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My first week as Horde

My first week as Horde
I've been playing World of Warcraft for a very long time. Since it was closed beta, in fact. Back when the game was still brand new, I mean right when the servers first opened up, I played for team red. I was a Horde shaman, and proud to be so. My first shaman was not named Lodur, in fact it was what I thought at the time was the ever clever name of Rum. I played with one of my buddies who named his warrior Coke. We played with a bunch of coworkers and friends from college until partway through Classic WoW when they either got promoted at work, graduated or stopped playing. Some of our group though decided to move to another server and see how things were going on the Alliance side of things.

Off to Zul'jin we went, and with moving servers and factions in a time before server transfers or faction swaps were around, came a new toon. Abigail, the night elf hunter was born. She's traveled servers, and been race changed multiple times since she was born. I finished Classic WoW on her raiding with friends all the way through the original Naxxramas. I still gave a lot of love to Rum though, and even found time to run him through Ahn'Qiraj 40. When Burning Crusade released, though, Rum fell to the wayside as Lodur was born over with my Alliance family. I hadn't returned to horde except for a brief tour with the Choose My Adventure here on the site, that was until this past week when I server and faction changed my long time hunter over to play Horde side again with friends.

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Zeppelin on its way to Thunderbluff?

That's right, when a player suggests that maybe a zeppelin should be flying around the Tauren city of Thunderbluff, Kisirani says only, "Okay." So, a zeppelin is coming to Thunderbluff? Certainly seems that way.

Makes a lot of sense -- Tauren originally had Plainsrunning, and if you've ever made that jaunt through their starting area, you'll know just how many plains you have to run across (of course, they didn't actually get it until level 40, so it wouldn't have helped them much there anyway, but still -- it's a run). And while you can pretty quickly fly into TB from Orgrimmar, it wouldn't hurt to have another point of departure. Kisirani doesn't say where the zepp will go, but maybe a flght up to Northrend wouldn't be out of the question either.

Wow, we got all that from "Okay." Behold the power of Kisirani! Maybe it doesn't mean there's a zepp on the way, but if that's the case we'd be happy with just a cow-tapult.

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Around Azeroth: Thunder Bluff in the afternoon

Brig of Lethon sends in this incredible shot of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore, framed by bright blue sky and verdant green grass. In fact, I can't recall Thunder Bluff ever looking so beautiful and pristine. Is this a doctored shot or is Brig's video card just that much cooler than mine? At any rate, Thunder Bluff haloed in the sunlight like this is incredible to look at.

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Postcards from Thunder Bluff

After his recent tour of the Undercity, our friend Gweedo decided to continue with a nice trip to Thunder Bluff. Now, I would personally presume Thunder Bluff to be quite safe from alliance incursion -- it lies atop a high bluff (unsurprisingly) and can only be accessed by elevators carrying you up, with guards above and below. (Heck, of course you can sneak into the Undercity -- it has a back door and everything.) But it seems that Thunder Bluff's finest aren't particularly observant, as Gweedo had no trouble infiltrating the city. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) Cairne Bloodhoof seems to have a more secure setup, being that he's mostly blocking the doorway into his tent -- but a single death later, and Gweedo was able to resurrect directly behind him for another attempt. I'm guessing the assassination attempt went poorly, involving more dead dwarves than dead tauren -- but there's only so much a single dwarf can do.

And when will we see postcards from Orgrimmar? Hard to say, as Thrall apparently has excellent stealth detection.

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Around Azeroth: Welcome to Thunder Bluff

Reader Syrich sends in this excellent shot of Thunder Bluff. (As sprawled as it is on its plateaus, it's rare to see a good shot of the whole city.) The city is quite the sight nestled between plains of green grass below and a brilliant, star-flecked sky above.

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! You can attach a picture file or send us a link to one -- and don't worry about formatting, we'll take care of that part.

See more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Prairie Dog Whistle

Since PLP has been very Outland-focused lately, I promised we'd do something that came from the old Azeroth this week, and considering the holiday, I thought this was apropos.

Name: Prairie Dog Whistle (summons Prairie Dog)
Type: Noncombat Pet
Damage / Speed: N/A
  • Can somehow accurately predict the weather every spring. Ok, no it can't-- this Prairie Dog just doesn't have the stuff that Punxsutawney Phil has-- he predicted an early spring this year.
  • But he does look cute and is a pretty easy noncombat pet to come by.
  • Bonus Trivia Fact: Did you know that groundhogs can whistle when alarmed? So when you use this whistle, it's not so much that you summon a prairie dog as you call him out of the ground, ready to either see or not see his shadow.
How to Get It: If you're Horde, all it takes is a trip to Thunder Bluff-- just to the left of the bridge on the way back across from the Hunter Rise is a small shack in which the Prairie Dog Vendor (named Halpa) sells these little guys for 50s a piece. They come in any color you want, as long as it's brown.

Alliance can get these too, but it's going to take a little more time and money-- you'll have to create a Tauren alt, run him to TB, buy the prairie dog, and then sell it through the Neutral AH (probably your best bet is to do a ghostrun to Tanaris).

Getting Rid of It: Sells for 12s 50c to vendors, and will bind after you use it to summon the little guy for the first time. Happy Groundhog Day!

Update: qsh points out that the Ratchet to Booty Bay trip would be much easier than ghostriding the whip (if you know what I mean) down to Tanaris. Good call.

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