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Cross-Server BGs are a Hit

Considering all the trouble with the hardware the past few days, you may not have even seen them yet, but if you have, chances are you love the new cross-server BGs. I know a few commenters here said they didn't work out so well, but it seems like a good majority of forum posters can't get enough of them.

Reports from the front are saying queues are almost instant, and up to 40-50 games are going on at any one time. A guidie of mine said he hadn't been able to get so much rep and HK in so little time ever. MBAzeroth loves them (and says it's wonderful that Alliance are lining up to get killed-- although they're working on getting better), and Kissedbyluck over on the WoW Ladies lj group says she actually lost her boyfriend to the BGs (since they used to quest together while he was waiting for an AV game).

It'll be interesting, then, to see how this plays out with the new PVP system-- with rep and rewards so easy to get, will we see Blue hike up the requirements? Or was this how they originally intended the system to run? And for all the twinking going on, will we see more of it now since it's so easy to enter the BGs, or will it start to disappear as people get burned out quickly after playing the BGs for a few days straight? It's game on in the BGs-- see you there.

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The Puzzle of Battlegrounds Reputation

Since my current character-of-choice isn't running in a raiding guild, I've recently turned to PvP as a possible alternative way to acquire new and interesting gear for myself. In my travels through Azeroth's battlegrounds, I've noticed something puzzling about reputation gain in each - some are easier to get than others. Specifically Aterac Valley reputation - which has some simply incredible weapon rewards - seems to come a lot easier than Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin reputation. So I sat down and decided to do the math and see how it really works out - is AV reputation given out like candy, or am I just imagining things? Read on to find out.

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Breakfast Topic: Favorite Battleground

With all the recent news and speculation about coming PvP changes - both in patch 1.12 and the expansion - it seems only fitting to have a breakfast topic discussing everyone's favorite source of honor - battlegrounds! So which of the available battlegrounds is your favorite place to slaughter the opposing faction? Of late, I rarely venture outside of Alterac Valley - which, with the rate at which AB and WSG groups loose on my realm, seems to be the best source of honor. I remember, vaguely, a time in which I used to enjoy Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin matches, but this must have been long ago - all of my recent experience with them have been nothing but quick and harsh losses - with the players of my own faction spending the entire match yelling back and forth and disagreeing about what best to do. (Trust me, such battleground runs are not entertaining.)

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