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The Crowd Chose You: A change is coming

Last week, I had a lengthy discussion with myself about The Crowd Chose You, the arena match-ending buff. I'm not going to go back through all the detail I covered in that article, or all the theories I had for how they could improve this problematic system. Nor am I going to go into the detail on how I thought that the very worst thing the Blizzard PvP team could do right now was to make further changes to arena tie-breaks in the game, to go further down the rabbit hole.

Nonetheless, the post Community Manager Lore made today is completely non-specific about what's actually happening. All he says is as follows:

We're not really happy with how The Crowd Chose You is working out at the moment. We're exploring a few options for exactly what we'd like to do, but we will be changing it.

I am going to remain cautiously optimistic that they will not make a bad call, and stack the buff up with some other mechanic. I'm also hoping they don't go down the route of stacking debuffs, as I discussed at length in the previous article. From Lore's follow-up post, it doesn't look like they will be testing anything on the PTR, so live servers will become test servers for whatever they decide to do. I'd be happy if they just reverted it to what it was before, and went back to the drawing board rather than messing around with the season any more than they have already. We'll see what comes to pass.

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The Crowd Chose You: ruining arena for everyone?

The Crowd Chose You
Season 14 has got off to a rather inauspicious start. We've had some big problems with conquest points, caps, weapons, vendors and more, which means that some players have rampaged through the ratings with full Grievous gear, which, of course, isn't scaled down to the same level as everything else. Blizzard is working on fixing the issue, but they've made no comment about resetting rating for the worst offenders.

There are some bright sides, though, as the new downscaling system means that Conquest gear is categorically the best for PvP in all but the most extreme of cases. What's more, cross-realm arenas remove a restriction that previously stood in players' way. However, the much-celebrated fix to the RBG element of the conquest cap hasn't worked, and some people really miss having teams.

But the biggest change, the one that is causing the most complaints, is the controversial match-ender, The Crowd Chose You. Why is it causing complaints? Well, where should I start...

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