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Call for Posts: Write a Breakfast Topic!

Over the last few years, the number one thing people have submitted over our tip line is suggestions for Breakfast Topics. Everyone has questions they want to ask the community. There are people of all types and flavors playing WoW, each with their own views and opinions. It's always fun and interesting to see people debate your topic, and this is your chance. We are now taking Breakfast Topic submissions via Aol's Seed.

You can find out more about the program in our announcement post about the Guest Writer program, and at our Contributing to page. As mentioned, we're looking for all of you to write Breakfast Topics in our usual conversational style, asking the community for their thoughts and opinions on whatever WoW-related topic you'd like. Entries should ideally be between 200 and 500 words, though there is some wiggle room in either direction. Only the best submissions will be accepted.

In order to get started read up about the program, sign up, and then submit your article (you can't see the article page unless you have a Seed account). Unfortunately, we are currently only able to take submissions from individuals living in the United States, but hopefully we'll be able to accept international submissions in the future. We are accepting submissions until 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, March 24th. If this round goes well, we will take more contributions later.

Good luck, and have fun!

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What do you think of HKO Insider?

We're a good part of the way through our first day here at HKO Insider, so we figured now might be a good time to get some feedback from the community about what you think of the new focus of our site. Do you miss the green forests of Ashenvale or are you sold on Sanriotown? Is class QQing sounding pretty good to you right about now or are you krazy for Keroppi?

Our overlords at AOL directed us this morning to switch focus to a more popular MMO (since Wrath of the Lich King doesn't even have a release date yet), and some of our readers (and, frankly, writers) are a little uncomfortable with the change. But what do you think?

What do you think of HKO Insider?
Hello Kitty forever! I love HKO Insider.2769 (55.4%)
Bad idea. Let's go back to Azeroth, please.2228 (44.6%)

Choose your opinion in the poll above (and post a comment below, if you like), and let us know what you think about the changeover to cover Hello Kitty Online 24/7 instead of our usual World of Warcraft coverage.

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Announcement: WoW Insider is now HKO Insider

We've got an exciting new direction to announce here today on WoW Insider. Because patch 2.4 has just released, and information about Wrath of the Lich King, the next expansion, is pretty much nonexistent (we haven't even been told a release date by Blizzard yet), AOL, the company that owns the Weblogs, Inc. network of blogs, of which WoW Insider is a part, has determined that instead of covering World of Warcraft every day, we will now be covering a new, surely more exciting and surely soon to be more popular massively multiplayer online game.

Yes, starting today, WoW Insider is becoming HKO Insider, and instead of WoW, we will be covering the very popular MMO Hello Kitty Online. With no changes at all coming to Azeroth anytime soon, it's time to say goodbye to the Barrens and Stormwind, and "hello" to Hello Kitty, Sanriotown, and the entrancing world of the Flower Kingdom. Playing with Illidan and Kael'thas was fun for a while, but now HKO Insider will bring our daily insight and coverage to the world of Badtz-Maru and Keroppi. Want guides on how to make your garden grow, or the best way to PvP against the My Melody class? They'll be right here on HKO Insider.

All of your favorite WoW Insider features -- Know Your Lore, Moviewatch, Shifting Perspectives, and 15 Minutes of Fame, are all here (and you'll be able to see them posted later today). But instead of covering World of Warcraft, all of our writers, whether they like it or not, will be covering Hello Kitty Online from now on.

Please enjoy the new focus of the site, and thanks for reading as always. While Hello Kitty Online is still in closed beta, we're almost sure it'll come out before Wrath of the Lich King, and we've been asked to point our site towards the real MMO winner of the year in 2008.

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AOL plans WoW social network at

Those of us who have ever tried to buy a domain know what I'm about to talk about. All those really great, short, three-to-five letter domain names are taken. You may think you've thought of something nobody else would use, but as soon as you run to your web host of choice and type it into the search box your dreams are shattered as you discover it's already registered to someone else.

Over the course of it's many corporate acquisitions over the years, AOL has obviously picked up the ownership of a premium domain name or two. One of them -- -- was acquired when they took ownership of the remaining assets of Compuserve many years ago. In its article posted this morning, reveals that AOL has decided to pull out of mothballs and use it as a social networking site for World of Warcraft players.

I guess this is one instance of patience paying off. They've owned this domain for what appears to be a very long time, and now they've found a great use for it. All I know is that if America Online has decided to take this on, they will do a fantastic job. I'm looking forward to seeing how they execute this plan.

Oh. And I should probably take a moment to "do the voice" of that guy who reads the fine print really fast at the end of the car commercials and say "WoW Insider is a part of the Weblogs Inc. blogging network which is owned by America Online."

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