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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: New battleground mark conversion

Check out the latest from the PTR -- battleground mark to honor conversion is now up, with each battleground mark you've squirreled away worth an astonishing two thousand honor per mark. For people that have been PvPing since vanilla, that adds up to a lot of honor. Thankfully, there's places to spend it.

Check the gallery below for a full list of new prices on PvP mounts and legacy PvP gear. As of the current PTR build the new Commendations of Service are not account-bound, which means you can't send them off to alts like their Wintergrasp counterparts -- meaning players may be swimming in gems when the patch finally goes live. If this changes, we'll let you know. Stay tuned for more 3.3.3 PTR info as it develops!

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Breakfast Topic: What are you most looking forward to in Patch 3.3.3?

So just when it looked like things might be getting quiet in the wake of Patch 3.3, Blizzard stirred things up again last night with a release of PTR Patch 3.3.3. There's some pretty big changes coming our way. In addition to various class changes, we've got some other cool stuff too, including an abolishment of battleground marks, a way to get rid of all those annoying Frozen Orbs clogging our banks, new auction house functionality, and a lot more.

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New items for old Honor

Vaneras on the EU forums has posted those "special" items we heard about yesterday -- the bad news of the Honor wipe before the expansion is tempered by the fact that Blizzard is giving us some more ways to spend that honor before it all goes away.

I've put all the items after the jump in case you can't reach the forums here during the day, but these items are about what you'd expect -- cloaks and trinkets, at or maybe slightly better than the gear you'll be picking up early on into Wrath of the Lich King. If you haven't ground out PvP gear yet (or grabbed some epics from the high-end raids), you may get a level or two out of these, but you'll definitely have replaced them by the time we all hit 80. There are no prices or timelines on when these items will be released, either -- we'd imagine that they'll come out with patch 3.0.2 (Vaneras says "the next content patch") and that the actual wipe will come with the Wrath release patch.

Additionally, gems obtained through Honor will go BoE (or at least not BoP) and will no longer be "Unique-equipped" after the patch, so you can nab some gems as well before the wipe shows up for your alts or other guildies. Nice of Blizzard to give us a few more ways to get rid of the honor (and personally, I think there are good reasons for the wipe anyway), but those who are really steaming about losing the honor they built up probably won't be completely satisfied by these items.

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