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WoW Moviewatch: Rise of Illidan Stormrage

Yesterday we saw the story of Arthas as he rose (or sank, some would say), from the holy paladin prince of Lordaeron to the most powerful evil person in Azeroth, lord of vast armies of mindless undead -- all recorded from the original Warcraft 3 cut-scenes.

Today we bring you an similar piece that Sylvictus put together for The Burning Crusade, about Illidan's journey from down-in-the-dumps reject brother to the most powerful evil person in Outland, lord of mish-mashed groups of villians and misfits who really aren't as loyal to him as they seem. It doesn't actually begin from the real beginning of Illidan story -- you'll have to go to the Warcraft prequel novels to get that, but as far as the official in-game lore is concerned, this is real deal. Also keep in mind that the end isn't really the end for Illidan here. Illidan, too, is capable of doing a corpse run, and has acquired plenty of prime real estate in Outland to come home to. For those who are interested, the trailer for Blizzard's "Black Temple" patch also touched on Illidan's story, this time from the draenei Akama's point of view. It doesn't include Illidan's conflict with Arthas, but it sets the stage for the progression of the story within WoW.

So if you've been playing The Burning Crusade all this time and wondering what the deal was with the big blind guy with horns and wings, here's the story of Illidan Stormrage straight from Warcraft 3.

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WoW Insider on G4 last night

Here's video, direct from G4, of my appearance on Attack of the Show last night. A little bumpy-- I mixed up Warcraft 3 and WoW (who knows how that happened), and I said the Blood Elves when I meant Draenei, but otherwise I think I got my points across fairly well. I do think Blizzard is going to pull some good elements from WC3 and WoW into SC2, and of course I think this will be a uniquely Blizzard game, no matter who they hire to work on it. For the record, I was right: the poll had 60% of voters saying Starcraft 2 was not a letdown.

I did get a little cut off at the end (that's probably why the mic levels jump a bit), because I was trying to wholly disagree with Garnett: Blizzard is not going to bring this game to consoles. I do agree that they're aiming for Holiday 2008, though, if only because that'll be the 10th anniversary of Starcraft. Thanks to G4 for putting this all together, and thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched it live last night.

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