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The Queue: Tylosaurus

The Queue Tylosaurus
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Tylosaurus was a mosasaur, a prehistoric reptile distantly related to modern varanids. The mosasaurs were fully adapted to an aquatic lifestyle, and they ranged in size from the roughly three and a half meter Carinodens to the massive Tylosaurs at 15 or more meters. (There's some debate about which was bigger, Tylosaurus or its relative Hainosaurus. Either way, we're talking a massive, nearly fifty to sixty foot long reptile if the largest estimates are used.) The mososaurs dominated the shallow seas of late Cretaceous America, and the land that became modern states like Colorado (Denver is a city, Matt) and even Kansas was then under water. Under water that was swarming with these guys.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I like prehistoric animals, and Tylosaurus was a spectacular predatory reptile. It gave live birth and, once it achieved its full growth, ate anything it wanted, whether it be an Archelon or a Hybodus shark. And as a pure reptile (its closest living relatives are varanids like the monitor lizard, which itself also swims quite well) I find mosasaurs fascinating. Someday we might get another 'lost world' zone like Sholazar and Un'Goro, and if we do, I'd love it if it had a Lindenbrock Sea-inspired lake with some mosasaurs in it, eating sharks and Xiphactinus. And potentially us, if we're not careful.

Anyways, on to your questions. There will be some mild spoilers for patch 5.4 in today's Queue.

C Robinson asks:
With the Timewalkers becoming official, do you think we might get more use out of Kara? Give us something not CoT or dragons!

I'm going to admit, I don't see how these two things are necessarily related, although we do know that Karazhan is notoriously screwed up in space and time, with people seeing visions of the past and future inside the place. I've always wanted to see the infamous underbelly of Karazhan, rumored to be an inverted version of the tower descending into the underworld. Considering the stuff that's down there, who knows? I'd certainly be okay with seeing some of that. Whether or not that's where the Timewalkers are going to end up taking us, I really couldn't say.

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