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My log off spot

Many of us that have played the game every day over the years have developed some habits of sort. One of the habits that I've found myself doing night after night is logging off in the same spot. For me, this spot is at the staff vendor in the Aldor section of Shattrath. I find myself logging off here almost every night since I hearth back to Shat when I'm done raiding, and then go and repair immediately (less I get yelled at for not being fully repaired).

I can imagine that there are some better spots than others to log off at. In particular the PvP servers I'm sure pose certain pragmatic limitations on where you can disembark from the game. In the PvE world, I could (if I wanted to) log off anywhere in the wild. Save for the wandering aggressive mob, I would be just fine. However, I don't think this would be too good in a PvP environment.

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All fires are not the same

I've noticed lately while running around and doing my daily cooking quest that some flames are not the same as others. This seems rather silly to me. After all, a flame is a flame, right?

For those of you that don't cook in WoW, I'll fill you in. You need to find a cooking fire every time you want to cook something. Everyone has the ability to make a simple fire, but this requires reagents, and is not something that people normally waste space on. So instead of making your own fire, you can find a premade fire, stove, kettle, etc... and cook your food there. These heat sources are spread out all over major cities and out in the wild.

But, there are oddities. For example, take these two kettles - which are the exact same model.

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Upper Deck previews MotL (and more loot card speculation)

Upper Deck has dropped three nice previews of their upcoming card set for the WoW TCG, entitled March of the Legion, set to hit store shelves in late November. The first preview is a look at how they're finally going to use those damage attributes on each card-- playing certain damage types will help open up new abilities on some card. The second preview looks at staff and dagger weapons for casters, and how UDE is bringing more of the online game abilities into the card game. And finally, the last preview looks at the addition of the Aldor and Scryer factions to the card game, as well as how Demons will enter into play. If you're a TCG player, are a must-read to find out how the new set is going to change the game.

And Boubouille at MMO Champion has even more word on the three loot cards that will be released with the set. UD hasn't officially announced what they are (though not for lacking of trying on our part-- WoW Insider is doing our best to get an official announcement on what loot cards will be available), but it looks like, according to code in the game client, that those items we originally thought were more toys for engineers are actually the loot items-- a dragon kite, a robot chicken, and a paper gyrocopter. Bou even discovered a spell for the dragon kite that says "Upper Deck" right there on it, so this is about as sure a confirmation as they come. March of the Legion, and the new loot cards, all drop on November 17th.

Update: Well there you go. Upper Deck apparently didn't like the leaks, and went ahead and confirmed all three loot cards. Look for a dragon kite, a paper airplane card, and a robotic homing chicken in a new deck near you.

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PTR Notes: New reputation ammo

MMO Champion has reported that new "Specialty Ammunition Vendors" have been discovered on the PTR in patch 2.3. These vendors, Archer Delvinar and Marksman Bova, can be found in once empty structures in the Scryer and Aldor areas, respectively, in Shattrath City. Not only do they sell the best types of normal vendor ammunition outside of Halaa, but they also stock ammunition that has reputation requirements. Instead of running over to the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh every time you need to stock up on Warden's Arrows, you can now buy the same ammo in Shattrath.

The same vendors also carry ammunition that is currently only available from vendors in Honor Hold/Thrallmar and the Caverns of Time. Currently the cost of all the ammunition sold by these vendors appears to be tied to Aldor/Scryer reputation level, but still requires the specified faction requirement to actually purchase and use.

Of course, the best news is that these vendors also carry a new type of ammunition. The Mysterious Arrows and Mysterious Shells require revered reputation with the Violet Eye and provide 46.5 additional damage per second. A stack of 200 costs 1 gold without any price reductions from reputation.

Clearly these new items are meant to fill the gap between Adamantite and Timeless ammunition and help hunters that are tackling Magtheridon, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep increase their damage output. With the new Adamantite Stingers also being added 2.3, hunters will have more options than ever before when choosing a type of ammunition.

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Around Azeroth: Have you noticed...?

Reader Ashendra of Glory of War on Lightning's Blade sends us this shot with the curious question: have you ever noticed that security is a bit minimal in the Aldor bank in Shattrath City? As a frequenter of the Scryer bank I have to say I'm much more confident in my banking choice after seeing this shot. (And to see what Ashendra has to say on the subject, click the image above for a higher resolution version -- in which you can read the quote.)

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing a copy to, with as much or as little detail as you'd like to share with the world!

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Schrodinger's Jump

Piping hot from the WoW forums comes the tale of an interesting experiment: Psychosheep, a troll warrior on Anvilmar, decided to jump off of the Aldor rise with 15 seconds left before server reset. Best comment comes about half way down the thread, in my opinion: Renault, a BE Pally from Suncrown, says " ...mein Gott. It's Schrodinger's Jump. Considering we do not know the state of existence until you log back on, your char is both simultaneously alive and dead at the same time. Until you log back on to confirm the state."

Now, that idea right there just tickles me, both because it's very apt and it's the kind of metaphor that tends to extend itself. It's weird to think about your character in a state of quantum uncertainty when you disconnect or the server goes down, essentially in limbo while you try and get back. Does he or she even exist when you're not playing? The Armory would seem to offer us some solace in these uncertain times.

Have you ever done anything similar when your server was about to shut down? The closest I've ever come personally was when I, not paying attention to general or announcements, was farming furbolgs in Winterspring and I managed to charge one just as the server came down. I spent an hour trying to get back in, and finally managed it to discover the furbolg dead and my character at half-health. But I don't think I would have deliberately done so, as was the case here. I'm not a big fan of dying from fall damage.

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Around Azeroth: Death to the Aldor!

Reader Royal of Furious Napkins on Darrowmere was hanging around Shattrath city when he heard that someone was killing off the Aldor in their bank. Going to investigate, Royal found the scene pictured above. Apparently the killer was somewhat obsessive-compulsive...

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Forum Post of the Day: Notice of legal action

If you aren't familiar with the Shattrath City and its the Aldor's home within, I'll explain. The Aldor reside on an upper level of the city, which is reachable either by lift or by flying mount. Says forum poster Nalle announces:

This is a notice of legal action against the Aldor. Their platform is a danger to all who use it, without safety precautions there is a danger both to residents of the Aldor terrace and the floor below. Many residents have already fallen to their unnecessary deaths, as well as taken expenses of durability in a location supposedly guaranteed to be safe by the Naaru.

But, of course, this legal action is started by a member of the Alliance. Any Horde are long-since familiar with the dangers of in-game elevator platforms via the Undercity elevators. CM Drysc responds to this complaint with:

Well, we are actually taking precautions to help make sure future elevators don't pose such serious health risks. At this time, however, the Aldor elevator is protected by the Sha'Tari Historic Landmarks Act of '28, enacted by the Sha'Tari Council of Self Preservation and Advancement. Our hands are unfortunately tied in these matters.

Hey, Drysc! What about those Undercity elevators, eh?!

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Freshening up the battleground with new ideas

This idea has been floating around ever since we all realized there were two new opposing reputations in the Burning Crusade-- an Aldor vs. Scryer battleground. It would definitely be a fresh change of pace to line up alongside the opposing faction and have a chance to face off against your own friends and guildies. Of course, there's lots of coding work that would have to be done (as well as a little lore work-- Aldor and Scryer aren't exactly in open war at this point), but it would be a cool addition to the current battleground options.

And the forum thread that mentions the idea is actually full of great BG ideas-- a Team Deathmatch BG, multi-team CTF, and even an escort battleground. There's already that kind of thing in AV (you can run the quests that summon an NPC for you to follow around more than escort), but it would be neat to have a BG where you had to get an actual player from one place to another. Or maybe they could do it with an NPC-- run it in the Caverns of Time, and have the player escort someone in the history of Warcraft. Like Durnholde, but with players instead of an instance.

The other neat tidbit from this thread is that Ommra winkingly mentions siege engines as something she'd (he'd?) like to see in the BGs. So whatever news comes out about what's new in the battlegrounds, it's a pretty good bet that siege engines are almost upon us.

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Insider Trader: Uldaman or bust!

Insider Trader is your weekly inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

It's a brave new world for young enchanters training in the mysterious ways of their craft. Enchanting's infamous artisan-level training roadblock used to demand that enchanters fight their way to a trainer located inside the Uldaman instance in order to train new skills, formula by formula. Nowadays, many players who own The Burning Crusade expansion can avoid this dastardly errand by porting across the Dark Portal to Outlands enchanter trainers. (No, you can't physically step through the portal until level 58 -- but you CAN accept a mage portal or warlock summons at any level -- and what a great place to be hearthstoned!)

As you'd expect, there are a couple of caveats to this solution. All but one of the enchanter trainers in the Outlands (including those in Shattrath City, Honor Hold, Thrallmar and The Stormspire in Netherstorm) are Grand Master Enchanters who train enchanters from a minimum skill level of 300. The lone Outlands trainer handling lower-level training is Enchantress Volali. Unfortunately, her persnickety choice of residence in the Scryer's Tier in Shattrath City puts her squarely off-limits to anyone who's chosen to ally with the Aldor and to all young Draenei, who are automatically friendlier with the Draenei Aldor. (Young Blood Elf enchanters, who are naturally on better terms with their kinsmen the Scryers, can visit Enchantress Volali without issue.)

If you're any race but Draenei and haven't yet chosen sides in the Aldor/Scryer faction tussle, you can train with Enchantress Volali in Shattrath City at the artisan level or below and with the Grand Master Enchanters above 300. But if you're a Draenei or less than neutral faction with the Scryers, you'll need to stick to the old-world trainers until you reach 300 -- and for artisan-level training, it's back to Uldaman for j00!

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Ask WoW Insider: BC loot etiquette

Gather 'round for another Friday edition of Ask WoW Insider, where we publish reader questions for community feedback. Last week we looked at where the best class loot lists live, and this week we have a few questions regarding loot etiquette in instances involving a couple of popular BC drops. Jeffrey writes:
I've recently come across a few situations where I'm not sure of the proper etiquette, even though I've been playing for a couple years. This is mainly because new items have appeared that have blurred the lines in my mind.

1) In an instance, we find a locked chest but have no rogue. I however have a blacksmith key/seaforium charge that can open it. Should I open the chest (spending the mats i used for the key/charge) for myself or for a group roll?

2) A primal nether drops. I can use it to make a BoE item which I plan to sell for a large profit, but someone else in the group can use it for a BoP item for themself. How should I roll?

3) An arcane tome/fel armament drops and the group says need if you're scryer/aldor. I belong to this faction but am already exalted with them. How should I roll?

I'd appreciate feedback on what is the right thing to do in these situations, or if not necessarily right what is considered acceptable to do.
Do you or your guild have any set rules regarding the above scenarios? If you've encountered these situations on past runs, how did your group handle them? Is there an optimal solution to any or all three questions?

More Ask WoW Insider awaits you next week, but it needs your questions! Send us your burning conundrums to ask AT wowinsider DOT com.

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Showin' that Aldor pride

This thread by Tenaciousp offers my sentiments exactly: Aldor rule, Scryers drool! Aldor assemble!

Ok, well, actually it's a cut-and-paste of an identical Scryer thread, but still, I'm all for a little faction pride. Besides the rewards and the turn-ins, I haven't heard a peep out of the big dueling factions in Shattrath City. Sure, there have been the occasional skirmishes (I can't believe you all did that to our soup!), and I make it a point to shout "Death to Scryers!" whenever I see an Arcane Tome drop, but there's not much else to speak of. Sure, there's different areas in Shattrath and in Shadowmoon Valley, and a few diffferent quests, but where's the faction-on-faction PvP or really any player-involved opposition between the two factions at all?

Now, hopefully more is coming in 2.1 and beyond-- I'd love to see those daily quests involve targets that the Aldor and Scryer have to fight over. And there are ways to pit the two factions against each other without actually pitting players against their own side. What about a repeatable quest that brought reinforcements to a periodic battle? As in, I bring armor scraps to Aldor Rise and every day at 3pm, the two factions have it out, with the winning faction making a special vendor available? Or it doesn't even have to be that complicated-- say whatever side brings the most turn-ins in a day gets an increased rep rate for the next 24 hours. Something to let us compete together and show a little Aldor/Scryer pride.

Whether you think the Aldorks are losers or the Scrybabies are whiners, it's clear that there's animosity between the red and blue in Shattrath. It's just a shame there aren't more ways for players to mix it up in game.

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WoW Moviewatch: Jimmy: A World of Warcraft story

This is what you call a tour-de-force of a WoW movie. It's a heartbreaking tale of two friends, two factions, and the funniest portrayal of what it's like to play WoW I've ever seen. Watch it and love it. (There are a few curse words, so it might be NSFW if you work in a monastery).

I laughed, I cried, I charged my fireball. And then I shoved it right in that guy's face! Great stuff. By the light of the moon-- *POOF*

[ Thanks, Salad! ]

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From Scryer to Aldor (and back again)

When we first heard that there would be two mutually exclusive factions in Outland, I knew it would happen, but here's the first time I've seen it in the wild: Coraline on LJ decided that Scryer wasn't the right decision for her warlock, and decided to grind her way back to the Aldor.

It can't be an easy process. As you know if you've done the Shattrath tour, doing quests for Aldor lowers your reputation with the Scryers, and vice versa. And there are three levels of hate for each faction-- you start at Unfriendly (depending on which faction you first chose to join), and then slowly fall down to Hostile, and then Hated. You can't actually get the normal rep quests for the other side until you reach Neutral, so if you want to switch sides, you have to go to Shattrath and get a special quest (for Scryer rep, it's Voren'thal's Visions, and for Aldor, it's Strained Supplies). That quest consists of a simple animal drop (basilisk eyes and spider venom sacs, both from Terrokar), and can be repeated all the way back up to Neutral.

Coraline says it's not actually that bad-- she went from Hostile to Unfriendly within about an hour of farming (which means she still has to fight to Neutral to start doing the normal quests). People working back towards Aldor are able to get silk from the spiders (that sells well on the AH), but unfortunately for repentant Scryers, the basilisks don't drop anything really good. They do drop Chunk O'Basilisk if you're a cook, and they can be skinned if you're a leatherworker, so there's that.

Anyone else made the tredge back between the Aldor and Scryer factions? Coraline doesn't say she did this, but I would: if you're leaving your faction, make sure to grab all the goodies you can. I would be completely impressed to see someone dual-wielding both the Vindicator's Brand and the Retainer's Blade at the same time (you don't actually need the rep to wield them, do you? Just to own them, I'd assume).

Update: We've got confirmation-- commenter shooter's guildie shows it is possible to wear both Aldor and Scryer gear at the same time. Could be a bug, but if you want to grind both factions for all the rewards, it seems you can do it.

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Suggestions on implementing faction-neutral battlegrounds

Now that players are starting to grind up some real rep in Outland, we're definitely seeing more and more Aldor vs. Scryer sentiments-- Death to Scryers, by the way, because I'm Aldor to the Core(TM). And at least a few players have already suggested that the Aldor/Scryer rivalry might eventually lead to something new in PvP: an Aldor vs. Scryer battleground that finally mixes up the factions on either side, and lets Alliance play alongside Horde and vice versa.

Paladinsucks, in fact, says why wait? Aldor and Scryer battlegrounds would be cool, but there's a lot of benefit in making the old battlegrounds "faction-neutral" as well. All you'd have to do, PS postulates, is employ the Old Hillsbrad trick of costuming (when you enter Old Hillsbrad in the Caverns of Time, your character temporarily becomes Human), and boom, you've got a whole new world of PvP. If you were Horde, you'd sometimes be defending Warsong, and sometimes Silverwing. In AB, some Alliance players, playing as Horde, would guard the Farm. Strategies would be more complex, and, in perhaps the most intriguing benefit, queue times would cut in half.

There are drawbacks, though, too-- the fun of playing Horde is hating the Alliance, and vice versa, and if you had the enemy on your side, things just wouldn't be the same. PS doesn't offer any suggestions as to how you decide who plays what side, too-- is it random, or do people get to choose their "faction"? (Because if they chose, who would choose to play as Alliance in AV?) I would love to see some faction-neutral PvP in the game (besides the Arenas, which are every man for himself), but getting a new Aldor/Scryer battleground, in which I can play for my faction on my own character, seems a much better solution than completely revamping the old ones.

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