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The Care and Feeding of Warriors - Death to Cyclonian!

The Care and Feeding of Warriors normally opens with an attempt at levity, but today Matthew Rossi is all business, because today we're going to talk about the enemy, the bane of all mid-level warriors, and the guy no high level warrior would resent coming back to kill again, and again, and again. Face Cyclonian and claim your reward!

All classes have quests, of course. The level 50 quests come to mind, as do the ones for Paladins to learn how to resurrect, or the various ones Shamans have to do to gain their totems. In writing the Totem Talk about shaman quests, however, I started thinking about the kinds of quests warriors get. I could have covered the stance quests, of course, but those are really just preludes. There's only one quest warriors care about.

Getting the Whirlwind weapon.

Killing Cyclonian.

A level 40 elite elemental who does impressive magical-based, AC ignoring damage and who uses a cyclone-based form of CC to hold you still while he beats you down. Many a warrior goes into this quest not understanding just how hard this mob hits only to get slaughtered. If, like me, you happen to have done this quest way back in the day before Wowhead, when no one checked Thottbot, when there were no Wiki's to consult and not that many players your level or higher on any server, then Cyclonian was more than a rude surprise. He was a hurricane of pain, and he tore your face clean off.

And that was after you'd already worked like a dog to get the right to face him, too.

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