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Blizzard asks: Have Arena wait times improved?

Back in February, Bornakk promised Arena queue improvements in Patch 2.4. Now that 2.4 has been here for a few weeks, Drysc is asking for feedback on the wait times.

According to Drysc, Blizzard has been making changes continually since releasing 2.4 in order reduce the wait times. He asks that you leave feedback in his post on the forums if you have played in the Arena within the last week.

Reading through, the feedback is all positive. Well, mostly. Poe jokes that the queue times are too quick now and would like a couple minutes to do a round of mining in Nagrand. Otherwise, everyone agrees that the queue times are now just a few seconds as opposed to several minutes. The only real negative comments are about how they would like Blizzard to crack down on Win Trading.

I am happy that Blizzard is soliciting feedback to find out what is really happening in the game. Do you think the Arena wait times have decreased?

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Bornakk: Incoming Arena queue relief in 2.4

Bornakk revealed a welcome bit of future patch info on the general forums recently, announcing that there is an incoming improvement on a future 2.4 update that should lower arena queuing times across the board. This is definitely welcome news for many of us, although those who counted on getting chores done during the queue might get a little disappointed!

We've heard in the past that blizzard didn't want to rush in to any quick fixes and was considering the queue time issue carefully, so hopefully that means they've found a solution that will stick. Thus far, aside from the occasional mishap from a sneaky warlock and the lack of certain expected class changes, they seem to have had a smooth and well received patch on their hands.

While some people were asking for a hot fix in the thread, Bornakk assured them that the change was complicated enough that needed a patch. Being someone who often ends up running his 2v2s on Saturday or Sunday evening and experiences queue times that sometimes climb to 10 minutes or more, I'd say the wait will be worth it if it means I don't have to wait around quite so long in the future. Faster queue times, at the least, mean I can fit another daily or two in.

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Making the most of long arena queue times

Fighting in the arena is hands down my favorite thing to do in WoW these days. I do get very bored while I'm waiting for queues to pop. Since I usually do 2v2 and 3v3 battles I'm usually looking at wait times between five and ten minutes. Drysc stated that this occurs due to a limited number of instances that can be hosted at any given time, the problem will not likely be solved in the near future.

Instead of complaining about it, I try to find something productive to do with inevitable delay. There are several in-game activities that to do with these unexciting minutes. I love to window shop the next piece of battleground or arena gear that I'm working for. It is also an excellent time to work on crafting and auctioning items. Skinners who queue up in Blade's Edge, find themselves in a perfect position for killing Bladespre Raptors for Knothide Leather.

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