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WoW on the iPhone-- just barely

Apple's little sliver of gadget joy supposedly has a full installation of OS X hidden somewhere in there, and since WoW is available on OS X, you just knew WoW was going to appear on the iPhone sometime. It hasn't happened yet, but as the video shows, we're getting there.

In this case, the magic key is a little program called Telekinesis (created by the same guy who created Quicksilver, if you're part of the Cult), which lets you channel monitor output to your iPhone, as well as allows mouseclicks and even simply typing back into your computer.

So it's not really WoW running on the iPhone (yet), but rather an instance of WoW controlled by an iPhone-- it still has to be run on a separate computer. Unfortunately, implementation actually turns out to be pretty poor-- this is not even barely playable. The guy who did it says he can chat, so I guess it's a first step. But while I'm sure we'll get there, we've got a long way to go.

[ via a newly redesigned Joystiq ]

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: February 21 to 27

Short and sweet this week. Okay, maybe the space is more grotty than sweet, but I'll let submitter Charlie explain:

You guys seem to be featuring really neat and nice set-ups, so I thought I'd show you what most WoW player's desks look like! In order from left to right: Latest Newsweek, bottle of water, Bourne Supremacy, LOTR The Two Towers (Extended), a Hotpocket, an old Canon AE-1 (for when I do shoot film), Klipsch speakers (eh, they're ok, field is a little narrow), Apple 20" Cinema Display, iPod Mini (it's there, trust me), 90+ year old negatives from my grandmother that I need to take into work to restore (brown envelope), BC mouse pad, USB multi-card reader I ninja'd from work, RAZR, Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 with 2GB of RAM, ATi Radeon 9600 with 128MB of DDR (eh, need to upgrade), old Joystick from when I used to play flight sims all night long, and my Ventrilo headset.

Remember to send your submissions in to our Reader WoWspace address, along with a couple of good photos of your space.

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PowerPC performance tweak

This tweak was reported to us by reader Blake some time back, but I've only recently had the chance to test it out myself. And, like most of the respondents in this thread, I agree that there's a noticeable improvement in framerate, though Blizzard poster Tigerclaw comments that the performance impact will really only effect those with heavy UI usage. The feature, added in patch 1.12.1, is designed for PowerPC Macs (the Intel systems already use "a better mode of optimization" according to Tigerclaw) with more than 512MB RAM, as it may add a couple of extra megabytes of memory usage. It's still considered a beta feature, but it's easy to enable and easy to disable if you have trouble with it. So if you run on a PowerPC system, give this a shot -- you may notice a 5-15% improvement (though some report even better improvements).

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Apple Wants to Keep Kids Away From WoW

Metroblogging Azeroth points out something interesting over on Apple's page touting its new Leopard version of the OS X operating system. Apparently it's profitable now to sell software that keeps your kids away from WoW. After all, 40% of us are addicted, right?

Of course, Apple's used to bashing other software makers (uh oh, now I'm going to have the Apple fanboys on my case). But I say-- why stop there? There must be a huge market in keeping people from playing WoW. How about an anti-WoW mouse that shakes uncontrollably whenever the client is loaded, causing you to be unable to even place an auction? Or an anti-WoW monitor that's made to go off right when you're able to grab the flag in WSG? Anything is possible!

Then again, maybe I shouldn't be so harsh with Apple. After all, this feature is "Because You Said So," so, there must be lots of parents out there who want their kids off of the game. And heck, if parental controls can rid us of those twelve and thirteen-year-olds begging for "epix" in the main cities, I'm all for it.

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Windows on an Intel Mac: WoW, what a difference

We've already seen WoW on an Intel Mac thanks to our resident Mac-user, but he's managed to go one better. Previously we saw the OS X Universal Binary version running at 50-60fps; running WoW under Windows on the same hardware, maximising all the graphics settings, there's actually a gain in framerate to the tune of 6fps.

Those of us with PCs creaking along on the default settings are justified in being envious. While keeping up with the vast succession of new PC games requires regular upgrades and a killer gaming rig, if your free time is taken over by WoW then you obviate the need to upgrade -- but miss out on the fantastic framerates such upgrades can afford.

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