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Getting Tabard of the Protector at the BC World Event

Have you checked out the ongoing BC World Event yet? I've heard things are happening all over Azeroth. but so far the big draw is right down where Blizzard said it wouldn't be, in the Blasted Lands. Down there at the Dark Portal, there's a questgiver who gives you a really, really simple quest-- all you have to do is take out 6 of the felguards coming out of the portal, and the reward is a neat "limited edition" Tabard of the Protector-- it's black, which is cool, but it's also got a fun little proc that makes you flex and give off the priest AOE animation. Not bad for just a few minutes' work.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of QQing already-- apparently the Dark Portal area is packed with people on most realms, and especially on PVP realms, there's plenty of PVP happening. I'm on a PVE realm, and yet a few hordie buds of mine and I couldn't keep from killing flagged Alliance-- we cleared that place out, and it felt awesome to be fighting them in among all the Argent Dawn and Burning Crusade NPCs running around. There's a few different mobs that are flowing out of the portal-- felguards and voidwalkers, and also a few mini core hounds, and every once in a while, a 63 elite Dreadknight shows up with an AOE Shadowbolt, but he gets cut down to size pretty quick even with just the AD troops fighting.

But it's definitely a sight to see. There's no telling how long this will all be going on (I'd guess the mini-war itself is a permanent fixture, but the tabard might be gone within a week or two), so even if you have to go later at night when it's not so darned crowded, make sure you check it out.

A few more pics I took after the jump.

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Patch 1.11: Scourge Invasion Details

The main Warcraft site has been updated with additional information about the Scourge invasion that will be coming with patch 1.11.  So what should we expect?  A threatening necropolis over both Stormwind and the Undercity as the Scourge prepare their invasion force, as well as specific Sourge incursions in Azshara, Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands, Tanaris and Winterspring.  The Argent Dawn representitives around Azeroth will be coordinating efforts in an attempt to repel the invasion - with rewards for those who aid them. 

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