tabard-style T-shirts you've seen on recent posts here at, including our recent WoW 5th anniversary T-shirt giveaway. The SwagDog crew are pretty good people. They sponsor our Guild of the Month contest, giving out a $100 SwagDog gift certificate to the winning guild every month.

When we heard SwagDog was forming an in-game guild, we smelled a marketing rat -- but as it turns out, there's no pressure to buy. Instead, The Swag Dogs have created the guild as a conduit between players and the SwagDog design team, to encourage players to bring their ideas for new products and designs directly to the source. Those who participate actively will gain a shot at special giveaways ... And of course, the pleasure of getting into a friendly, casual guild from the get-go.

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Enter November's Guild of the Month contest

Welcome to November, dear readers! It's the beginning of the month, so you know what time it is. Yes, we're still judging our entries for October, but it's time to kick off November's Guild of the Month contest. If you haven't been around for one of these before, let me explain how this works:

If you think your guild is the best in the World of Warcraft, you might have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from SwagDog where you can pick up custom guild apparel for you and members of your guild.

What do you need to do to enter? It's simple: You nominate your guild by sending us a short (no longer than 200 words) summary of why you think your guild is the best out there. Tell us why you think your guild is so unique! What sort of guild are you? What do you do together? What sets you apart from all of the other guilds out there? If you entered last month, no problem! Your guild can't win again if you've won previously, but if you haven't won yet in previous months, feel free to enter this month's contest.

Please send all submissions to! At the end of the month, we'll pick a winner from those entries and profile them here on the site. Keep in mind, that means if you like your obscurity and don't want to be profiled, you might not want to enter.

You must be 18+ to win, and the contest is open to both US and non-Quebecois Canadian readers. Please submit your entry with an email address you check regularly, as we'll be contacting you via email if you win. All entries must be submitted by November 30th or they will be disqualified. For the full official rules, click here!

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The Queue: Can't get enough pony

Welcome back to The Queue,'s (almost) daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

I'm taking a break from piecing together the video from's recent run of the Forge of Souls to whip up a brand new edition of The Queue for you guys to read this afternoon. I went to Twitter for most of today's questions, so don't be surprised if they're pretty short!

AngerFork asked...

"Theory time: Since Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep are coming back as Heroics, do you think any other dungeons will come back as Heroics? If so, which?"

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Poll: Who had the better gear?

There were two distinctive t-shirts I saw at BlizzCon this year. The first was worn by Greg Street, a.k.a. Ghostcrawler. It featured his pet crab that he refers to often enough. If I recall correctly, he lost it in the Sunken Temple.

The second was worn by Rob Pardo, the Executive VP of Game Design at Blizzard. It featured an image of a rainbow above the words "Diablo 3." It also had unicorns and flowers on it. Very Barbie like.

While both shirts have their place, I think it'd be fun to know – which one would you rather have? Personally, I want the D3 shirt Pardo had on. Hilarious stuff there. But Ghostcrawler has gained quite a following as well. Vote for your favorite gear and be heard!

Who had the better gear?
I want Ghostcrawler's crab!2842 (34.1%)
Give me Pardo's rainbows!5494 (65.9%)

Update: It's not being worn by a Blue, and therefore isn't poll-worthy, but we enjoyed this shirt, too.

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Enter to win a custom WoW t-shirt from and WoW Insider

We announced a while back that was teaming up with Blizzard to offer some custom-made WoW guild t-shirts, and now their site is apparently open for business -- you can put your guild name and tabard on a t-shirt along with your character name and realm, to wear with the pride that only having a famous Warcraft character can give you. And to celebrate, SwagDog is teaming up with WoW Insider to give away three custom-made T-shirts.

To enter, you must leave a comment on this post with the faction you choose to support, either "Horde" or "Alliance," before this Friday, October 3rd at 11:59pm. At that point, we'll choose one random winner on each faction to win a t-shirt, and the faction with the most supporters will win a third t-shirt (by a random drawing of that faction). So if more Alliance "grab their sword and fight the Horde" in the comments section below, we'll give away two Alliance shirts, but if more Hordies show up, they get the third shirt. Got it? Each winner will get a code, redeemable on the SwagDog website for a customized Warcraft shirt of the faction of their choice, worth $26.99 each.

You may only enter once (though you can recruit as many friends and guildies as you like to support your side), and to enter, you must be 18 or older and a resident of the United States. Click here to read all the official rules, and good luck! May the best faction win!

Update: Please note, guys, that you must say "Alliance" or "Horde" in your comment below to get counted as a support for that faction. Saying "I kill Horde" will get you counted for the Horde -- all you need to do is shout out the name of the faction you support.

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The Guild opens up shop online

Our favorite video web series, The Guild, has opened up an apparel shop online -- there are all kinds of different T-shirts and gear you can pick up, with art from your favorite character to even a Cheesy Beards logo (the casual restaurant place they all meet up at as a guild). There's even a section of miscellaneous stuff -- not sure why you'd ever need a coaster with The Guild's members on it, but if so, there you go.

There's also a page set up for the upcoming DVD release of the series, though there's no price yet set, and while you can see the art and design, it's not quite up for sale yet. Soon, we hear. If you're as big a fan of The Guild as we are, this seems like the perfect way to show your support.

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New WoW shirts at Jinx

Long-time purveyors of WoW wear, Jinx have updated their line with some new spring fashions. There are five new t-shirts available for both men and women, and one nifty Carrot on a Stick keychain (if only it made your car go faster). Many of their older designs (specifically, Alliance, Horde, and each class) are also now available in youth sizes. You're never too young to say "glory to the Alliance" with your t-shirt.

I like most of the new designs, although I still have yet to actually buy anything from Jinx. I'm not too keen on the Illidan one; it's a little melodramatic for me. The Hunter design calls in mind the good old days of Shadowmelded Aimed Shots, and the faux-vintage baseball shirts are cute. My favorite, though, has to be the 8-bit Molten Core shirt (which, by the way, is a limited edition). That's one of my favorite of Blizz's many April Fool's jokes, and it plays well on cotton.

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Jinx puts WoW shirts on sale

This may not qualify as big news on a day when we learned more about Wrath of the Lich King than we have since Blizzcon, but in case you're in need of a new t-shirt or two, Jinx is having a sale on four WoW-themed designs. Each design, in men's, is available for $5, and they are:
Note that all sizes in each of the four designs are out of stock except large and extra-large, so I hope your size is one of those. The sale continues until May 14th -- go get your shop on!

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New WoW class shirts at J!NX give a stat buff

The official WoW webpage is sporting a new advertisement for some class-themed T-shirts available at J!NX for priests, druids, shamans and paladins. They say that these shirts come with "a +20 buff to pwnage," which is quite a lot, so for those of you out there is running short on pwnage, be sure to wear these shirts at all times! Also, if you need glowing eyes and wings sprouting out of your back, be sure to buy the priests' shirt in particular, as seen in this photo displayed at their website.

The designs actually look pretty cool. I've taken the liberty of copying them for you below so you can see what I mean. Even if you don't need any extra pwnage, one might want to buy a shirt just for the beauty factor alone.

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Breakfast Topic: Meeting other WoW folks in real life

The other day while I was packing up after doing some research at my local library, a small group of people stopped me to ask what the stickers on my laptop were about. I replied that they were symbols from World of Warcraft. It turned out that several of the folks in the group were also WoW players – although they were all Alliance. One of the girls in the group happily told me all about her Night Elf Druid, and how her boyfriend had gotten her into WoW. She then followed up by noting that she was surprised to meet someone who played Horde out in real life. We chatted about WoW for a good ten to fifteen minutes, I told them about WoW Insider (because this place rocks) and then we all headed our separate ways.

With the sheer amount of merchandise now available, like t-shirts, book bags, and stickers, WoW players are making their presence known more and more in the real world. Have you ever worn or displayed something with a WoW reference on it and been stopped by other gamers or people asking about it? If you saw someone wearing a WoW shirt, what would you do? How about if they were of the opposing faction, as most of the group I was talking to were?

Personally, I think it was awesome to meet other gamers, no matter if they were of the opposing faction. After all, we're all just people out to have fun in Azeroth when it comes down to it. I also thought that it was really cool to hear (and remember) the excitement of someone new to the game, as well as sharing experiences with other people who have raided the same places I have.

That said, if you ever see a girl with multi-colored hair who has Horde stickers on her laptop (as seen above) feel free to pop over and say hello!

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