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Battlenet Beta is generating occasional inaccurate error screens
The Launcher has been in open beta for a while now, so if you're curious to try it, do head over to your account page and pick up the download. The vast majority of the time it works at least fairly well, but like any beta, it has its moments. And one of those moments was this morning when I logged into my WoW install and got this message in the header image. I was a tad confused, as I pay a 6-month rolling sub, but I still freaked out, thinking that my bank account was empty or something. But it was just an error, as confirmed by Blizzard EU Customer Service on Twitter.

So fear not, it is likely a bug. Unless, of course, you really have used up your pre-paid time for that account, in which case get going! It seems from the CS tweet that there may be other random unsolicited popups, so, if you're using the launcher beta, don't take them to heart! All you need to do is hit Okay then log in again.

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New Desktop Client Beta

Battlenet Desktop Client
A flurry of invitations has gone out to players to test the beta of the new client, and they have begun to be downloaded. You can see a screenshot of the client above, and note various aspects of it quite immediately. Firstly, it has all the Blizzard games on my system available within one launcher for me to choose from, and the launcher also monitors downloads, updates, patches, you name it, for all the installs on your system. The eagle eyed reader will also be able to spot a drop-down menu above the big blue Play button, this currently allows you to choose between PTR and Live servers for your game launch.

I'm hoping that, in time, this drop-down might also allow players to pick between different installs and accounts, as I, although I find myself in the minority, have both US and EU accounts that I switch between regularly. While I would emphasize that this isn't a usual mode of play, it would be nice if the option existed to pick between regions and accounts. You can see various other elements on the front page, and there are more that appear as it loads in, and your friends come online.

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