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Arena Season 3 delayed

Drysc has just announced that Season 3 has been delayed until November 27th.

Originally set for the 20th, Blizzard feels that the proximity to the US holiday of Thanksgiving would have been a problem for supporting the event. Therefore, they have delayed the start of the season until they will have more resources available.

Salthem also announced that the European launch of Arena Season 3 is delayed until November 28th for the same reasons.

It's unfortunate that Blizzard didn't think of the holiday ahead of time, but I think that this is the right decision.

What do you think? Did they do the right thing by delaying Season 3?

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Blood Sport: Building an Arena team, part 1

Every week, V'Ming - who thinks that gnome warlocks are travesties of nature and need to be KOSed - shares thoughts and ideas on becoming deadlier at the Arenas.

Ah, the Arenas! Where heart-pumping battles are fast and hard-hitting. Losers take a dirt nap and victors are that much closer to honor, glory and ... 'welfare epics'. (That's the subject of another debate; I personally love how my shoulders looks, welfare or not.)

In this article, we'll look at some critical things to consider when building and running a team to participate, compete and have fun. For where to go and how to form Arena teams, check out the official Building Your Team guide.

We have looked at 1v1 combat and recognized that some classes do perform better in certain formats than others. This is a result of the classes' innate asymmetry - to cater for a better MMORPG, some say PvE, experience - rather than faulty PvP design.

Without resorting to histrionics in the WoW forums, thinking PvPers exploit current game design to compete effectively within the rules and environment - playing the metagame, so to speak.

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It's official: 2.3 set for the 13th

Well, here it is, official word that patch 2.3 is scheduled to go live in North America on November 13th, one week from today. Season 3 is set to start on November 20th, so here's your two-week notice. That means 2.3 will be live for a week before S3 is. The PTR was just updated tonight with a new build containing unknown changes; I guess it must not have required very much testing. Just posted in the official forums by Drysc:

While testing continues and a delay could possibly change these dates, we are currently planning to start Season 3 on November 20 once the realms come back up from their weekly maintenance. This means that Season 2 will come to a close when the realms come down for maintenance on November 20. During that maintenance the final standings are taken and the end of season rewards are distributed.

The start date for Season 3 is purposefully planned to be one week later than the release of patch 2.3, which is currently scheduled for November 13. We will be closely monitoring the testing of the 2.3 patch, and if it looks like it won't make the November 13 date, we will announce a delay.

This confirms earlier news pulled from the WoW Taiwan site. Guess it's time to lay off the alts (at least until Tuesday) and get farming Sporeggar rep.

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Blue Notes: Arena news

A few posts hit the forums today discussing the upcoming changeover between season two and season three. Although it has not been announced exactly when season three will start, it will, apparently, be sometime around the release of patch 2.3 (which makes sense, given the PvP item changes we've been seeing on the PTR):

Season 3 should start around the same time as patch 2.3 is released, but please keep in mind that season 3 may not start on the same date the patch is launched.

We have said that were planning to give a two weeks notice on the start of season 3, which still holds true. If there are any changes on this plan, we will let you know.

The interesting thing here is that they say season three will be roughly simultaneous with patch 2.3, and they will give two weeks notice before the start of season three. Does this mean we'll have two weeks notice before 2.3 is released? One can only hope, although it is historically improbable for Blizzard to give a patch ETA that's more than a few days away.

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PTR Notes: New Arena weapons, Fanatacism tweak, Hunter dead zone

A new build of patch 2.3 has landed on the public test realms with a few notable changes, as follows:
  • Three new Arena weapons: A caster staff, a gun, and a bow.
  • The Retribution Paladin talent Fanaticism has been changed to decrease threat only when Righteous Fury is not active.
  • The range for a Hunter's ranged attacks has been changed from 1 - 41 yards, eliminating their dead zone.
  • The Mage's Ritual of Refreshment now requires 2 arcane powder instead of a rune of portals.
  • The 4-piece bonus on the Mage PvP set has been changed to 2 seconds off the cooldown of Blink.
  • Sorry, Hunters, but those cool-looking Zul'Aman bears are no longer tamable.
  • Mats for the Adamantite Arrow Maker reduced. Was: Adamantite Frame, Simple Wood x10, Fel Iron Bolts x2. Now: Adamantite Bar, Simple Woodx4, Fell Iron Bolts x2. However, the schematic no longer specifies that the item has multiple charges. Whether this means the new version of the Adamantite Arrow Maker is single-charge or if that particular information was cut off the tooltip for some reason, I can't say. Any engineers out there want to hop on the PTRs, make one, and let us know if the item itself has been changed?
  • Darnassus has its own guild bank now.
  • Ogri'la potions buffed.
  • New Sporebat pet for exalted Sporregar faction.
  • New level 70 elite guards outside Zul'Aman. However, these guards certainly aren't graphically themed for Zul'Aman (and why would Tauren and Orcs be guarding a Troll temple?), and I wonder if they've been added to the PTRs to curtail the PvP-fest happening outside.
[Thanks, Paldyn!]

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Hands off those shoulders, Arena loser

Wreck from Addicted to WoW sent us his interesting opinion on the Season 3 gear required ratings. Why, he asks, didn't Blizzard put rating requirements on all the gear? When season 3 starts, the season 3 shoulders and weapons will require a high Arena rating to own (2000 and 1850), and Wreck wants to know why only the shoulders and weapons got put behind a rating wall. Why not make all the gear that much harder to get?

As far as I know, the cited reason behind the ratings was to keep raiders from losing in the Arenas and still getting gear. The weapons in season 3 are terrific, even compared to the mid-endgame raiding gear, and so raiders were playing just their 10 games every week, saving up Arena points, and grabbing the hot weapons. Blizzard didn't want that happening, so they put the requirement on the weapons-- you have to be good to wield those now.

But the shoulders I don't quite understand. I've been told that the shoulders are the most obvious piece of "leet" armor, and that Blizzard, as Wreck says, really wants seeing those shoulders on someone to be a sign that they're really good in the Arenas. But shoulders? As a few players have said, give them a title or something if you want them to be recognized. There's good reason for putting the weapons behind a rating, but if you're going to put shoulders back there too, you might as well require the rating for all the pieces, or leave the armor out of it completely.

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The latest changes on the PTR

World of Raids once again has the latest breaking news on the latest Patch 2.3 Public Test Ream changes! Today's class changes seem to be mostly happy buffs, especially for hunters and rogues and paladins, as well as a slight nerf to warriors beyond the jump. Also read on below for Guild Bank prices, New Arena Season 3 weapon models, a Field Repair Bot change, as well as a few new engineering toys.

  • It looks like hunters get their version of Mortal Strike after all: Aimed Shot now reduces all healing done on the target by 50% for 10 seconds, in addition to the regularly increased damage.
  • The dead zone has not been eradicated, but it has been reduced to just about 1 yard. Why not just get rid of the dead zone and be done with it? Is Blizzard paranoid about the possibility of using melee and ranged abilities at the same time through latency bugs or something?
  • The rogue talent "Aggression" is being improved so that its damage bonus applies to Backstab as well as Sinister Strike and Eviscerate (at +2/4/6% with each rank).
  • Shadowstep now has a 30 second cooldown in addition to being usable out of stealth. Its range has been changed from 0-20 yards to 8-25 yards, and its +20% damage bonus now applies to whatever special attack you make next (i.e. Sinister Strike, Hemorrhage -- even Eviscerate or Rupture). Could this make it beneficial to non-dagger rogues as well?
  • Hemorrhage has received a huge buff: It now increases physical damage dealt to its target by up to 36 (increased from 10!), but its number of charges has been reduced from 30 to 10. This should make hemo rogues more desirable in groups, and also increase the benefit from having more than one in a raid -- but is it really enough?
  • The "Fanaticism" talent in the retribution tree now reduces the paladin's threat by 30% at the highest rank in addition to 15% increased critical strike chance with all judgements.
  • The protection talent "Precision" now gives a +3% chance to hit with spells in addition to melee attacks.

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Arena Season 3 armor sets are on the PTR

World of Raids is at it again. Arena Season 3 started last night on the PTR and a new Arena vendor popped up in Area 52. WoR already has screenshots of the new PvP armor sets for every class and every talent spec with images from the Dressing Room as well.

Every piece has +Resilience and has set bonuses for the same stat. Sprinkled through the armor (and the weapons/ranged slot items) are small enhancements to existing abilities for each class as well.

Head over to WoR and check it out, then let us know if you think Blizzard has made a class PvP set that works for you or is it totally off base. You can also check out all the latest Arena Season 3 news right here!

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Prices for Arena Season 1 items revealed

As expected, Patch 2.3 will bring Arena Season 1 items down to the battleground mark market, which means that for the first time ever, you'll be able to buy Arena gear with regular battleground honor and marks (good to know-- I've been saving up all my marks for just a day such as this). And MMO Champion has delved into the PTR and come back out with prices for every piece of Gladiator gear, so now you can know exactly what to save up for on the new patch.

Almost across the board, you're going to need some EOTS marks, either 10 or 20 for most items. And you'll need to save up honor, too-- it's about eight or nine thousand for low ticket items like the Paladin's Librams and the Shaman Totems, all the way up to 25-27k for the major weapons. That's definitely not impossible, considering how easy it is to get honor in the BGs, but odds are you'll want to get EOTS bonus honor weekends on your calendar (what a coincidence-- this coming weekend is one) and plan to spend some time playing WoW on those days.

Sure, the gear's not the latest and greatest (you'll have to get a great Arena rating for that stuff), but if you like the BGs as much as I do, these are still some great items that you can pay for with the points and marks that you're already getting anyway. Oh, and we need some help at Mage, if you can manage it. Thanks.

Thanks, Boubouille!

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