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Shadow Priests beaten to death in the Wrath beta

It has taken me a few tries to talk about Shadow Priests today, because I've had a difficult time even wrapping my mind around last night's Wrath Beta patch. It was one of those dreaded "balancing" patches, in which everything and everyone is brutally beaten with nerfs to bring their damage in line. The only problem with that is Shadow Priests were beaten just as hard, if not harder than many other classes, long before we ever had anything resembling competitive damage.

Edit: It looks like this is mostly being reverted, so the changes in this content patch were ultimately completely arbtirary and baseless. If you're still curious as to what those changes were, keep reading.

Let's look at what this patch had in store for us, shall we?
  • Fade now only has one rank, and it temporarily drops all of your threat.
Well, this is good. You can make as many arguments for the old Fade as you want, but it was just dumb. A tiny temporary threat drop that didn't scale was a pain to use, even if it was possible to use. Just because you can use something doesn't mean it's especially effective. I like this change. However...

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WoW Things Considered interviews Vis Maior

As scheduled, our good friend Duncor (and his co-host Cadwallion) on WoW Radio's WoW Things Considered podcast sat down for an interview with three guildies from Vis Maior, the guild that's been rolling through the PTR so far. It's a good interview -- Duncor and Cadwallion go through Vis Maior's (not Vis Major) history, how they've moved on to the PTR and begun raiding there, and what they think of the new content.

It's interesting to hear not only from a guild that has been around for a while, but is just now coming into the spotlight. And it's also cool to hear what the GMs are doing for the guilds testing the new content on the PTR -- they've deathtouched trash a few times, and even spawned "flaskators," which are NPCs which will give out consumables and other raiding standbys.

They also tackle the debate of whether "world firsts" actually count on the PTRs. Vis Maior does agree that PTR kills don't necessarily count if they're just being tested, but a world first kill of a "final" version of a boss should count. Duncor and Cad don't press them on this, unfortunately, but I'd disagree -- the only way you know a boss is final is if it is on the live realms, so only live realms should count. Still, Vis Maior sound like a great bunch of people (they sound like they really love to raid, which is always good for a high-end guild), and what they've done so far on the PTRs is definitely impressive. Kudos to them, and nice job to WoW Radio on the interview.

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WoW Radio seeks your questions for Vis Maior

We've mentioned this a couple of times on the WoW Insider Show already, but just in case you've missed it, here's a reminder that Duncor and Cadwallion of WoW Radio are going to be interviewing Vis Maior, the guild that is cleaning up the bosses on the patch 2.4 PTR server so far, this Friday, March 7th at 7pm EST. And they're looking for questions from you -- if you've got something you want to know from the guild, just drop your suggested question in this thread over on the WoW Radio forums.

When we asked Duncor about it on Saturday, he said one of the things he wants to ask is whether Sunwell is progressively harder than Black Temple and Hyjal or if it's equal to those, and though Blizzard has said Sunwell is meant to be the hardest raid instance (the end of Burning Crusade's endgame, basically), I'm interested to hear that answer. And I also would like to hear some discussion on a question suggested by The_Milkcat in that thread, about the difference between world first kills on the PTR and on the live realms.

So it should be a good interview. Throw your suggested questions in the forum thread if you have them, and make sure to tune in to WoW Radio on this Friday, March 7th, at 7pm EST to hear Duncor and Cadwallion chat with Vis Maior.

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The Eredar Twins dead in PTR

Vis Maior once again adds another PTR first by slaying the Eredar Twins, Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess (courtesy of worldofraids). If you were fortunate enough, you were one of the 1300+ viewers of their live stream when they killed the 4th boss of the new Sunwell raid instance. The loots were:

Band of Ruinous Delight
Grip of Mannoroth
Shroud of Redeemed Souls
Sin'dorei Pendant of Conquest
Essence of the Immortals

According to their Ustream schedule, they're at it again at 9:00 p.m.(EST) tonight.

Video of their kill inside.

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World firsts on the PTR

So here's the question: Do PTR world first kills count? MMO Champion has done a great job of following along with world firsts in the Sunwell on the PTR, and Vis Maior, an Alliance guild on Bonechewer has done most, if not all, of them-- they were the documented first to topple Kalecgos, Brutallus, and Felmyst (Forgotten Heroes and our old friends in Death and Taxes are also among the first boss downers on the PTR). But do kills on the PTR count as world firsts, or do the kills need to happen on live realms before they're considered world firsts?

Now, I know lots of you readers don't care about world first kills anyway (and you've got a point-- the only down that matter is the one you do with your guild), but lots of players believe there is value in being the first guild in the game to down a boss, and certainly the best guilds in the world work really hard for that honor. But technically, a boss isn't really "done" until it reaches the live realms. Then again, it usually isn't "done" yet anyway even after that.

Personally, I don't think they do count, which is one reason why we haven't yet reported them on this site. I have to applaud Vis Maior and the other guilds for their hard work, and I'm definitely impressed by what they've done, but this content isn't done yet, and in terms of documenting who got there first, my opinion is that we need to wait until after the bosses hit the live realms. You readers disagree?

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