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All Things Azeroth wants your audio

Our good friend Medros over at the All Things Azeroth podcast has posted a contest over on the site asking for some Warcraft-related audio content. He's looking for the best bit of audio drama, podcast promo, or simply audio comments that you can come up with, and he'll choose the best one by December 20th. Not only will he play the winners on the show, but the grand prize gets a Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit (handmade by Papa Hummel himself, as I always say), and two second prizes will pick up what is surely a spectacular Wrath poster and bookmark.

I love hearing great audio production -- would be awesome to see some really good audio drama come out of this. If you've got an idea, get started on it now: Medros is asking for emailed entries no later than December 20th. Can't wait to hear the results.

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BlizzCon 2008: Blizzard sound panel

I am, I must admit, one of those people who frequently plays World of Warcraft with the sound muted. I've been playing for a long time and, well, I've heard it all before. So, as a person who doesn't exactly consider sound an essential component of their gaming experience, I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting into when I attended the Blizzard Sound panel at BlizzCon, featuring In attendance were Russell Brower, Director of Audio and Video; Glenn Stafford, who founded the audio department; and Derek Duke, a full-time composer. But, presented with live musical performances accompanied by enthusiastic explanation from people passionate about making music a part of the game, I have to say I'm a believer.

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WoW Radio at BlizzCon 2008

WoW Insider is heading off to BlizzCon tomorrow (I've got to catch a flight out of O'Hare first thing tomorrow morning), but we're obviously not going to be the only ones covering the event. Our good friends at WoW Radio also have big plans to keep you informed throughout the two days in Anaheim -- Totalbiscuit and the gang over there will be hosting live audio streams of all of the panels, both as they happen and after they happen, and they'll have shows, interviews, and commentary throughout the weekend (including our special live recording of the WoW Insider Show there on Friday night). We'll have liveblogs and updates here, of course, but you can drink right from the firehose of an audio stream there as well, all weekend long.

TB has posted a special podcast outlining their plans for the weekend, so if you plan to do some listening to what's going on in Anaheim, check it out. Additionally, they'll also be chatting throughout the weekend in IRC, so feel free to join either #blizzcon08 on or #wowradio on for up-to-the-minute chats and updates on what's going down near Disneyland.

Sure, you could pay for the DirecTV feed and get just the video, or you could stay tuned to our sites for free, and pick up even more news and views about the big event. If you couldn't grab a ticket or didn't have the time or money to make the trip, don't worry one bit -- we're going to make sure you've got the best seat in the house.

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Patch 2.4 will bring performance updates

If you've been waiting for yet another performance upgrade, you might not have to wait too much longer -- the kind folks on the test realm forums have confirmed that patch 2.4 will bring both audio and video performance upgrades with it. As we've said before, Blizzard is usually pretty kind to system requirements, but players are reporting that graphic and audio glitches are fixed when you load up the PTR for 2.4, and CMs say that those changes will move to the live realms as well.

Unfortunately, there's no more details than that on what got fixed, but it's good news, we're sure, for anyone dealing with technical problems. If our readers are right, you've only got a few more days to wait -- patch 2.4 ahoy!

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WoW Insider Show Episode 15: Grab your sword and fight the Horde

Matthew Rossi, Turpster, and I had a heck of a great time on last Saturday's episode of the WoW Insider Show, available right now for you listening pleasure over on WoW Radio and on iTunes. And we came up with two great slogans for the Alliance:The one I liked was "Grab your sword and fight the Horde," while Turpster's, if I recall correctly, was "Please put down that fishing appliance, we are Warcraft's fighting Alliance!" Okay, I may not be recalling that exactly correctly.
Plus, as we mentioned, if you've been bugged by my clicking headset in the past, that's all over with-- I got a sparkling new headset and it sounds much, much better. All of the laughs, none of the clicking. It's like a whole new podcast.

And if you didn't get to listen to us live but want to next week, make a note for Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm EST-- that's when we go live over on the WoW Radio (now 24/7!) site. The WoW Insider Show is always a fun time, and even if you read the blog during the week, it's always great to get a little insight and background on how things work around here.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 15 live tomorrow

Here's just a sample of what listeners are saying about our podcast (now in its 15th week, and going live on the air once again tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST):

"Quite entertaining."

"It's probably the best WoW radio content out there right now."

"Highly recommended."

The WoW Insider Show is just like this great website you're visiting, only in audio form (and with a considerable dash of WoW Radio's Turpster, which will definitely add spice to any meal). If you haven't gotten a chance to listen live yet, please tune in tomorrow at 3:30pm EST over on WoW Radio-- not only can you hear our voices as we speak, but you can also join us on IRC and actually interact with the show as it goes down. We'll be chatting about the boy-meets-moose story, the WoW laptop (and whether it's worth it or not), Activision Blizzard, and both how to beat a warlock, and how to lose in Alterac Valley.

If you can't make it, no worries-- the show is also available to download on WoW Radio's site and on iTunes every single week. But if you can tune in tomorrow, we'd be thrilled to have you.

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