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Tanking Stormstout Brewery

Stormstout Brewery, home to the native Pandaria branch of the Stormstout family (and so distantly related to Chen Stormstout of the Wandering Isle) has fallen on hard times. It's infested with hozen, virmen and crazy ale elementals, and it's up to you to fix the place and get it back to something like a working brewery. Chen would really appreciate the help, I'm sure.

The fights in Stormstout Brewery tend to have gimmicks to them. Fortunately, as a tank you can almost completely ignore these, which makes me happy. I'm easily pleased, I guess.

Shock that monkey, you gotta

Tanking Ook-Ook is actually interesting in that you can really help your group out by turning him so that they can easily ride one of the barrels into him, increasing his damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds. Aside from that, you want to keep him turned away from the DPS and healer, because of his Ground Slam ability which stuns in a cone in front of him. You'll want to save some form of damage reduction or cooldown for the Ground Slam (as a warrior, I tend to save up rage and hit a Shield Barrier just before he does it) and watch his stacking buff, Going Bananas. I find it best to use my threat gen up front on this fight, and by about 50% my lead's so comfortable that I can devote all of my resources to active mitigation with no concern that I'll lose threat. Just remember not to let the barrels hit you, they do 50k damage to players.

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