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New Alliance Race Revealed!

A Draenei priestThe new alliance race has finally been revealed in the New York Times.  It's the Draenei - a race that's long been speculated as the most likely choice.  Other than screenshots, there's not much solid news yet on the play abilities of the Draenei, so stay tuned for more news as it comes in.

Update: There's also a New York Times interview with Jeff Kaplan (AKA Tigole) with additional details, including the possible classes: warrior, priest, paladin, mage, and hunter.

[Thanks, Stephen, Shawn, and Geoffrey for all sending this in!]

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The Final Word on Wisps

WispI've been very anxious since the initial Wisp announcement - worried that April Fool's might just be a cover for quietly distributing the news of a crazy concept race.  Thankfully, my fears were unwarrented - on Monday Blizzard let us know that they were only kidding.  Now we can get back to the hard work of speculating about what the new race might actually be!

Remember the Pandaren?

Perhaps some of you recall the rumor about Pandaren as the new Alliance race, which started circulating around the forums around October.  It was accompanied by a rather believable screenshot, which fanned the flames of speculation.  Well, this April 1st, instead of the usual jokes, Ian of Mac Hall admitted (scroll down to see Ian's news post on the subject) that he'd spent some eight hours modeling work to accomplish the effect.  Seems like a lot of work for a prank, but the final product fit the World of Warcraft look quite nicely.  Only time will tell whether the murloc rumors will have a similar fate!

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Wisps: Really the New Alliance Race?

Initially, I brushed off the "wisp" announcement as an obvious April Fool's prank, but Blizzard has thus far been sticking to the assertion, with numerous forum posts asserting that wisps are the real deal.  This evening, Drysc noted that it was unfortunate the change was announced so close to April Fool's.  And Eyonix points out that he's stated multiple times that wisps aren't a joke.  So now I have to wonder - is this the real thing, or is it just an elaborate prank?

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