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Around Azeroth: Learning the Language

I'm honestly surprised that Zaraphel of Greymane is the first person to send in a shot taken during the Learning the Language quest chain offered to newbie Draenei on Azuremyst Isle. After completing the Totem of Yor quest in the chain, you are turned into a shadow panther, and the entire world turns into a dark blue/grey blur. (Really, this still shot does a poor job of showing how incredible Azuremyst looks through the eyes of these creatures.)

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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PTR Notes: Pets aplenty

The good people over at Petopia have posted a lot of new info about pets seen on the PTR for 2.1. First, there's been four new pets found so far-- a new Blackwind Warp Chaser, a Ravager from Hellfire Peninsula, the Sky Shadows in Deadwind Pass (that scared the heck out of you even before the expansion was released), and this amazing purple tallstrider called a Dodostrider (that last one has hunters buzzing).

One pet will be made untamable-- apparently there are issues with the Death Ravager that gets spawned in a quest in the lowbie Draenei area, Azuremyst Isle, and so hunters won't be able to tame him any more. Also, Petopia has PTR info on two new trainable pet abilities, Avoidance and Cobra Reflexes. Avoidance has two ranks and reduces the damage done to pets by AoE (this is aimed directly at endgame PvE pet viability), and Cobra Reflexes has one rank and increases attack speed at a cost to damage done.

As usual, all this info is still subject to change. But it's great that Blizzard is getting more and more pets (and pet abilities) in the mix. Here's hoping the trend continues.

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Starting zone questions answered: Azuremyst Isle

So, want to take a break from the phat lewts in Outlands and try out one of the new races? How about Draenei? Here's the information you need to know so you can avoid asking ridiculously common questions in chat.
  • The nearest mailbox is at Azure Watch, the first Draenei town.
  • To learn Jewelcrafting, go to the Exodar.
  • To get to the rest of Azeroth, take a boat from the docks just south of the Exodar to Auberdine.
  • Your Heroic/Inpsiring Presence aura is working, it just doesn't display on yourself.
  • Draenei Priests get for their racials Fear Ward and Symbol of Hope (mana over time (MoT?) spell for party).
  • The low level character on an elekk has it as party of a quest; it's only temporary.
  • You may need to kill a few furbolgs to get the Bristlelimb chief to spawn.
  • You can only use the tree disguise by the flag.
Anything I'm missing? Let me know. And remember the lessons of the past.

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Around Azeroth

Around Azeroth

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