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Armory updated for dual specs

The Armory has been updated to reflect the new dual spec feature given to us by patch 3.1. It now shows both talent specs for characters that have bought dual spec, and shows equipped glyphs on the talent view.

There's also been a bit of a facelift overall, with new buttons for the various sections of a character's profile, and some achievement statistics shown on the main profile page. The "Last Updated" date is a nice touch, although recently I find the Armory usually contains fairly fresh info [edit: apparently this is not a new feature].

I was having some display problems, but it turns out that disabling Adblock Plus on Armory fixed it, so if anyone else is seeing elements display in the wrong places, try that. And yes, I am enjoying playing with Shadow, thanks. Quite a bit, actually.

[thanks to multiple tipsters]

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Armory updated for Season 3

Recently, Blizzard updated their Armory page with information pertaining to the new arena season. The addition that will likely be most helpful for players is the new listing of personal arena ratings which can be found in both the character and team profiles. The other changes include the listing of the new titles from last arena season. These will appear on character profiles, but only if they have already been selected in game. Additionally, all the new arena and honor loot has been added to the item database. Finally, the update page informs us that the Arena Hall of Fame will soon include the winners from Season 2.

If you'd like to check out the full listing of changes for yourself, be sure to click on the "Read" link below.

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