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Ozruk breaks some mad beats upon his body

There's not much to say other than Ozruk, body-breaker incarnate of the Stonecore, has got some beats he wants to share. I absolutely love boss remixes and cannot wait what this new expansion brings in terms of entertaining songs from the WoW machinima and remix communities.

WoW remixes and songs sometimes have a very powerful effect on me. I've never been a huge fan of the draenei, for instance, until Greyfoo's awesome Exodar Disco, which made me appreciate the race somehow. MrVoletron constantly amazed me with his collection of hits, most notably my favorites "U Face Jaraxxus" and "Bad Girls." There's something about crafting music that makes me appreciate the game even more, especially what all of these creative minds do when they get hold of the game's sound files.

Ozruk has laid down the first mad beats of the expansion. The best part is that it only gets better from here.

Don't forget to check out WoW Insider's guide to the Stonecore so you too can break yourselves upon his body.

The bad girls (and good girls) of Warcraft

I love this -- miladyhikara is working on a series of sketches featuring "Bad Girls of Warcraft," and the beginnings of the pieces are now up over on her deviantART page. They look fantastic -- I especially think this Shivarra looks good, but she's also got a female Naga, a Succubus, and Lady Barov herself. She says she's working on color palettes for most of them, so we'll have to wait to see the finished product -- if the sketches are any indication, they should look amazing.

She's also still asking for suggestions apparently -- who else would go in the "Bad Girls of Warcraft" series? Sylvanas? (is she really bad?) Onyxia for sure (in both forms). And she's also thinking about doing a "Good Girls of Warcraft" series, too -- hello Jaina, Tyrande and Fandral Staghelm. Wait, he's not a girl? Then why's he wearing that dress?

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