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The Queue: I can't believe Jaina married Anduin. Amazing.

The Queue I can't believe Jaina married Anduin Amazing
Turns out Jaina is something of a cougar (maybe Blizzard borrowed the story from real life in 2010). I love how in patch 5.5 not only does Thrall get killed by Garrosh, but then the whole wedding thing; very dichotomous events, especially given the daily where you have to run around killing Horde convicts with bridal bouquets. I only wonder what happened in the 10 years between 5.5 and 5.4.

And WoW being directed by Michael Bay?! Also amazing!

Bskrug asked:

Prior to the release of MoP, I decided to dust off my most neglected alt and start leveling him. He was a Holy Priest healer that I quickly converted to a Shadow Priest dps. That alt has since become my main.

Before the advent of LFR, I was one of those guys that simply did not have the time to see raid content due to RL time constraints. I now often run LFR, happily dealing small amounts of shadow damage to anything that crosses my group's path. The problem is that I really suck... like 40-45K dps with an ilvl of 477, fully gemmed, enchanted, etc.

I have looked at a few websites to try to refine my rotation. While I am trying to follow the direction that they provide, I am still barely improving. I suspect that I am not managing my DoTs correctly when battling groups of trash. I see other Shadow Priests in my LFR groups dealing upwards of 85K DPS and their top spells seem to vary.

Where can I go to learn how to not suck?

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