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What are your keybinding secrets?

Following an interesting chat with a few other WoW players on Twitter, I've been inspired to share my keybinding methods with WoW Insider's readership, and invite you all to do the same. Keybinding is something I've discussed in the past, in relation to PvP and its cousin, clicking, so if you want a guide to getting started, then we've got you covered.

The real key to keybinding, though, is that it's highly personal. While the aforementioned guide may have some use, and assert some basic ideas on what might work well, it's up to you. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong way to keybind, just what works better or worse for an individual. And if you want to click, then that's up to you, too. Personally, I don't, and if asked would advise against it, but who am I to say that it's categorically wrong? It's your setup. But what's the point in discussing or writing if there's not absolute answer? It's always worth looking at or considering others' approaches. You might benefit from a change.

So what are my keybinds, what's my setup? I won't lie to you here, I'm a little nervous about telling you mine. It's rather odd, and while I'm doing it because I'm interested in the surrounding discussion and think that honesty is the best policy, I'm still nervous. How I prefer to bind is definitely different. I'm living proof that the "standard" methods don't work for everyone.

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Keys to PvP: Keybinding, movement and clicking

WoW Insider covers the world of player vs. player action in Blood Sport for fans of Battleground, world PvP and Arena play. Steering you to victory is Olivia Grace, who never clicks anything but her fingers.

My last column dealt with the basics of macros and focus targets and their use in PvP. This time, we're tackling an even more heady topic, one that is arguably even more key to PvP success than macros and the use of focus targets. This article is a rare occasion when I will assert that one course of action is better than another!

Clicking is a tricky subject. People may be surprised to see it in the title up there hanging out right next other key PvP skills. I would like to say that, with one caveat that will come up later, I wouldn't encourage clicking in PvP.

First and foremost, what is clicking? When PvPers (and for that matter, probably PvEers) talk about clicking, they are referring to the practice of putting your abilities on your bars and clicking them with your mouse. In order to do this and move at the same time, you pretty much have to move with your keyboard.

OK, so now that it's completely clear what clicking is, why is it bad? First and foremost, let's look at movement. Moving with your keyboard is slow. It's really slow. If you don't believe me, stand your character still and spin through 180 degrees with your keyboard. Now do the same with your mouse. Much faster! Rather like the difference between a d-pad and a thumb joystick on a console controller, mouse movement is far more intuitive, far easier to fine tune and far faster.

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