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New Jinx designs revealed for fall lineup

Jinx, purveyor of all things World of Warcraft-themed, has debuted some of its new designs for the fall lineup of WoW-inspired clothing. The new designs include a lineup of shirts signaling a player's Dungeon Finder role (tank, DPS, healer) and some new Deathwing designs just in time for patch 4.3. In true Jinx spirit, women's sizes and versions are available for all of the new fall designs.

Jinx's designs incorporate WoW elements as part of their motif or in straight-out reference the game, so there is always something for everyone, which I appreciate. I'm the guy who will wear a video game shirt but not something that says "I am a mage" on it. The new role icon shirts are particularly cool to me, since I love minimalistic video game designs on T-shirts and really want that tank shirt. See, world? You need me in your dungeon queue.

Hopefully, Jinx will have just as large of a showing at BlizzCon this year as it did last year, with a gigantic booth and that crazy murloc hoodie that had me scared and amazed me simultaneously. Check out the new fall lineup over at Jinx.

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SwagDog launches new WoW jerseys, Hawaiian shirts

SwagDog has announced two new additions to its World of Warcraft clothing line, including Horde or Alliance Reebok NHL replica jerseys and a short-sleeved Hawaiian design. The NHL jerseys come in two different styles -- a Rookie version that has a Horde or Alliance style, and a Veteran version that allows the purchaser to add a name and number.

Summer is coming up, and SwagDog doesn't want to leave its WoW fans shirtless. The Hawaiian shirts come in both Alliance and Horde versions, each with a tropical-inspired design.

Check out the new gear over at SwagDog.

J!NX releases exclusive shirt designs for Europe

They already get self-cleaning public toilets, over a thousand distinct kinds of cheese and Kelly Brook. This time around, Europeans get more cool things by way of J!NX, those purveyors of geek couture, who have released three new World of Warcraft shirt designs exclusive to Europe. One design features a poster promoting an arena match between a gnome and a tauren in the style of a bullfight. It's nice and funny, but probably not something I'd mind not being available in my region. On the other hand, the two other designs feature the upcoming new races of Cataclysm -- the worgen and goblin, complete with claw scratches for the former just to add a little more badassness. If you're a fan of the promotional art for these two new races, this probably isn't good news if you live in one of the other six continents.

For the Europeans, the shirts are available for ordering at €17.99 to €20.99, depending on your size. The shirts are available only in black in both men's and women's sizes. For everyone else -- or everyone else in the United States, anyway -- get back at the Europeans by walking into a nearby Hot Topic and pick up an exclusive Save the Murlocs shirt. Sorry Asians, Africans, Australians, South Americans and even that one lone dude living in Antarctica -- we'll have to make do with all the basic stuff.

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