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Breakfast Topic: Six impossible things

There's a nice quote from Through the Looking Glass in which Alice states to the White Queen that one can't believe impossible things. The White Queen shrugs this off as silly, "When I was your age, I always did it for a half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!" I don't really know if there's any sense to be made of it, but the phrase "six impossible things" always stuck with me. Now how does this relate to World of Warcraft, exactly?

With Cataclysm coming up, the world that we play in is changing completely. Some things we remember from days past may not even exist anymore, and some things may change altogether. So I am keeping a list of (more or less) six impossible things to accomplish before Cataclysm. It keeps me occupied when I'm not raiding, and each time I finish something, I add something else to the list. The three achievements above were all on my list, I've replaced them with Attumen's mount from Karazhan, the tiger from Zul'Gurub, and I am contemplating whether or not trying to farm for warglaives would be a good idea.

Each time I manage one of the impossible things it feels like I've accomplished something, though the merits of having accomplished anything substantial in a video game can be argued back and forth. Still, it keeps me happy, and it keeps me busy. So do you have a list of impossible things? If you do, what are they? If you don't, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

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All the World's a Stage: Inspiration

All the World's a Stage is a source for roleplaying ideas, suggestions, and discussions. It is published every Sunday evening.

You've probably heard that no story is completely original, that everything is copied from somewhere, and nothing anyone ever thinks or says is really unique. It's an awfully pessimistic way of looking at the creative endeavor, but there's a degree of truth in it.

Any time you make up a new character, you are sure to be inspired by something you observed somewhere else. Perhaps you wondered, "What if there were a dwarven rogue, whose personality was a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Jack Sparrow?" or "My undead warrior is a lot like Frankenstein's monster, not evil so much as tragically neglected and rejected. He also likes to play with dolls." All this is fine and good for roleplaying, as long as you recognize the essential differences between your character and his or her inspirational anscestors.

After all, every creative endeavor basically consists of mix-and-matching pre-existing knowledge in new and useful ways. In the same way a painter doesn't need to invent new colors, color palettes, or even new color matching techniques to make an beautiful, a storyteller doesn't need to create entirely new characteristics for each character in his or her story, only mix-and-match qualities real people already have in order to create someone compelling and interesting for other characters to interact with.

Jump on in to find some great inspirations for WoW characters.

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