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Sunday Morning Funnies: We're long

This week's list is huge. Massive. You have to click through the break to even see it! But I warn you: before you do, you might want to make some preparations.

Cancel whatever you have scheduled today.

Make a pot of coffee.

Do some stretches; long bouts of sitting are unhealthy.

Feed the cats. Let the dog out.

Seriously, this list is big. It's unruly!

P.S. I tried to get you guys a good Long Cat picture but I failed you all. Maybe next time? Yes. Next time.

In a related note, I have a distaste for the new way to search through the icanhascheezburger site.

Ready? Set. Go!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Mob evolution

Sunday is the day to catch up on your homework, chores, Brewfest hangover, and the week's worth of WoW-related web comics. Because I cannot help you with your homework for ethical reasons, and I'm allergic to your chores, I compiled a comic list for you instead!


Humor with a plot-line

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Root for ambition

This week we are cheating Death, building a new future, and harassing the opposite faction. What could be more entertaining? As always, feel free to post updates to your favorite comics, as well as new ones, so that they can be featured in this column!
  1. Ding! explores the nature of the warlock.
  2. Action Trip comics decided this week to Cheat Death.
  3. Fidget has a nasty experience after attempting to blink his way to safety.
  4. Richard is still missing, and the activities going on in his absence are not all that they seem on the surface.
  5. NoObz continues to explore some of the faulty MMO logic.
  6. Teh Gladiators struggle with their latest opponents.
  7. Disgraph finishes his orphan story.
  8. Check out Dark Legacy's latest!
Are you ready to vote? Head through the break and pick your favorite!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Rouges in Azertoh

This week we have an NPC coup, a battle of the bands, two strikes, and of course, the much beloved mischief.
  1. In the Scout Report, #37, a new activist wanders onto the scene.
  2. From the Noob Comic comes Area Effect. Sometimes, a mage just can't help himself.
  3. Messy Cow has some adventures in Skinning, although she should have been healing. The best part? The "rouge" who was stealing corpses!
  4. Teh Gladiators battle their stealthed opponents, and the Murlocs heat up the scene. This week, the commentary beneath the comic is decidedly worth the read.
  5. Sockpuppet holds the "Azertoh Battle of the Bands." Yes, I said "Azertoh."
  6. Want to see a raid with the characters from Real Life?
  7. NoObz #9 brings you to a special mob-held meeting of sorts, where you get to meet the gray kangaroo (wolf).
  8. The old computer has finally broken him. A friend of Monkey Punchers is finally Losing It.
  9. In LFG this week, my favorite character breaks into a song and dance!
  10. Shakes and Fidget have made their Preparations, and with proper hilarity ensuing.
  11. This week on Dark Legacy Comics, the NPCs launch plans to take over the world, through Operation: Horace.
  12. From Action Trip comes Impressive Knowledge. Seriously, kids these days really know their stuff! Sure, they might lose a finger or a hand, but then they'll know which faction they're dealing with, right?
Pass through the break to vote for your favorite from this week's selection.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Working together

This week we have some exciting developments, from the infiltration of a Horde town, to Sunwell progression, to a pet dragon. As always, I welcome suggestions for comics we've missed, so post away in the comments section! We even have a new one this week.
  1. From Action Trip comes What's the opposite of Undead?
  2. Horde PuGs a battleground this week in Ding!
  3. NoObz #7 is highly recommended! Thanks for the tip, Gene.
  4. Cluck Cluck from Dark Legacy Comics teaches us the joys of cooking.
  5. Damage Done from Extra Life is funny on too many levels.
  6. Shakes and Fidget are going on an Infiltration mission!
  7. Fun with the Bloodrage from LFG.
  8. Monkey Punchers explores the ups and downs of Minimum System Requirements.
  9. Teh Gladiators get new teammates.
  10. Episode 11: The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Disgraph has some adventures when the Shattered Sun badge loot vendor becomes available.
  11. The Scout Report meets Mister Snuggles.
Are you ready to vote? Pop through the break to choose this week's favorite.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: The holy grail

Whether your "holy grail" takes the form of your freedom, an end to loneliness, treasure, glorious achievement, or that coveted raid spot, you're sure to find entertainment this morning.
  1. Team Speak + Air Traffic Control = Bad from Action Trip. This one is pretty self-explanatory!
  2. Saved? from the Adventures of Blanc.
  3. You no take candle! from Dark Legacy Comics. Anything with that title you know just has to be awesome.
  4. A Deadly Plan from Shakes and Fidget.
  5. LFG #136. I have to say that I try each week to bring you a selection from LFG that can stand alone, so that even those who do not follow it dutifully can be entertained, or even motivated to check it out. As such, I'm proud of this entry; it's funny, and very noob-friendly.
  6. Ding! supports completionist ways. Sort of.
  7. Let's get introduced to Teh Gladiators. If you failed to read the intro, well then you fail. Carrying on for the rest of you, here's the first and second comic. Don't forget to read the commentary beneath! It's worth the extra three seconds of effort (seriously).
  8. From The Adventures of Messy Cow comes "Raid Life." Part one. Then, part two. Who recognizes this guy anyway?
  9. Intense Matchup from Action Trip. I just couldn't resist!
Press through to vote on your favorite!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Subtle hostility

Sunday Morning Funnies has quite the line-up this week, with even more on the horizon for next week. As always, don't forget to leave a tip about a WoW-themed comic you know!
Head through the break in order to vote on the one you liked best.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Happy Clefthoof

It's Sunday morning, and if you're not sleeping in after raiding with your guild until 5 a.m., then allow us to deliver "teh funneh". This week's selection is small, but competitive, and includes a new strip from The Night Council.
If you're ready to vote, jump on through!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Infiltration and escape

This morning, we have quite a few comics for you to peruse before you head out and start your day, including the February winner of Blizzard's Honorable Comic Contest. From poking a bit of fun at the election process to rooting out those terrorists, we've got you covered.
Make the jump to submit your vote!

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