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World of WarCrafts: Masks for BlizzCon, plus favorite WarCrafts

World of WarCrafts spotlights art and creativity by WoW players, including fan art, cooking, comics, cosplay, music and fan fiction. Show us how you express yourself by contacting our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts) -- not-for-profit work only, please.

Don't have enough time left to assemble a costume for the BlizzCon costume contest (or maybe it was the fierce competition that Feared you off)? We see you poking around over there for ideas that allow you to dip into the spirit of things -- you know, something that doesn't require blue makeup, showing your belly button or spending the next 72 hours with pins, glue and an X-acto knife at the kitchen table ...

Dear cosplay casual, we have your backs (or in this case, your fronts): a mask of one of the new races to be announced at BlizzCon, from Shelbi of The Bronze Kettle. Shelbi (a World of WarCrafts alum and former columnist, herself) dropped us a line to let us know that she's posted a how-to for masking yourself as one of the races of the moment [Spoilers]. This one's as quick, easy and good-looking as they come, so click over to Shelbi's complete instructions and face up to this heady way to look like one of the in crowd at BlizzCon.

After the break, we'll include a spoilerific picture of the front of the new masks (SPOILER ALERT: don't click onward if you don't want to see which race the gorgeous sample represents!), plus we'll announce the World of WarCrafts crafters who've been selected for an upcoming geek crafts book from Chronicle Books.

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Breakfast Topic: WoW-related merchandise and spin-offs

I bought my daughter's 'Future Horde' onesie from J!nx long before she was even conceived. I knew when I got my 'For the Horde' shirt that I wanted myself to have a matching outfit with my baby. I love World of Warcraft merchandise... I guess I'm just a real fanboy that way. I have some of the action figures, and I'm looking at getting Vindicator Marrad as soon as I set aside some RL Gold.

My brother-in-law gave my wife and I the World of Warcraft board game a couple of years back, and I got more than a few packs of the Trading Card Game (although I was probably just hoping for some cool loot). I love the comic books -- both the ones from Wildstorm and the ones from Tokyopop -- and I enjoy a lot of the Warcraft-based comics online. I gobble up pretty much most anything World of Warcraft.

So here's something to chew on this morning: what World of Warcraft merchandise or spin-offs do you like so far? There's the Frostmourne replica, of course. And we've given away cool stuff from Manaprincess, too. The Bronze Kettle / WoW Insider's Shelbi Roach makes those awesome, awesome, awesome chibi items like stickers and keychains. What World of Warcraft-related stuff do you have? Do you make any of your own?

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Say hello to the latest additions to the WoW Insider team

We've heard your calls for more coverage and we're happy to announce new writers are incoming. You have already seen the work of our two newest columnists, Shelbi Roach and Jennie Lees. Shelbi comes to us as half of the husband-and-wife team at The Bronze Kettle. Her crafting prowess is already on display in the weekly World of WarCrafts feature with step-by-step how-tos on a simple scroll and super potions.

Some of you long time readers may remember Jennie Lees. She was the lead writer on WoW Insider back in the day. She's back to with a vengeance to helm our weekly raid column, Ready Check. And she's hit the ground running with a complete walkthrough for getting your bear mount and strategies for downing the first raid boss in Sunwell Plateau, Kalecgos.

Starting soon are two new columnists. Breathing new life into our weekly Priest column, Spiritual Guidance, is one of the most popular Priest bloggers on the Internet, Matticus. Also joining us is Jon Eldridge. He will be tackling a weekly column focusing on one of the hottest topics outside the game: computer security. From keyloggers to trojans to Blizzard's Warden program, Jon will be providing advice on keeping your account from ending up in the wrong hands.

Finally, many of you have noticed the lack of new pages for our on-going World of Warcraft webcomic, Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn. Chris Jahosky suffered a bad hard drive crash costing him a number of pages that were in various stages of completion. But never fear, Chris is rebuilding them all and Tales will be returning in just a few weeks.

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[1.Local]: The best of WoW Insider comments this week

WoW Insider readers are a talkative bunch. All of us here at WI monitor our own posts for comments, but there's not always time to keep up with what's happening on all the other posts. And if those of us who hang around here all the time can't keep up, we wondered how much our readers were missing, too?

Enter [1.Local], our new roundup bringing you a smattering of the zingers that may have gotten buried in the peanut gallery. We'll serve up both the sublime and the ridiculous, the thought-provoking and the just plain silly -- definitely a cut above Barrens chat (although we do admit that "Barrens Chat" was a strong contender for the feature's title).

This week's reader comments ranged from thoughtful ruminations on gender and modern culture's definition of "beauty" to an ongoing tussle over what constitutes success for an MMO. Be sure to dive into the comments area and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

Warning: Some offensive language mentioned after the jump.

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Real recipes inspired by WoW

Ever since Matthew tipped us off to the gem that is The Bronze Kettle, I've been reading everything in this husband-and-wife team blog, quite interested to see what they think and what they do. At first, when I read through their posts and saw some recipes, I thought to myself "Okay so... this is a WoW, and cooking blog? That's interesting..."

Now, maybe I'm oblivious, but it wasn't till today, when they published a Dragonbreath Chili recipe that I realized they were cooking up a storm based on the recipes we find in the game itself! So far they've got the Chili I used to have a lot of fun with when I was level 40 or so, as well as Soft Banana Bread, Mudder's Milk, and Blessed Sunfruit Juice! I can't help but wonder if they'll ever pull off some of the more... "original" WoW recipe ideas (such as Gooey Spider Cake -- yuck!).

Now, I can cook up my quick vegetarian meals, but when I see things like "Cook over medium heat for 1 hour" I get scared away, even though I rationally realize it shouldn't really be all that intimidating. That makes me all the more impressed when I see this couple finesse these recipes right out of the game and into real life! It fits right alongside cakes and dolls, as well as machinima and all other forms of WoW-inspired art!

Who among you has the skills to try out these recipes and tell us how they taste?

Update: Shelbi from the Bronze Kettle tells us that she was inspired by WoW Ladies making their very own Westfall Stew (which we've actually covered before)! I'm glad the Bronze Kettle is continuing such a neat idea.

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