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Guild Season 2 DVD preorder available now, out 5/19

The Guild's second season is now available for preorder on DVD, and apparently it's an Amazon Exclusive -- yes, the ever-more-corporate folks at The Guild are going with the big online retailer to distribute their second DVD collection. But we can't blame them too much -- surely it's a chance at a wider distribution, and probably less work for them in general. You can preorder the DVD set right now for just $12.99, and according to The Guild's site, the set will have commentary tracks, subtitles in English, and Behind the Scenes and Audition footage. If you're as much of a fan of the series as we are, it sounds well worth the purchase.

Amazon has a release date of May 19th, and it also looks like they're doing a re-release of season one on the same day (though we're not sure if that new season one cover demotes new material or if it's the same version of the season one DVD they were selling before). And of course if you're not interested in picking up any extras, you can still just watch the episodes online at their site, or by downloading them in HD from Xbox Live for free.

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WoW zones in real life

Aurdon over at I Sheep Things spotted this great collection of comparisons between real-life environs and the in-game places that they inspired. Not all of the comparisons are pitch-perfect, obviously (there are no Nagrand-esque floating islands in the real world, and the Crystalsong Forest picture shows trees covered in ice rather than the mystical wood that grows in-game), but lots of the pictures are really dead-on, and they show you really well how Blizzard uses a kind of hyper-realized version of Earth to create what seems like a very real Azeroth.

We've posted before how the architecture of WoW mirrors real-world places and culture, but even the natural world of Azeroth uses lots of Earth's real-life elements. And it would be cool to know where these pictures actually come from -- some of them are recognizable (obviously, Stranglethorn Vale is based on parts of the Amazon, and The Barrens represents Africa's savannahs), but even Icecrown and Zangarmarsh are represented (in slightly less mythical form) on Earth. It would be interesting to know exactly where.

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Collector's Edition back on sale for $129.79 at Amazon

A few days ago the Collector's Edition went up for sale again on Amazon. A few hours after that post went live it was sold out again. Today the CE is back on sale. This time the price has nearly doubled, and is being sold through Amazon for the site Hubbagames.

As it stands, you can get the Collector's Edition for $129.79 right now. That's up $59.80 from what you could get it for a few days ago. The price hike can easily be contributed to the demand for the Collector's Edition.

Wrath of the Lich King will be released next week at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, November 13th. Amazon and other online retailers are "guaranteeing" that they'll deliver Wrath to you during the day of the 13th.

The regular edition of Wrath is going for $39.99. We have previously covered the contents of the Collector's Edition.

You can also order the Collector's Edition online at Walmart at the price of $69.82, however your mileage may vary.

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More Wrath deals around the world

We've rounded up a few more Wrath of the Lich King deals if you haven't pulled the trigger on a preorder yet.
  • Newegg has the game available for the low price of $36.99 with free shipping, which is a couple bucks cheaper than Amazon. (thanks, Lîlîth of Crushridge!)
  • Reader Tyler G tell us that Gametraders, a chain in Australia, will be selling the game with a 60 day timecard and poster for AU$79.95. Usually the game is AU$60 and the timecard is AU$40, so it's a deal.
  • Commenter Rey tells us that Canada's Futureshop is offering 40% off if you trade-in two games. We don't see that on their site (there is a $100 costume contest though and a free hat!), but we'll take his word for it. A free hat!
A few more after the break.

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Deals are slim for Wrath of the Lich King at retailers

We've got our first Wrath of the Lich King deal to report, and unfortunately, it's less than impressive. Apparently, if you buy the expansion at Best Buy next week, you'll be able to pick up a strategy guide for the game at 25% off. It's not a great deal, especially since Amazon is offering the guide at 34% off, with or without the game (and since you're a WoW Insider reader, you likely won't need the guide anyway). But it is a deal, and it is for Wrath, so there you go. We'd love to have better deals for you (folks like me who buy Gears of War 2 at Circuit City this week are picking up free gift cards and such), but nothing yet.

There is good news, also, for people who are buying the expansion through Amazon -- apparently they're offering release-day delivery in some places, so even if you picked up the game at the online retailer, you could have it at exactly the same time (well, a few hours later, since there are midnight releases going around and shipped games usually don't show up until midmorning at least) as everybody else. That way, you won't miss a minute of the lag and frustration-inducing camping that will surely ensue just after launch.

If you hear about a deal or a special sale on Wrath next week, let us know. We've all spent way too much money on this game already -- every cent we can save is worth it.

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Wrath CE sold out at Gamestop, Amazon

Gamestop employees got a memo yesterday that preorders of the Wrath of the Lich King Collector's Edition may have reached their limit, and we've just called and confirmed that -- the Collector's Edition is sold out already at Gamestop. Looks like Amazon also has also taken down their preorders, instead offering a signup to be notified "when this item becomes available." The thing has only been on sale for two days, and already it seems many retails have run out of their listed units -- in fact, Gamestop told their employees that they may not even have been able to fulfill all the orders taken so far.

Of course, we're still talking preorders here -- just because they got reserved doesn't mean that they'll all be sold, so there's still a chance that you could get one at release (Gamestop, we believe, will hold reserves for 24-48 hours after release, and then sell them first-come, first-serve). And there's a chance that Blizzard could put a larger order in (since the game hasn't gone gold yet, the sets aren't even manufactured yet), which would mean more preorders would be available.

But on the other hand, Blizzard has always wanted the Collector's Editions to be limited, and the guys at Gamestop assured us that there were still plenty of regular copies to reserve. It's hard to believe the CE could be completely sold out in just two days, two months ahead of the actual release, but it's clear that Wrath is going to be one of Blizzard's biggest releases ever.

Update: And now, for some reason, it looks like preorders are back up. Either Blizzard decided to make more or Gamestop figured out how they could sell more, so if you want to get one, better order it quick.

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WotLK: Collector's Edition available for pre-order today

The regular edition of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will be selling for $39.99, and for only $30 more (total of $69.99) you can get the Collector's Edition. You can now legitimately pre-order the Collector's Edition at many retailers across the country and online.

My local GameStop up here in Fargo, ND has them available for pre-order as of this morning. However as is standard policy with them, you can only pre-order games by going into the store. It has been my experience that in general you cannot pre-order over the phone, but your mileage may vary.

If you're interested in pre-ordering online, the two major sites that I found to have the C.E. listed are Amazon and GameStop. Other sites, such as Best Buy, don't have the C.E. up yet. Remember however, if you want to get the game at midnight you'll most likely need to deal with a local retailer.

We covered the contents of the Collector's Edition yesterday, but just as a refresher, here are the major highlight:
  • A 208-page LK art book
  • Frosty, the baby frost wyrm (non-combat pet)
  • A DVD with developer interviews, commentary on the cinematic, etc.
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Mouse pad with a map of Northrend
  • Two starter decks for the CCG, and two exclusive cards
All of the latest news can be found on our Wrath page. Also, Ask a Beta Tester answers all your burning questions, Lichborne will walk you through the Death Knight class, and in Skill Mastery we've been explaining each class's new spells and abilities one by one. Prepare yourself; this is going to be fun.

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Wrath Pre-orders on Blizzard site

As much as some Blizzard reps might have wanted to play coy on the official forums, the official World of Warcraft site leaked a link to Pre-order Wrath of the Lich King which will -- according to the page -- indeed come out on November 13, 2008. So while there has mysteriously been no big announcement on the Blizzard websites, this Pre-order page pretty much confirms what Wowhead and Thottbot unveiled earlier today.

Participating retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, and GameStop. Interestingly enough, all the official links except for Best Buy peg the official release at November 3, a date leaked out in earlier reports. GameStop words it as "ships in 11/03/08" which could mean that the games will reach retailers over a week before the official release date. [EDIT: Or yeah, it could be that they haven't updated their sites yet. Good morning!] The details include both normal and Collector's Edition versions of the game. The official Blizzard site has, as of this writing, now been updated to reflect the official release date with a splash page.

[UPDATE: GameStop has revised their release date to match the announced date of 11/13/08]

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Online retailers point towards a November 4 release for Wrath

We'll begin this post with the usual: this is Blizzard we're talking about, and Blizzard doesn't release games or the dates they'll start selling those games until they're good and ready. So any speculation about Blizzard's release dates, is, by its nature, pretty useless -- if Blizzard wants to announce at BlizzCon that Wrath isn't coming out until January, they will.

However, as many readers have noticed, there's been an interesting development in the rumored release date lately. Before now, all the online stores have had all kinds of different dates: some were saying October, some were saying early November, and some were saying late November. But over the past week or so, almost all of the online stores have settled on a single date: November 4. The sign above, sent in by reader Daniel A., is from a JB HiFi store in Australia, and beckons toward a midnight release on November 3rd.

So. We'll stress again: retailers often set their own release dates way in advance of an official announcement, just so they can sell preorders of a game. It's very likely this means nothing, and Blizzard will release their game whenever they want -- don't start filling out your vacation form yet, because this is not an official date. But something has pointed all of these online retailers toward Election Day of this year, so if you want to guess at a release date, that's as good as any.

Thanks to Ollie, Daniel A., and everyone else who sent this in.

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Breakfast Topic: When's Wrath?

If I had a nickle for every e-mail the WoW Insider team received that told us when Wrath of the Lich King was going to be released because Amazon or GameStop was selling pre-orders, I'd probably be lounging on a beach enjoying drinks decorated with tiny paper umbrellas instead of enjoying the glamerous lifestyle of a rock star blogger. Trust us, folks, game sellers usually don't know anything more than you or I -- but they're eager to get your pre-orders in and they can't do that without a release date. (Certainly not when we're talking about Blizzard "We'll Release It When It's Done" Entertainment.) These are their best guesses and, who knows, they may turn out to be right, but they're not based on any secret insider info. And, hey, why should retail outlets get all the fun when, really, anyone can play the "Guess the Wrath of the Lich King Release Date" game? So tell us, dear readers, when do you think Blizzard will really release Wrath of the Lich King upon the world?

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BG daily quests are one more reason to buy BC

Bornakk confirms that, as Robin posted here the other day, players will need Burning Crusade to complete the Battleground daily quests.

Which brings up the question, yet again, of why there would be people out there who still haven't picked up the expansion that released almost one year ago. It's $30 at Amazon right now (which means you could probably find it in a few places online for less than that), and given all of the content now available, not only in Outland, but back in Azeroth, it's really a no brainer.

Now, maybe you just didn't want to make the investment of the Battlechest, and maybe you haven't yet reached 70 and figure you don't need to play BE or Draenei or do these daily quests. Maybe 60 is good enough for you, and jewelcrafting isn't your thing. But especially with the holidays coming up, it's not surprising at all that Blizzard is placing more and more content behind the Dark Portal. If you haven't installed the expansion yet, why not?

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Amazon still has Burning Crusade CE in stock

In case you really wanted it, the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition apparently isn't all that collected-- it's still in stock at Amazon for $74.99, a few bucks off the original price. The original Collector's Edition is a little harder to find-- it's been out of stock for a while, and copies are going for around $200. eBay is the same story-- you can buy the BC:CE for as little as $50, while the original CE is going for much, much more.

My guess is that it's the old laws of supply and demand-- by the time Burning Crusade dropped, everyone knew it would be a hit, so Blizzard made a bunch, while the original CE probably had a lot fewer copies made. But the noncombat pets might be a draw as well-- the original CE had Diablo, Zerg, and Panda pets, while the Burning Crusade only had a pretty unimpressive Netherwhelp pet.

And the other interesting question is what will happen when the next expansion drops. Being that WotLK is much more integral to the Warcraft that everyone knows and loves (while BC was much more involved with the ancient history of Warcraft), will people who've skipped Burning Crusade so far be more inclined to pick it up when Wrath releases? Maybe the BC:CE will get rarer as we get closer to Northrend.

[ via WoW Ladies ]

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Burning Crusade $25 at Amazon

PacoDG sent us a quick tip (thanks!) to point out that if for some unfathomable reason you haven't purchased it yet, the Burning Crusade expansion is now available for $25 with free shipping on This is the absolute cheapest we've seen it, so if you're planning to at least pick this one up before the next expansion is announced (and we're all hoping and praying that's at Blizzcon), now's your chance.

Does anyone out there have a level 60 and has not bought this expansion yet? I can understand if all your characters are below level 40, but what's the reason for your staying at 60 for so long? Do you just love hanging around the Burning Steppes?

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Burning Crusade: Collector's Edition sold out?

Added to the page for preording the BC: CE:

"Availability: This item is currently not available.

The Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is sold out. Please visit our detail page for the regular edition."

A few outlets are also reporting that EB Games claims to be sold out as well. All this even before Blizzard announces an official release date? How exactly can you be "sold out" when it's likely we don't even know how many copies are going to be printed and released yet?

I'd say this was a ploy by these gaming retailers to sell more copies of the game, but they don't need to use a ploy-- this thing is going to sell like hotcakes in the middle of a syrup convention. Could the Collector's Edition be sold out even before one disc is printed? Especially shocking since we were originally told (by a third party, I realize) that there were going to be "plenty to go around." Drysc, however, says quantities will be "limited," and if you want one, to hurry. Way to drive people into a frenzy, Drysc.

Personally, I'll probably give my local stores a call tomorrow and call it quits if none of them are taking preorders. With all the expectation for this game, I don't see how Blizzard (or Vivendi, the group they belong to) wouldn't want to print about fifteen gajillion copies and sell them all. My guess (I'm not as sure about this one) is that these stores are creating demand by cutting off supply. Until we hear an official release date (and these retailers hear an official product quantity) from Blizzard, I'm guessing the CE will be back on sale soon. Then again, if you're not willing to take my word for it, better get on that phone...

[ via moukin ]

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Expansion available for preorder on Amazon

Just a note, as this kind of slipped by us (and most others, I think) the other day: Burning Crusade is now available for preorder on

Now, Amazon is notorious for putting items up early (and sometimes even taking them down), so you might want to take this with a grain of salt, unless you were buying from Amazon anyway. Also, they specifically list the release date as November 22, 2006, and as far as I know, Blizzard hasn't actually confirmed a release date yet. Finally, the price they have is $39.99, which is great news if, like me, you were expecting the expansion to run $50.

And before you run over and do a little 1-click shopping, keep in mind that this isn't the Collector's Edition, which should have some other goodies in it, including a few TCG items. Despite my (admittedly casual) searching, I couldn't find a collector's edition on Amazon, although there is a listing for a strategy guide already (probably because the company that's making the guide wants to have it ready ASAP). But I've heard this link works, so if you want to get in on the ground (or is this the basement?) floor of buying BC, there you go.

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