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Breakfast Topic: Things you just can't bother to do in WoW

I've played World of Warcraft for a long while now, which means at one time or another, I've at least tried most of the things the game has to offer. I've done PvE and PvP; I've played as a hard-core raider and a total casual; and at one point or another I've at least dabbled in all of the game's professions. For quite a while, the one in-game thing I just wouldn't do was fishing: it seemed tedious and I could never find the time or interest to level it very far. But lately, that's changed: a recent venture into fishing has shown me that it's not nearly as tedious as I remember it being and dailies for the Anglers are not un-fun.

This has reduced my list of things I can't be bothered to do in-game to just one item: archeology. Tempted by the appeal of high-level items and lured by the new-found ease of leveling fishing, I gave archeology a go only to discover that leveling it goes well past my tolerance levels for tedium. Maybe next expansion?

So today, tell us, WoW-ers, what in-game tasks -- professions or not -- can you just not bring yourself to do?

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Blues explain nature of archaeology cooldowns

Several players and Community Manager Lylirra shared some discussion today on the official World of Warcraft forums about the cooldowns of novelty items crafted through the archaeology profession.

In the thread, the original poster suggested that the cooldowns of certain novelty items were too long in comparison to others and that Blizzard should consider fixing the discrepancies. The poster used Pendant of the Scarab Storm and Bones of Transformation as an example, noting that both items have a vanity effect that lasts 20 seconds but a cooldown difference of 90 minutes.

Lylirra responded, explaining that the cooldowns, though seemingly random, were chosen with specific issues in mind. She explains that with the Pendant of the Scarab Storm specifically, developers were concerned that the item's effect might strain certain players' computers.

Archaeology Items' Cooldowns
The current cooldown was chosen deliberately, but I can see why you might think otherwise (100 minutes is kind of strange for a cooldown time).

Anyway, summoning a harem of scarabs can be pretty taxing on some systems, so there were some initial concerns about putting the pendant on a short cooldown. Based on the feedback we've received, though, we're looking into reducing it. We agree that the effect is pretty cool and would be nice to use it more frequently.

Personally, a little lore logic behind the items might be nice as well. How is it that my character can summon a god every 3 minutes, but it takes 10 minutes to round up some sassy dwarven ladies?

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