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World PvP at its finest: Raiding capital cities... simultaneously

Although I've been writing about World PvP objectives as implemented by mechanics in place in Azeroth and the Outlands, the Horde players of Eredar (EU) -- roughly 250 of them -- took World PvP to the next level. Organized by Xuron, six raid groups and change gathered forces in front of Orgrimmar last December 22, 2007, and marched on to three capital cities and proceeded to lay the smackdown on Alliance bosses. This movie shows how an awe-inspiring, um, horde of Horde players make their way to Stormwind, Darnassus, and the Exodar and later converge on the Alliance bastion of Ironforge.

According to this post on the EU forums (hope you've brushed up on your... German?), the six raids assaulted three cities simultaneously and killed the Prophet Velen in the Exodar; Tyrande Whisperwind and Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm in Darnassus; and Archbishop Benedictus, as well as Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind. After laying waste to the three capital cities (or their leaders, at least), the entire lag-inducing, server-crashing set of raids stampeded to Ironforge and let King Magni Bronzebeard and High Tinker Mekkatorque in on the fun.

Although ironically a PvE endeavor because faction bosses themselves are NPCs, this is thematically and lore-wise the stuff of my PvP dreams. I've always daydreamed about exactly this -- laying siege to all capital cities at once. Kudos to the Horde players of Eredar (EU) for preparing a nice Christmas present for the Alliance. The video is a hefty 245 MB download, but if you have the free time, it's well worth the watch.

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The Art of War(craft): Outdoor PvP, part II - an Outlandish war

Last time, we went over Blizzard's initial attempts at implementing outdoor PvP and found that while the implementation of World PvP objectives in the Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus were teh suck far from stellar, they provided key learnings upon which future zones were built. The battle rages on in The Burning Crusade where four out of the seven zones in Outlands have World PvP objectives. Some work better than others, having quests that lead players to the objectives, while some are just plain confusing.

Similar to the World PvP objectives in Azeroth, all four provide zone-wide buffs for your faction when completed. The buffs in all the zones provide an unimaginative 5% increase to damage, with the exception of the Blessing of Auchindoun, which also adds a 5% increase to experience gain and allows Spirit Shards to drop from Auchindoun instance bosses. The World PvP in Outlands are situated in the hearts of the zones, almost central to the maps, making each objective harder to ignore. As the world beckons for war, let's examine what each specific zone has to offer and how best to achieve each objective.

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Flying mounts and world bosses

Recently, a lot of guilds have been having some problems with Doom Lord Kazzak. Not on the actual fight, which isn't that difficult. Instead, players (of the same or opposing faction) have been flying above Kazzak, getting killed from his AOE shadowbolt and healing him, effectively griefing the raid.

A forum thread from a few months ago brings up possible solutions to this problem. Generally, if you're on a PVP server, this isn't considered griefing because you can kill the other faction before they get in range. But on flying mounts, this is a bit tougher. Someone suggested staging a raid on Honor Hold/Thrallmar to distract possible attackers before you attempt, which is a nice idea. You can also send up shadow priests or mages to POM/pyro them before the fight, or just kill them until they have ridiculously long rez timers. If you're doing this on a PVE server -- or doing it to someone of the same faction on any server -- that's considered griefing and is reportable.

Other people suggest that Blizzard solve this problem through game mechanics. For example, they could make Kazzak's AOE shadowbolt target only members of the raid who engaged him, or have only deaths in that raid heal him. But this sort of ruins the idea of world bosses, where you could theoretically get everyone on an entire server to come take down the boss (or fail to take it down, as was evidenced when Highlord Kruul visited Azeroth.)

How do you think this problem should be solved?

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Does anyone do the world PVP objectives?

The world PVP objectives were a nice addition in the Burning Crusade. Capturing objectives in Nagrand, Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest provided minor buffs to everyone in the zone, as well as exchangable tokens for the capturers.

Yet today, at least on Magtheridon, barely anyone actually does the world PVP objectives. What went wrong? As best I can figure:

  1. The rewards aren't good enough, at least for sustaining competition. As one of my guildies put it, "Woo, you get a graveyard in a zone you probably aren't doing anything in, or some marks for items that you don't care about."
  2. Unless you're doing SSC and can afford to station a couple people outside to keep the graveyard, most level 70s aren't in the areas affected by world PVP, and thus have nothing to gain from the zone-wide buffs.
  3. In a lot of cases, it's easier to get rewards simply by letting the opposing faction capture the towers/city/arena or what have you rather than actually holding the thing. "So you captured Halaa? Great! Now quick, lose it so we can take it back!"
  4. Dedicated PVPers are probably spending all their time on arena teams, rather than farming in Outlands.
  5. And, last but not least, that one level 70 in a guild with a name like "Huge PVPness" who spends hours in HFP or Zangarmarsh, constantly camping all of the objectives and pyroblasting anyone who comes near. Amazingly enough, no matter which faction you are on, this guy will always be on the other side and you will never have any 70s of your own to rescue you.

Other than increasing the rewards to attract more people and/or tying world PVP objectives into honor and arena points, I can't think of many ways to fix the world PVP situations. Currently on my server, there's little to no town raids and organized world PVP -- "world PVP" consists of ganking and the occasional hunter on roofs.

How is the state of world PVP on your server? Can you think of anything to make the world objectives more attractive?

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Forum post of the day: Forty people, one class, one unsuspecting town

Zingeri of Emerald Dream has a plan. He wants to make a one-class only guild, specifically to do forty-man raids on the Alliance cities of Azeroth and drive his opponents crazy. But which class? For this, Zingeri turns to the WoW Forums for help. Each class has its pluses and minuses:

  • Forty rogues could stealth and attack from the shadows in various parts of the city. As the Alliance rush to help one victim, two more rogues will gank in other quarters. It's death by a thousand cuts!
  • Forty warlocks could summon forty infernals ... or forty doomguards! Or maybe forty Seeds of Corruption in the auction house. Plus, forty DOTs on a boss could really do some damage.
  • Forty mages could sheep just about everyone in town.
  • Forty paladins could, in a coordinated effort, attempt to Divine Intervention each other all at the same time. I have no clue what would happen. Also, a raid of forty druids or pallies would be able to tank, DPS and heal -- the only raids that would actually be able to down a boss.
  • Forty balance druids ... well, they could stealth into the trade quarter. Then they could unstealth and immediately pop into moonkin form and summon their 120 treeants! Chaos ensues.
  • Forty shamans could drop 160 totems. With a whole ton of micromanagement, they could probably bring Ironforge to a standstill. And if they died, they could all ankh at once!

I can't really think of anything good for forty hunters, warriors or priests. What do you think of this idea? Totally insane, or so crazy it just might work?

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We're in your docks, kidnapping your flightmaster

With the disappearance of dishonorable kills, many people are hoping for the return of innovative world PvP. As an example of "innovative world PvP," and how angry people get when it actually occurs, we present last month's Mal'Ganis Flightmaster Hostage Crisis.

Mal'Ganis is a fairly overcrowded PvP server, hosting both some of the world's best guilds (Ret, Elitist Jerks) and some of the world's best drama (the guildmaster who threatened to kill a guy who gquit after spending a month in the hospital.) One of the native Mal'Ganis guilds is Goon Squad, a giant Horde crew that was formed from readers of Goon Squad is known for pranks and odd ideas, the most well-known of which is their "I Summon People Off Cliffs" warlock PvP video.

On the night of November 4, Goon Squad snuck into Theramore and kited away the Alliance flightmaster. Soon after, they posted a ransom demand on the Mal'Ganis realm forums: If the Alliance bought out two Lightforge Belts listed for 1500g each in the neutral auction house, Goon Squad would free their hostage. If not, wrote Stuul from Goon Squad, "It would be very unfortunate if we were forced to hold him for the weekend while you try to raid." To encourage the Alliance to pay up, they also camped the Ratchet boat and kidnapped the Auberdine flight master.

A large group of Alliance joined in the fun and vowed to hunt down their beloved flightmasters rather than pay the ransom. Goon Squad soon posted that the hostages were in Bael'Dun Keep in the southern Barrens, and challenged Alliance to come and get them.

Unfortunately for the Horde, enough people complained to GMs that the incipient world PvP battle was nipped in the bud. Five hours into the hostage crisis, GMs struck down the kited flightmasters with instant Curse of Dooms, killing them and allowing Alliance to fly free in Kalimdor once more. "Your flight masters were slaughtered by a overexcited GM," Arktdnonoobs wrote. "We had no part in their deaths."

Goon Squad received commendations from both Horde and Alliance on several servers. Even a CM on the Customer Service Forum, Batta, noted that while the GMs had to kill the flight masters to keep them from being "lost", he admired Goon Squad's ingenuity in pulling off the caper.

So is this an example of innovative world PvP, or a bunch of Horde being jerks? Do you have any plans to spice up your server's PvP in the future?

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World PvP in the Burning Crusade: Nagrand

World of Raids has a great preview of Nagrand -- covering both the gear you can get there and how to get it. The zone sounds to be a PvP playground -- though obtaining gear there will require both PvE and PvP work within the zone. The rewards are nice blues (with a single epic jewel) that seem to be not too difficult to obtain, at least not compared to current PvP gear standards. They are purchased with tokens, one type of token acquired from killing opponents in PvP within the zone (one Halaa battle token per kill) and the other type acquired by killing NPC opponents within the zone (Crystal Powder, which drops from NPCs, is turned in for Halaa research tokens). The gear itself costs between 20 to 40 of the battle tokens as well as 1 or 2 research tokens (requiring 20 to 40 Crystal Powder), with the epic costing 500 battle tokens. So I'd imagine that a few hours of PvP could well result in several pieces of gear, if you were after it.

To access buy gear and obtain the research tokens, your faction must have access to the neutral city of Halaa in the center of the zone. To do this, you must kill off all the guards and occupy the city -- a "bomb run" to slaughter the guards shown in the video above. Such fun!

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More on PvP in Patch 1.12

We've gone over some of the PvP changes that will show up in patch 1.12 - both cross-realm battlegrounds and the new world PvP objectives. However, this is not the only change coming. When patch 1.12 goes live, the honor curve will be softened, somewhat, allowing a larger number of players into the upper ranks. There are no specific details on the numbers here, of course, and it's unlikely we'll understand the full impact of such a change until after it's been up and running on the live realms for a while.

[Fan art by Guillaume Bonnet]

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More Details on World PvP

The official website has been updated with some details on the outdoor PvP objectives that will be showing up in the upcoming patch. There's nothing unexpected here, but it does fill in the gaps in the initial announcement of the addition. At this point, it's clear that there are no great rewards for participation in these world events - those playing in Eastern Plaguelands will be rewarded with increased damage against undead buff (higher depending on the number of towers your faction controls) and those playing in Silithus will also receive buffs (though of unknown nature). As it stands, I see the event as a distracting mini-game that won't have a lasting effect. But if anyone else sees it otherwise, I should love to hear it.

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Breakfast Topic: PvP in Patch 1.12

It's no secret that there are PvP changes coming in the next content patch. There are going to be new cross-realm battlegrounds, auto-joining battlegrounds groups, world PvP objectives, and it's been hinted that the honor system in general will be a bit more lenient (though there haven't been any specifics on this). I've never made serious attempts at achieving the game's highest PvP ranks, simply because I know its impossible for someone who can't dedicate more time than I have to the cause. However, this patch may encourage me to head to the battlegrounds - or perhaps Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands - a bit more often for some PvP action. Am I going to hit rank 14 sometime soon? I doubt it - but the changes to the system may make it where I'll enjoy spending more time accumulating honor than I have in the past.

However, what about the rest of you - are the changes to the system encouraging you to spend more time in the battlegrounds, or driving you away?

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Patch 1.12: World PvP

We've known for a while that patch 1.12 will include some PvP changes, including the addition of world PvP objectives. However, Blizzard employees have been reluctant to provide any details - until, apparently, today, when someone let IGN on a first glimpse of the world PvP system. So what should you expect? New outdoor objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands that will flag players who participate as PvP, and provide buffs to all faction members in the zone upon success. In Silithus, players will collect dust to turn in to camps of their faction (remember the camps for the "Field Duty" quests? This will be where you'll do your turnins.) - however, picking up the dust will flag players PvP.. In Eastern Plaguelands, there are several towers that will be converted into capturable PvP objectives. If your faction controls all of the towers, they'll receive zone-wide buffs.

There's still no information on the sort of rewards that one might gain from this activity, but the fact that Blizzard says "no new PvP rewards" are on the horizon makes me wonder if there's nothing more than honor at stake.

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Patch 1.12 Preview

After the release of patch 1.11, Blizzard has wasted no time in posting an overview of what to expect in the next content patch.  On the agenda are cross-realm battlegrounds, a completely new world PvP system (which suggests to me something along the lines of Arathi Basin, only un-instanced), and (of course!) the rogue talent review.  I'm quite interested in seeing how these PvP changes flesh out, but this is all the news we have for now.  Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available!

[Thanks, spencer]

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