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Many WoW-like improvements discussed for Diablo 3

Many WoWlike improvements coming to Diablo 3
Bashiok recently responded to a well-written thread on the Diablo III forums. The Diablo forums are usually a wretched hive of scum and villainy (though not as bad as SWTOR), but in this case, player Matthest constructively posted a list of 35 small improvements he'd like to see implemented. Constructive criticism without histrionics is always more likely to get the attention of a blue poster.

Many of the improvements are ones that we take for granted in WoW, such as changing the font size in chat and locking the action bar. While those changes will be implemented, many other WoW features won't be due to design restrictions in the UI or a reluctance by Blizzard developers to give in to what they call "option bloat."

Personally, I would like general chat defaulted to off. I really don't want to log in and see how high Playerx is or what Lazyguy wants help with. But that's not addressed in this list.

Bashiok's full, item-by-item response is after the break.

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