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Addon Spotlight: Mapping and Navigation

Alt Management Addons

. Carbonite, Carbonite, Carbonite. It's the addon that will not leave my inbox alone! The hugely popular and, just plain huge addon suffered a bit of a rocky period around the beginning of Mists of Pandaria. An update from the developers did not seem to be forthcoming, so a fan named Rythal took it upon himself to create a fan update for the popular multipurpose beast. The developers then reappeared, apparently less than impressed with Rythal's efforts, and launched their own update. Rythal politely bowed out of the official Carbonite threads and forums, and set up shop on his own site, where he continued to post unofficial updates.

Then, a while back in late September/early October, the original developers and owners of Carbonite decided that they really didn't have time to maintain this behemoth of an addon. The discussion began about the possibility of making Carbonite Open Source, meaning that Rythal could officially release his patches, and that he and others could push ahead with modularizing, updating, and generally improving Carbonite.

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Addon Spotlight: Atlasloot Enhanced updated for Wrath

That's right, Atlasloot Enhanced has been updated to include the Northrend instances and raid. Personally, I've been waiting to be able to browse and try-on the gear from the new dungeons and raids since the expansion launched.

Atlasloot Enhanced is absolutely one of my must-have addons, and I've watched it grow with loving admiration since the day I realized I could see what my toons looked liked wearing Sunken Temple loot.

For those of you not using this one, it's a wonderful way to spend your time while waiting for your groups to get situated, double check drop rates on certain items, or even link items from your wish list for typically uninterested group-mates. (Go ahead and take advantage of the captive audience.)

Although we've featured this one before, Atlasloot Enhanced has some great features for the curious player, and in light of all the new content, I thought we'd review some of the reasons to install and use this very useful mod.

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Floor dropdown on the beta map interface hints at instance maps

The latest beta build has brought a new twist to the good old map interface. As MMO Champion reports, there is now a dropdown box on the map screen, letting you choose from a few different "floors." What this means exactly, we aren't sure -- the obvious conclusion is that you'll now be able to look at different sections of the world map (for example, see into different levels of buildings or caverns). And Dalaran (which this map is a part of) is one of those areas that has two different levels, so this particular menu will let you see both halves of the city.

But this also suggests an even bigger change: including maps of instances in the official interface. Since launch, Blizzard hasn't ever shown us ingame instance maps (though we're not sure why -- maybe they want to require players to explore instances rather than follow a map through them). But lately, addons like Atlas have made them easily available to players, so maybe Blizzard has decided it's time to map out dungeons as well. We'll have to see what use they put this new dropdown to.

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Gaming without Guides

Is WoW really player friendly? Tobold doesn't seem to think so. Says he, there's a lot of things that it doesn't tell you or you can miss the first time around, such as spending talent points, and that at the end game, he constantly has to check outside sites to figure out what he needs to grind to get certain drops and recipes. WoW does things better than most other MMORPGs, he says, but it is far from perfect.

But, me, I'm not sure he has it quite right.

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Addon Spotlight: WhoDrop

Lots of us have encountered those wide-eyed and eager WoW players who walk up to anyone with epic gear and say, "WoW! Where'd you get that? That's uber-cool lol!" We may even be that sort of player from time to time, if we see a piece of gear we think looks really wonderful or seems particularly useful.

WhoDrop answers that question for you before you even ask. Whenever you inspect another player (I'm using Examiner for that in the screenshot above), WhoDrop will insert a line at the bottom of the tooltip for each item you examine, telling you where exactly that item can be found. It'll tell you which boss drops it, whether it's crafted or not, or even how many Honor or Arena points it'll cost you to buy. Another addon which has a similar function is called Mendeleev, but I found that it overloaded me with too much information, so I went with WhoDrop instead. (Incidentally, the other two tooltip-info addons prominent in this screenshot are RatingBuster, with the stats, and Auctioneer, with the price information.)

Additionally, if you're approaching a certain boss fight, grinding a certain reputation, or PvPing for certain rewards, WhoDrop also features an expandable list of the items you can get from these various sources. It was also recently updated to include the Arena Season 3 gear, so you can now drool over that any time you wish. If you want a prettier interface just for looking at boss drops and such, you might consider AtlasLoot, which has most the same information and is easier to browse through (but it has no tooltip info -- you'll still need WhoDrop for that). AtlasLoot is a plugin for Atlas maps, which can help if you ever get lost in instances.

You can get WhoDrop at IncGamers, but I prefer to get mine direct from, and keep it up-to-date with the WoW Ace Updater for the Mac.

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Blizzard posts a Flash WoW Atlas

Blizzard has put a pretty neat little Flash-y WoW Atlas online, featuring clickable and cool-looking maps of almost everything there is to find (officially) in World of Warcraft. It's a pretty solid, if basic interface, so if you're just looking for the closest profession trainer, or want to know where the latest and greatest flight paths are, you're all set.

However, there is of course lots more information online about what there is to find in Azeroth. MapWoW is a pretty invaluable unofficial resource-- it'll show you not only the Alliance and Horde flight paths and towns, but it utilizes the Google Maps API to show where Herb, Ore, and even overworld Treasure Chests show up. It's not quite as groovy as Blizzard's official interface, but there's a lot of extra info too that Blizzard doesn't want to give away.

And the other problem with the WoW Atlas is that while it's up to date for the live realms, there's stuff coming that doesn't yet appear on there. Zul'Aman is seen (just like on the ingame map), but isn't listed as a real instance in the Ghostlands. And unfortunately there's no sign at all of the Sunwell, and not a single mention of Northrend. I clicked around a while and couldn't find any easter eggs, either (unlike Blizzard's other Flash features). Still, it's a neat way to see the official side of Azeroth.

[ via Murdering Murlocs ]

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