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No mention of WoW on the Apple iPad

Obviously today's news from Apple of the iPad is the hottest thing since, well, the iPhone. One of the big things Apple was showing was the OpenGL 3D games on the iPad. OpenGL is the technology that allows advanced 3D graphics and games to function (DirectX is the Microsoft Windows equivalent, although OpenGL works on Windows too). For a long time people have been clamoring over the ability for WoW to run on an iPhone, and the iPad looks like the ideal touch device to let it run on.

And many of you began writing into us as soon as the iPad announcement was made, asking if we knew about WoW running on the iPad.

The answer is no, we have no information, and there is no indication that WoW will run on the iPad. The armory app should work automatically (as well as all your other iPhone/iPod Touch games), and there is certianly room to make the armory app even better on the iPad -- but we don't even know if such a plan is in the works yet.

The iPad, especially with its dirt cheap data plans for $14.99 and overall cheap starting price of $499, can obviously have an impact on guild websites and keeping abreast with WoW news, but that's all that the WoW community will get from it, for now.

So again, just so we're clear: No WoW on the iPad right now.

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How WoW might be played on the Apple Tablet

The mythical Apple Tablet is one of those lovely shiny objects that we'd all love to have but has yet to officially be announced by Apple. Still, that doesn't stop folk dreaming now does it? Well Cult of Mac recently posted an article on on how the Tablet will change gaming. The essential gist of the piece is that the Tablet will be a larger version of the iPhone but -- and here's where it gets interesting -- it also features a demo video showing how WoW might work if you decided to play it on the Tablet.

The demo was created by an anonymous graduate student called, unsurprisingly, Jon Doe. Doe has used actual game footage from Darnassus to figure out how you could use your fingers to play the game, rather than the more traditional mouse and keyboard. He only really goes into moving around and how the movement of your wrist affects the character but it's an intriguing start. Multitouch is becoming a way of life, so how would it work if you controlled your toon with one hand and used the action bar with your right?

Check out the video above.

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