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All the World's a Stage: Finding the right realm

One of the most common difficulties many roleplayers face is that of finding other people to roleplay with. To help overcome this challenge, All the World's a Stage presents a guide to finding roleplayers in three parts: "finding the right realm" for roleplaying, "joining the right circle" of roleplaying friends, and "wearing the right mask" to attract other roleplayers to you.

Due to reasons we have discussed earlier, RP servers can vary widely from a very few who maintain their immersive roleplaying atmosphere, to the majority which often seem little different from a normal PvE or PvP server. Although Blizzard takes their RP server guidelines "seriously," they cannot enforce these rules wholesale, and rely on the players themselves to do much of their own policing and reporting where necessary. RP servers thus vary a great deal in terms of how many people there actually make roleplaying a priority, how many will report someone breaking the RP rules, and how many will strive to maintain that precious gem of mass cooperation: the roleplaying atmosphere.

It may not be obvious to a new player, but there are tools roleplayers can use to find the realm that suits them best. There may be no standardized way to group up for RP, but the fact holds true: "seek, and ye shall find."

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All the World's a Stage: Ten Commandments of Roleplaying

All the World's a Stage is a source for roleplaying ideas, commentary, and discussions. It is published every Sunday evening.

Insider is not Mount Sinai, and I am certainly not the Burning Bush, but there is a need for a clear, concise list of "do's and don'ts" which new and experienced roleplayers can refer to in times of need. I therefore submit the following commandments as a guide and a reference to roleplayers throughout the World of Warcraft.

Obviously the list of essential rules I lay out here will be different from a list you might make, but hopefully the basic ideas remain the same. In addition, being as I am hardly a prophet of the Almighty, I reserve the right to edit these commandments over time as times change and new insights emerge.

1. Thou shalt not play God.

You only have control over the actions of your own character. When roleplaying with others, you must never ever use an emote or action which denies others the right to choose their own actions in response to yours. For example: "Moosis glares with white hot anger at Faro" is acceptable; "Moosis glares so intensely that Faro's face melts" is not. Whether or not two people's characters are fighting with each other, their act of roleplaying itself is essentially cooperative -- even in a battle of emotes, both players must work together to tell the story in an interesting way, neither one presuming what the other will do.

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Demon water wings

Many of the game mechanics in WoW have improved over time. Some of them we received word of in patch notes. But I can't seem for the life of me remember when my Felguard began to swim.

It's a simple thing, but to me it makes all the difference considering the amount of time I've spent in lakes farming water motes. I've racked my brain, but I come up empty when I try to find that exact moment when instead of sliding clumsily through the water in standing animation he began to frog his way through the water. When did he have time to take lessons? Is there some demon water training course he took while I was summoning succubae to assist me in Shadow Labs? The same could be said of the water elementals in various oceans and lakes around the game. When exactly did they spring to life instead of traveling woodenly around their watery homes?

I am often struck by the subtle changes made to the game without announcement or fan fair. The added artwork that began to decorate walls around Stormwind sometime last year is a good example, or the addition of supplementary items strewn in front of Darnassus. It's the details that count, that add atmosphere and story to the environments we play in. Have you noticed any subtle changes to the game?

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